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An Affair of Honor is the fourth episode of season one of Bridgerton.


Daphne receives a stunning gift from Prince Friedrich but soon courts scandal at a ball. Eloise searches for clues to Lady Whistledown's identity.

Full Summary[]

Daphne arrives at the palace and draws lot of attention. While they await the queen's arrival, Lady Bridgerton sneaks some food, telling Daphne that no one is looking at her. Just then, the queen and prince are announced and enter. Friedrich is pleased that Daphne has accepted his invitation. Friedrich presents her with a necklace, which he puts on her neck. As he does so, Daphne imagines he's Simon.

Daphne arrives at home. She passes Gregory playing marbles and gets accosted by Hyacinth, who wants to know if she'll be the sister of a princess. She asks several more questions, but Daphne says they only apply if she ends up marrying the prince. On the other side of a door, Daphne fingers the necklace.

Simon practices boxing. Will comes in with his wife, Alice, and knows Simon is imagining punching the prince. Simon tells Will he's leaving England and won't be there for his boxing match. Will begs him not to miss the match, as he's worried about his prospects. He's not favored to win. They need Simon's help.

Marina is scrutinized by a potential suitor, Lord Rutledge, as Lady Featherington speaks of her talents. Rutledge agrees to try Marina out at an upcoming ball. Once he's gone, Marina speaks out against the pairing. She's had many other suitors. Lady Featherington reminds her that the others are courting her, that that takes time. She needs someone to marry her immediately and Lord Rutledge won't ask questions when she gives birth to a healthy newborn in six months. Marina passes Prudence and Philippa on her way out of the room.

Marina passes Penelope, who offers to stay in with her, though Marina declines.

Lady Featherington asks Lord Featherington why they can't just send Marina back to her father. He simply refuses to discuss it. Their footman announces Albion Finch, a caller. Lady Featherington tells him Marina's not receiving visitors, but he's there to see Philippa. Philippa stands to greet him happily.

Eloise complains to Penelope about fashion. She's not eager to be at home or for Daphne to be engaged, because then she'll be expected to go next. Eloise hates that the only options are to settle or never leave the nest. She'd rather fly. Lady Whistledown is flying. She must lead a wonderful life. Eloise wants to meet her and learn her secrets. If anyone can find her, Eloise thinks it's the two of them. Penelope can't get out of any of the events to help find her. Eloise encourages her to fake an illness, pretending to get whatever Marina had. Penelope says Marina's recovering, but she can't fake an illness, but she'll cheer Eloise's efforts.

Anthoyn leads Daphne into the fight. Friedrich is there, so Anthony disappears so Daphne can speak to him. Friedrich admits that he asks Anthony to bring her there so they could spend time together, but wasn't certain he would. He invites her to join him. She hesitates for a moment when she spots Simon, but recovers and accepts.

Simon and Will discuss their sparring with Lord Featherington, whom Will encourages to wager on him. Lord Featherington isn't convinced and has bet on the opponent instead, the prince's man.

The match begins, but Daphne finds herself watching Simon instead of the fight. Daphne and Friedrich discuss family and children.

On the other side, Simon is distracted by watching Daphne. He and Daphne are soon cheering for opposite sides. Will ultimately wins, angering Lord Featherington.

Lord Featherington is hounded by men who want their money. He asks them for two days to raise the funds.

Henry Granville asks Benedict if a painting on the wall is more to his liking. Benedict tries to apologize, but Henry brushes it off, saying he liked the critique. Benedict says the new painting is a touch morose for his taste. They move to the next photo and laugh over it. Henry asks Benedict where his painting is. Benedict is hesitant, which Henry takes to mean he's not an artist himself, something he finds shocking. Benedict stutters over his reply, but Henry simply offers Benedict a visit to his studio. He does pieces for himself that are there that he thinks Benedict might like.

Anthony goes to Simon, saying he misjudged Simon and now knows his intentions with Daphne were always honorable. Now Daphne has a prince. Friedrich then approaches and pulls Anthony away for a word. Simon watches as they talk from a distance.

Lady Bridgerton is scandalized that Anthony took Daphne to a fight and didn't stick by her side the whole time. Daphne tells Hyacinth the prince was there and pretends she didn't notice if Simon was there. Hyacinth goes from there to Eloise, who is watching the maids and writing in a book. Hyacinth asks her about it, but she says it's nothing, then claims she's writing to Francesca about how much Hyacinth's a busybody. Anthony comes in with news, brushing off his mother's concern about the match. He tells Daphne that Friedrich has asked his permission to propose. Daphne is surprised it's happened so quickly. Anthony says he told Friedrich he knew better than to answer for his sister, but he has no objection and leaves it to Daphne to decide. Daphne hesitates, so her mother says she doesn't have to decide right away.

Daphne is wearing the prince's necklace again. Her mother watches her and asks if she likes it. Daphne say it's beautiful, but can't say that she likes it. Lady Bridgerton says if she wears it, Simon will think she's going to marry the prince and doesn't think Daphne should limit her options so quickly. She wants to know what happened between Daphne and Simon, but Daphne won't speak of it. When pressed, Daphne admits that it was all a ruse, designed to attract more desirable suitors. Like Lady Bridgerton wanted. Lady Bridgerton insists that what she wanted for Daphne was to find love. And what she saw between Daphne and Simon was that, though Daphne continues to insist that it wasn't real. She starts to cry and then says it's a beautiful necklace and she should like it very much.

Lady Danbury prepares to see Simon off. She's certain he'll end up in some remote corner of the world, where he'll take everything he has for granted. She expected more from him, more than letting Daphne slip away. She implores him to look at the queen and king and what that marriage has done for them. They were two societies, separated by color, until a king fell in love with one of them. Love conquers all. Simon says that remains to be seen. The king could just as easily change his mind and take it all away. He promises to write from wherever he goes.

Lady Trowbridge, recently widowed, is throwing a party. Lady Whistledown warns everyone against getting caught up in her party atmosphere as one wrong move could banish a young lady from society. The Featherington enter the party together. Lady Featherington immediately calls Lord Rutledge over for Marina and he pulls her away for a dance. Albion Finch then approaches for Philippa. They also go dance. Lady Featherington is hopeful for two weddings, though Lord Featherington doubts that'll happen.

Cressida approaches Daphne and is upset that Daphne could have had anyone and took the one Cressida wanted for herself. Daphne says Friedrich made his choice. She then goes to greet him and he writes his name on her dance card. Lady Bridgerton sees his exchange and is distressed.

Simon spots a painting and asks Jeffries why it is there. Jeffries reminds him that he asked that it be returned to him. It's the painting his mother liked, the one he looked at with Daphne.

Benedict arrives at Henry's studio. He enters to find some topless women posing, which isn't quite what he expected. Several artists sit and work on easels in the room. Henry shows Benedict his current work, which Benedict likes. He's jealous that this is Henry's life, an advantage of being second-born, because heirs have responsibilities. He suggests Benedict go have some fun. Benedict sits at an easel and begins to draw.

Siena performs at the party. Anthony sees her and they make eye contact. Lady Bridgerton sees this and brings over Miss Addington, but he's not distracted away from Siena.

Lady Featherington tells Lady Trowbridge she has striking taste. Their conversation is interrupted when Philippa and Prudence approach. Philippa is crying instead of dancing with Albion Finch because he can't look her in the eye after Lord Featherington told him something, which has left Philippa heartbroken. Lady Featherington approaches her husband and asks him what he said to scare away a suitable suitor. He refuses to answer, leaving her confused.

Eloise finds a stack of Lady Whistledown's papers in Mrs. Wilson's things, but then is found by Mrs. Wilson. Eloise tries to make an excuse, but poorly. Eloise finally admits that she thinks Mrs. Wilson is Lady Whistledown. Mrs. Wilson just laughs. She says there's no way it's a servant. They don't have the time with all the work she has to do. Mrs. Wilson personally wouldn't be working for them if she had the money Lady Whistledown does. She then orders Eloise out of her room.

Penelope watches Marina dance unhappily. Colin approaches her and jokes about the host, the baby of Lady Trowbridge. It's lucky she produced an heir before her husband died, but Penelope thinks the baby looks like her footman. Colin then says he's been trying to get with Marina all night and can't believe she's really into Lord Rutledge. Penelope says Marina's only interested in a swift rescue, so Colin sweeps in to provide one. As the dance ends, Lord Rutledge asks for another, but Marina says three in a row isn't very proper. He insists that it's fine with him, but Colin steps in and asks her to dance, which she easily accepts. They joke about Lord Rutledge as they start to dance happily.

Friedrich and Daphne also talk as they dance. They've noticed Marina and Colin having fun. Friedrich then starts to talk about his pursuit of someone to have a life and start a family with. Daphne starts to get anxious as he talks. Before he can ask her, she excuses herself and flees outside.

Outside, she pulls off the necklace. Simon then approaches her. He says he came to say goodbye to her. She says it's not necessary as, as he said, they were never friends. He apologizes to her, but she won't accept it. She says she's going to marry the prince and she'll be happy. He ask if she really will be. She says the prince is kind and adoring and knows what he wants. He's a good man. She's upset that Simon doesn't believe her. When he's silent, she tells him to go and then walks away from him. He calls out to her and follows her.

Simon tells Daphne to come back to the party, telling her it's not safe out in the garden. He finally catches up to her and the two of them share a passionate kiss. Then he pulls back and apologizes. After a moment, she leans back in and they continue kissing until Anthony spots them and knocks Simon to the ground. He then tells Simon he must marry Daphne immediately. Simon says he cannot. Anthony declares him a villain and declares there must be a duel instead because Simon has dishonored them all. Simon understands and agrees to see Anthony at dawn. Daphne is upset that Simon would rather die than marry her. Anthony tells Daphne they need to go before anyone sees them.

Daphne and Anthony re-enter the party. Anthony tells Colin that Daphne has a headache and he's taking her home. Cressida notices Daphne's state and asks if she caught a chill in the garden. Before she can answer, Anthony leads her out.

After everyone else has left, Benedict is still working on his drawing. Henry tells him he has great potential, but Benedict shrugs him off. Henry tells him there's not judgment or expectation there. He can be himself there, if that's what he likes. That's what works for Henry. Benedict gets up to leave and Henry tells him he's welcome back anytime.

Lady Featherington searches Lord Featherington's drawers. She knows something is amiss with him. She has Mrs. Varley guard the door while she goes through papers. She won't know what she's looking for until she finds it.

Marina gushes to Penelope about Colin, unaware that Penelope also likes him. Penelope says she needs someone to propose soon, which Marina thinks he will. Penelope tucks herself into bed to encourage Marina to leave. Marina doesn't realize what's happening and says the best part is that when they wed, she can stay in town and since Penelope and Eloise are so close, they'll all practically be sisters. Once Marina's gone, Penelope gets up crying and paces the room. She hears tapping and goes to her window to see Eloise.

Downstairs, Eloise tells Penelope her theory about Lady Whistledown. Penelope tries to get her to leave, but Eloise presses on, saying she thinks Lady Whistledown is a widow. As she continues, Penelope finally snaps and tells her she doesn't care. People have real problems, mature problems. Eloise asks if she's mature now and Penelope says she is and has more mature things to worry about, like marriage. She doesn't expect Eloise to understand her struggles. Eloise starts to cry and walks away.

Anthony leads Daphne into their home and tells Humboldt there's no need to send anyone up. He tells Daphne he's not angry with her nor does he blame her. She tells Anthony she had her own part it in, but Anthony believes he should have protected her better from the start. Daphne thinks that means Anthony believes her incapable of making her own choices. She doesn't want Anthony and Simon to duel and thinks there must be another way. He doesn't believe there is, which upsets her. Benedict returns home and Anthony sends Daphne to bed so they can talk.

Anthony wants Benedict as his second. Benedict asks what happens if he gets himself killed. The title and estate will pass to Benedict. And if he kills Simon, he'll have to leave the country and Benedict will be head of the family in every way that matters. They hear noise and peek out to see Colin and their mother laughing as they climb the stairs. As their mother goes up to bed, they gesture for Colin to join them.

Simon desperately searches Will's home for a drink. Will gets one, but says Simon has to tell him what's going on. Simon tells Will about the duel. Will tells him to apologize, but Simon says that won't work because it's to do with Anthony's sister. Will pours himself a second drink, saying he'll need it to be Simon's second.

Anthony sits up at night drinking. He checks his watch and then gets up.

Anthony goes to see Siena, who tries to close the door in his face. He knows they can't be together, but what if they're in another situation, where they could be together. She says that's just a dream. He tells her about the duel. If he lives, he's free of society and the rules that keep them apart. They could flee together. He then stops and apologizes before leaving. She stops him and they start kissing. She pulls him inside so they can continue and then shuts the door.

Lady Featherington surprises Lord Featherington at night. She found his old ledgers hidden under newspapers. She knows of every transaction. She knows everything, about his gambling and his debts. She knows he's spent all their money, including their daughters' dowries. She asks if that's not why he rejected Albion Finch for Philippa. Is it not why they have kept Marina in their home? The question is what is he going to do about it. Lord Featherington starts crying, saying he's failed her and their daughters. He doesn't know what to do. He keeps crying and hugs her.

Anthony dresses and leaves Siena with a kiss to her forehead, unaware that she's awake.

Daphne paces in her room then goes downstairs. She asks Colin where the duel will take place so she can prevent it. Colin says Simon has done her a great dishonor and will make the right decision when faced with a pistol in his face. If he doesn't, they'll both fire. Colin tells Daphne to let them handle it. She doesn't like hearing that. Those affairs are her future. Anthony is too angry and Simon is too stubborn. Colin didn't see them in the garden. Colin says she should be grateful no one else did. Daphne then remembers Cressida's comment about her catching a chill in the garden and realizes Cressida saw them out there. Colin must tell her where they went.

Anthony and Benedict arrive on horseback. A doctor is there attending the duel. Soon after, Simon and Will arrive. Before the duel, Anthony has one final task for Benedict. In the top draw of his desk, there's the name of a lady. If he dies, Benedict must ensure she is provided for. Benedict swears to it. Anthony gives Benedict their father's watch and steps in to duel. Simon tells Will his affairs are in order and steps in himself.

Daphne and Colin ride to the duel.

Will inspects the guns. Simon tells Anthony he is sorry, but it means nothing to Anthony. They each take a gun and stand back to back. The each walk a distance and then turn. Simon aims at the sky while Anthony aims at Anthony. He fires just as Daphne rides in. The horse is startled and throws her off. Anthony and Simon both rush to her, but she says she's perfectly well. She needs a moment with Simon.

Simon tells Daphne his mind hasn't changed, but she says it must for her sake. She tells him they were seen by Cressida Cowper. If he doesn't marry her, she'll be ruined. He repeats that he cannot. It's because he regards her so highly that he can't marry her. He tells her he can't give her children. It's her dream to be a mother, to have a house full of love like the one she's always known. She deserves that, but he can't provide it for her. He can't ask her to sacrifice it. For her own sake, she must let her brother finish the duel. Anthony calls for them to resume. Daphne says there's no need as she wants to marry Simon anyway.


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Eloise Bridgerton: "I have never understood the fashion for feathers in the hair. Why would a woman want to draw notice to the fact that she is like a bird squawking for a man’s attention in some bizarre ritual?"

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