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Anthony Bridgerton is the 9th Viscount Bridgerton and head of the Bridgerton family. As the eldest son, he inherited the viscountcy upon the death of his father Edmund.


Childhood and Father's Death[]

Anthony, the firstborn son and child of Viscount Edmund Bridgerton and his wife Violet, grew up the heir to his father. Seven more siblings followed after him.

In 1803, when he was seventeen years old, he watched his father get stung by a bee and die seconds after. He also watched his pregnant mother fall to pieces as a result. Upon his father's death, Anthony became the new Viscount. When his mother went into labor, the doctors pressured him to choose for them to save either Violet or the baby. Even after both mother and child survived the birth, Anthony watched his mother fall into despair over the loss of her husband.[1]

Daphne's Debut[]

On the day of the start of the 1813 social season, Anthony arrived late as he'd been away having an encounter with his mistress, Siena Rosso. He finally joined the family as they arrived to present Daphne in front of Queen Charlotte.

Anthony had to attend the Danbury ball to chaperone his sister. When Daphne tried to socialize with the men in attendance, Anthony pointed out the flaws in each one, scaring them off her. When Daphne ran into Simon Basset while avoiding Nigel Berbrooke, Anthony introduced them, as he knew Simon from Oxford. He then forced Daphne to leave the event early. The next day, Anthony came over to meet Daphne's callers with her, further scaring them off. Daphne feared she was ruined by Lady Whistledown's declaration that Marina Thompson, not Daphne, was the season's Incomparable, and confronted Anthony about ruining her prospects.

Anthony socialized at the club with Simon, who was adamant that he did not want to marry and never would. When he realized that his mother and Lady Danbury had done some matchmaking between Simon and Daphne, he informed his mother that Simon would never marry and was therefore a bad match. His mother in turn confronted him about his affair with Siena, forcing him to end things with her. He then informed Daphne that, over her objections, she was to marry Nigel Berbrooke.[2]

Anthony continued to pressure Daphne to marry Nigel, even sending other callers away. When Daphne expressed her preference for Simon, Anthony insisted that he wasn't a serious suitor and would never marry her.

Anthony then confronted Simon, saying Daphne was already engaged, so Simon should back off. Simon in turn told Anthony that Nigel wasn't worthy of Daphne. Despite this, at the next event, Daphne and Simon immediately started to dance together. Anthony sent Benedict to claim Daphne's next dance. With Daphne occupied, Anthony went to Simon again. Nigel interrupted, saying he was still interested in marrying Daphne. However, Simon then mentioned that Nigel got the bruise on his eye from Daphne, who punched him to get him off her. Anthony was horrified by that revelation and forbade Nigel ever to speak to Daphne again.

Despite this, Nigel acquired a license for the two of them to marry, which he presented to Anthony and Daphne. Anthony decided he and Nigel would have to duel to end things, though his mother forbade it. Daphne also said Nigel could speak about Daphne before the duel and ruin her, so she would therefore have to marry Nigel. Violet prevented this by discovering gossip about Nigel that they spread around town, causing Nigel to flee London. Anthony promised Violet that he would handle things better in the future.[3]

Anthony and Simon started to get along better, though Simon maintained his lack of intent to marry. Anthony also felt the pressure of his title, and Siena finally realized she needed to stop falling for his empty promises. His mother gave him a list of eligible ladies, and he promised to consider them.[4]

Anthony escorted Daphne to a fight, where he quickly disappeared so she could sit with Prince Friedrich and get to know him better. After they talked, Friedrich came to Anthony to speak to him privately.

When their mother found out Anthony took Daphne to a fight and let her out of his sight, she was scandalized, but was pleased when Anthony came in and told her and Daphne that Friedrich had asked his permission to propose to Daphne. He told Daphne he had no objection to it.

At a party, Anthony was angry to find Daphne and Simon out in the garden alone together. Anthony knocked Simon down, and then said he must marry Daphne immediately. Simon refused, so Anthony said they would have to duel. Anthony and Daphne then abruptly left the party.

Anthony chose Benedict as his second and prepared to duel. He went to Siena, saying he would either die in the duel or kill Simon, at which point he'd have to flee and if he had to flee, he wanted her with him. They spent the night together and in the morning, Anthony and Benedict arrived for the duel. Just as they prepared to duel, Daphne rode in, nearly getting shot herself. She informed them that Cressida Cowper had seen her and Simon in the garden, so they needed to marry or Daphne's reputation would be ruined. Simon still tried to refuse her, eventually telling her that he couldn't give her children, something he knew she desperately wanted. Daphne declared that she wanted to marry Simon anyway.[5]

Anthony went to find Siena, but Genevieve told him she'd gone and refused to tell him where she went.

Anthony then met with Simon to get the special license to marry Daphne immediately.. Anthony brought up Daphne's dowry, which Simon flat out refused to accept, saying he wouldn't be paid to marry Daphne and found the very idea insulting. Instead, the money would be put into trust for Daphne. He believed Daphne's well-being was his responsibility and he would support her as he took the duty very seriously. Their conversation was interrupted when the archbishop arrived, and told them he couldn't grant the license as he didn't see need for it.

Daphne and Simon then had to appeal to the queen directly, as Daphne's rejection of her nephew is why their license was rejected. They got the license, and Anthony walked Daphne down the aisle to marry Simon. After the wedding, Anthony told Daphne about Simon refusing the dowry, and said it would be put in trust for her to use as she saw fit, perhaps for their children, not knowing that Simon had told Daphne they couldn't have any. At the mention of children, Daphne teared up and excused herself.[6]

After Daphne left, Colin announced his engagement to Marina, shocking the rest of his family. Anthony confronted Colin about this, but Colin said he kept it from them on purpose, because he knew how they'd react. Anthony asked if he compromised Marina's honor, and he said he had not. Colin said he didn't need Anthony's permission, but wanted his approval. Anthony refused to give it, but accompanied Colin and their mother to dine at the Featheringtons. Lady Featherington suggested they could marry quickly and take advantage of the nice weather to travel, but Anthony thought a longer engagement might be more prudent given Colin's age.[7]

When news broke that Marina had arrived in London pregnant, her engagement with Colin was abruptly ended. When Colin asked why he couldn't visit Marina in the aftermath, Anthony said Lady Whistledown's word being law was the only reason people didn't believe Colin was the father of her baby. When Daphne arrived, Lady Bridgerton said it could help them as people would move on after seeing the family still had the favor of the duke and duchess.

Anthony went to the club and was drinking with Simon. After some time, Anthony confronted Simon, saying he knew Simon had done something to mess things up with Daphne, as he knew his sister was incapable of messing up so badly on her own. Simon said he was just trying to do right by Daphne, but the conversation quickly devolved into a fight, which became physical, leading to them having to be pulled off each other.

When Anthony saw Colin sad over Marina, he apologized for being harsh, but said Colin would get over her and it would be like she never existed for him, though Anthony admitted his own situation was a work in progress. He later went to the concert and was upset to see Siena with another man. He and Siena made eye contact as the show continued.[8]

Anthony went to a fight with Benedict and Colin. At the fight, he saw Siena with another man. They stared at each other during the fight until they each left the room and had sex somewhere hidden away.

They resumed their affair together. He asked her to go to a ball with him, as he was a viscount and his sister a duchess, meaning no one would dare say anything. When he went to pick her up, he was surprised to see a man open the door. Siena then explained that she needed to ensure her own future because no one else would. Anthony needed to let her go. After this, Anthony told Daphne that he was committing himself to finding a wife, with no more distractions.[9]

Start of the 1814 Season[]

At the start of the 1814 social season, on the day his sister, Eloise, was meant to make her debut, Anthony waited with his family outside Eloise's door while she got ready. When she finally emerged, she warned them all not to say anything. True to what he told Daphne at the end of the previous season, Anthony started his search for a wife. First, he thought of all the attributes he wanted in a wife, then he began interviewing the eligible young ladies. He quickly became frustrated when none of them met his strict requirements.

One morning, he went out to a ride and spotted a woman riding astride her own horse. He called out to her, thinking she might be in trouble, but got no response. He followed her for a while until she jumped over a hedge. She looked back at him and they acknowledged each other. Anthony then approached her on his horse. She said she didn't mean to concern him, and insisted she wasn't lost, that she was just on her way back to Mayfair, which she said was up ahead. He knew she was lost, because that wasn't the right direction. Nevertheless, she took off on her horse.

At Lady Danbury's ball, the first of the season, Anthony wasn't impressed with the crowd, but found himself swarmed with ladies after his mother loudly announced that he was searching for a wife. He danced with several ladies before taking a break to step outside, where his friends thanked him for declaring his intent to marry and drawing the attention away from them, though he said it would be their turn soon. He also told them he wasn't looking for love, just a woman with desirable qualities to mother his children. All the women at the ball were falling short. As the others left, he again met the woman who was riding her horse, eavesdropping on their conversation. She told him that a woman who met his high standards might not accept him, which shocked him.

At the queen's ball, Benedict asked if there was anyone there he hadn't rejected yet. Anthony said he would just marry whoever was name the season's diamond. After Eloise inadvertently charmed the queen, Benedict asked Anthony what he'd do if Eloise were named the season's diamond. When Edwina Sharma was named the diamond, Anthony approached and asked her to dance, which she accepted. As they danced, he asked her the questions he'd asked all the other young ladies. Her answers pleased him, so he asked to speak to her father. She told him her father was dead, so he needed to speak to her sister. He was shocked that her sister was the woman he met horse riding: Kate Sharma. When Kate saw him, she quickly pulled Edwina away. Despite this, Anthony told Violet he would marry her.[10]

Royal Races and Lady Danbury's Soiree[]

Anthony told Benedict that Edwina would suffice as a wife. He was choosing his wife with his head, not his heart, because of his love for his family. He also said that Kate wouldn't deter him. True to that, he went to Lady Danbury's to call on Edwina, only to find himself at the end of a very long line. He spoke to Kate, saying he wanted to take Edwina to the Royal Races. Kate told him she already had an escort to the races, and suggested Edwina might be free in December, if she wasn't married by then. Anthony went back home and told his family they were going to the races.

At the races, Anthony learned that Will Mondrich was opening a gentlemen's club, and he invited Anthony, Benedict, and Colin to come to the grand opening.

Anthony approached Edwina at the races, even though she was there with Lord Lumley. He played up the closeness of his family as an excuse for why he hadn't called on Edwina. Then he suggested that a gentleman would offer the ladies a refreshment to get Lumley out of the way. With Lumley gone, he took a seat between Edwina and Kate, who had caught the eye of Thomas Dorset. He and Edwina chatted happily until the race was about to start. Then he started to talk to Kate about the horses. He was betting on Nectar, but Kate told him he hadn't accounted for several things that she thought made High Flyer the most likely winner. True to that, High Flyer won the race. Kate gloated, saying she'd never bested a viscount before. When Edwina said that Nectar reminded her of a horse she used to adore, Anthony took her to get a closer look. This ended when Kate interrupted, pulling Edwina away, because she realized Anthony had purposely sent Thomas Dorset to distract her from Edwina. Anthony said he meant no harm, and only wanted to spend time with Edwina.

Anthony went back home, where he practiced fencing with his brothers and told them he knew his duties and only sought to fulfill them. Colin suggested that he turn his attention to someone else, but Anthony refused to let Kate keep him from getting what he wanted.

Anthony purchased a horse and took it to Edwina as a present. She thanked him for the gesture, but said she preferred animals that could sit on her lap. Kate told Anthony the horse Edwina had mentioned was from a novel.

When Anthony saw that his family was dressed up, he asked them about it. They said there was a soiree at Lady Danbury's, but Anthony wasn't invited. He knew it was Kate's doing, but Violet told him to let that be a lesson to him.

Anthony went to Will's club, where he told Benedict he needed to talk to him. He asked Benedict to teach him how to read a poem he'd found. Benedict said the poem he'd chosen was terrible and began talking about poetry and women. Anthony liked what he said, and told him to write it down.

Anthony then took his words to Lady Danbury's soiree. He started to recite the poem, but then admitted they weren't his words. He told Edwina he might not be able to display passion or love, but he'd never lack in action or duty. He continued to speak to Edwina, but also kept watching Kate.[11]

Trip to Aubrey Hall[]

When the Bridgertons went to Aubrey Hall, Anthony invited Edwina and her family to come ahead of the other guests in order for the families to get to know each other better. When they arrived, Anthony also reminded Violet that he needed her ring and she retrieved it for him. She gave it to him after he said Edwina would make the perfect viscountess.

Anthony and his siblings played their typical game of Pall-Mall, starting with bickering over who would pick their mallet first. They decided to let their guests choose first and Kate took the mallet Anthony typically preferred, leaving him with a chipped pink mallet as the others rushed to grab theirs. As the game started, Anthony struggled, but blamed his poor performance on being considerate of Edwina. When a turn left Kate in the position to send Anthony's ball into the woods, she took it, only to find her own ball sent in the same direction. Rather than leave the game and admit defeat, they went to search for their balls. They found them side by side in a bog. Kate said that they could just grab them out and no one would know, but Anthony knew that was her testing his character and would immediately tell the others if he did so. As Anthony contemplated the best way to get his ball out, Kate waded into the muck and hit her ball out. Anthony followed suite with his own ball. Kate went to leave, but found herself stuck. Anthony tried to help her, but they both ended up falling into the mud. As they escaped, Anthony asked Kate what he had to do to earn her favor and she told him she only wanted her sister to be happy. Then she used her next turn to hit his ball away again. When he saw that it landed near his father's grave, he paused. When he heard Daphne celebrating her win, he declared the game over and left the woods.

After the game, Edwina and Anthony had a pleasant conversation and that night, he talked to Daphne, who was surprised that he was pursuing Edwina. She admitted to having no real objection to her and said if Edwina was the one who made him unable to think about anyone else, she was happy for him.

The next day, Anthony visited his father's grave. While he was there, his mother came and they talked about how she was emotionally absent after his death and how a lot fell to Anthony when he was so young. She saw how he built up walls after his father's death. He said that he wanted a marriage without love to avoid heartbreak and grief like the family had experienced when Edmund died.

Realizing he'd upset Edwina by not proposing, Anthony assured Kate he still had plans to do so and the previous night just wasn't the right time. Kate felt he was just making excuses. While they talked, a bee flew near them and Anthony began to panic when it landed on Kate and even more when it stung her. When he started to hyperventilate, she put his hand on her chest to show him that she was okay and he slowly calmed down. Then he leaned in toward her, but a horse whinnying interrupted them and they pulled away from each other and ran in opposite directions.[12]

As other guests started to arrive at Aubrey Hall, Anthony fretted, saying it was a mistake to invite Edwina's family to come early. Wanting Kate and Anthony to get along, feeling their tension was a barrier to Anthony proposing, Edwina suggested that Kate join the men on a hunt, despite Anthony's objection. Some time into their hunt, Kate became restless because they hadn't found anything and took off on her own. Anthony followed her and found her aiming her gun. He started to argue with her about her going off on her own and tried to correct her grasp on the gun. As he went to correct her, he inhaled her scent. The moment was interrupted when they heard the other men approaching and rejoined the group.

Anthony got up in the middle of the night and found Kate in the library. She was unable to sleep because of a storm. They talked about their fathers and Anthony revealed that his father had died of a bee sting, which Kate realized was why her being stung affected him so much. Things grew tense between them until a clap of thunder broke them apart.

The next morning, Daphne asked Anthony about Edwina, because she suspected they didn't know each other well enough. Anthony just said she'd become meddlesome without Simon around and she shouldn't concern herself.

At the ball, Anthony danced with Edwina. Once the dance was over, Edwina set up Kate and Anthony to dance. As they danced, Anthony asked if she'd give her blessing if he asked for it and she said she just wanted her sister to be happy. She also told him she'd be returning to India as soon as her sister was married. As soon as the song ended, Anthony left abruptly, confusing Edwina, who had been watching. Kate went to find Anthony and found him in his officer, where they argued. Anthony believed Kate was trying to keep him from Edwina. They agreed that they hated each other, but stepped closer to each other. They nearly kissed, but startled apart when the door opened and Daphne entered. When she saw them, she left and Anthony followed her. Daphne said the situation was similar to the one she'd had with Simon the year before, when Anthony found them. She knew that Anthony had affection for Kate, despite Anthony's denial. After the conversation, Anthony said he knew what she needed to do.

As the Sharmas prepared to leave, Anthony took the ring and proposed to Edwina, who happily accepted.[13]

Wedding Plans and Meeting the Sheffields[]

Anthony and Edwina talked to the queen about their wedding plans. Anthony said he wanted a modest family affair, but Edwina was displeased. The queen offered to host it herself as she credited herself with matching them up in the first place.

Anthony then started preparing for the wedding, saying that even with the queen hosting, they needed to be prepared to entertain.

As they waited for Edwina with the jeweler, Mr. Brookes, who was there to resize the ring to fit Edwina, Anthony talked to Kate, who said she felt it was inappropriate for him to go forward with the engagement given what had happened between them. Anthony claimed that nothing had happened between them, though Kate reminded him that they'd be obliged to marry if anyone other than Daphne had caught them. She denied that being what she wanted. Mr. Brookes then suggested they could use Kate's hand to size the ring, as she and Edwina sometimes shared gloves. After Mr. Brookes put the ring on Kate's finger, Anthony rubbed his finger over it, saying his father gave it to his mother before they married. They startled apart when they heard Edwina and Mary approaching. Lady Danbury then came in and told them Mary's parents were in London. She proposed inviting them to the engagement dinner. Anthony and Edwina then went to promenade, chaperoned by Lady Danbury and Kate.

As they walked, Edwina and Anthony watched Kate and Thomas Dorset, who were also walking together. Edwina thought they made a lovely couple and hoped he might be able to convince Kate to stay in England, though Anthony was less certain. Anthony continued to watch Kate as she socialized with Dorset and even went on a boat ride with him. When they returned, Edwina and Anthony went over to talk to them. Anthony said that Dorset's knot wouldn't hold and re-tied it before offering his hand to help Kate out of the boat. Their hands lingered together until she pulled away, which startled him and sent both him and Dorset into the water. Anthony angrily removed his jacket and cravat and lifted himself out of the water.

When Violet heard that the Sheffields had returned to town to meet Anthony and Edwina, she told him she couldn't stand back and watch him marry a woman he didn't seem to have any affection for. She wanted all of her children to know the joy of an exceptional marriage as she had. He said he couldn't dishonor Edwina by ending the engagement, but Violet said Edwina could and probably would if she knew Anthony's true feelings.

At the dinner, the Sheffields invited Edwina and Anthony to their home. Anthony accepted the invitation, but then the Sheffields insulted Mary's rejection of marrying the man they'd found for her, and brought up the dowry they had set aside for Edwina if she married English nobility. When they insulted Kate, Anthony snapped, and said he wouldn't stand for it, then demanded that they leave. Once they were gone, Anthony said he and his mother would be leaving as well.

As they walked out, Kate ran after that, begging to speak to Anthony. Anthony sent his mother home ahead of him and stayed to talk to Kate, who told him that Edwina had no idea about the dowry. Anthony said he believed that and felt Kate had put the entire scheme together. Kate denied any scheming. Anthony said there would be no dowry without the Sheffields' support and it might be best to call off the engagement. Kate was upset at him for even suggesting it, though Anthony blamed Kate and her lack of support for the match. He also said that his father raised him to be honorable, but his honor was hanging by a thread having to be around her. They started to lean in toward each other, but he pulled back before their lips could touch. He told her marrying Edwina would mean they were bound together forever and he'd spend his entire marriage wanting Kate and dreaming of her. He asked if that was the future she wanted for them then left without waiting for her answer.

Anthony and Kate met up again and Anthony said he would talk to Edwina and end their engagement. Kate told him to keep his word and marry her as soon as he could, that the feeling between them would pass. He said he'd see to that and rode away from her.[14]


The night before his and Edwina's wedding, Anthony drank and played pool at Will's club with Benedict and Colin. He lamented having to fulfill his duties while Benedict and Colin got to explore their options more. Despite getting married, he assured them that almost everything would stay the same in his life.

As Benedict helped Anthony getting ready for the wedding, Daphne came in. She explained that she was late because wasn't sure it would go forward. She told Anthony that Edwina deserved to know the truth. Anthony kicked Benedict out of the room and told Daphne that he'd gone too far to turn back because it would ruin Edwina and scandalize their family. He also told her that he and Kate had decided there would be nothing more between them. Daphne wished their father was alive because Anthony changed after he died, stopped laughing and never cried. She told him he could still choose to be happy, but he didn't believe that was true.

Anthony entered the church and waited at the altar for Edwina. However, as Kate entered, Anthony watched her. As the ceremony started, he imagined Kate in Edwina's place. As Anthony prepared to repeat his vows, a bangle dropped from Kate's wrist and when he bent down to grab it and put it back on Kate's wrist, Edwina watched the interaction. She stopped the wedding and ran out, followed by Mary and Kate.

As his family speculated on why Edwina had left, Anthony became overwhelmed and walked out. He went to talk to Edwina and asked if it was just a delay or if she was calling it off entirely. Edwina said she was still thinking about it. Anthony said he was still intent on going through with it, despite the interruption. She asked if he loved her and he said that he underwood her and sympathized with her. He also said Kate would have no role in their future, as she'd be returning to India. All Edwina had to do was decide to marry him. She said she needed time to think, so Anthony left her to that.

Anthony then went to Kate, who told him to leave her alone in her refuge. He instead asked her to talk to Edwina for him, but Kate refused. The two of them shared a charged moment before she left the room.

Later, he got a note from Kate asking her to meet him at the church. He arrived to find that he and Kate had actually both been summoned by Edwina. She told them she wouldn't be marrying Anthony because it would be betraying herself. She had realized that Kate had given her everything Kate herself wanted, which wasn't was Edwina wanted. She walked out, leaving the two of them alone together. The two of them talked for a moment about failing their duties, then Anthony leaned in and kissed her.[15]

Harmony Ball and Kate's Accident[]

The morning after the aborted wedding, Violet said they family needed to work through the consequences as a united front and would promenade together. Anthony agreed and said they'd leave within the hour. However, as they promenaded, they were shunned by the other members of the ton. He and Violet then met with Lady Danbury and the Sharmas to make a plan to restore both families' reputations. They decided to throw a ball to prove there was no ill will between them. Anthony and Kate objected, but were overruled. After seeing them interact, Violet and Lady Danbury also ordered that they had to stay away from each other for the entire ball to avoid people seeing the obvious attraction between them. Anthony left the room, followed by Violet. He promised to play his part in the plan, but she asked what he planned to do afterward, how he would marry. He said the family line didn't end with him and admitted he made a mistake by asking Edwina to marry him. But he was certain the plan would work because Violet and Lady Danbury would make sure of it.

Anthony visited Benedict at the art academy. Benedict told him to stop punishing himself and that they'd all seen what was between him and Kate. He just needed to change the plan he had. Anthony dismissed his comments and left.

Ahead of the ball, Anthony visited the Sharmas and brought them flowers. Edwina gave him the cut indirect, but Violet reminded her that they needed to appear to enjoy each other's company when others were watching. They went to the art gallery together, where Anthony asked Mary for forgiveness for what he'd done. He never meant to cause problems for her family. Mary admitted that she'd let too much fall to Kate after her husband's death. Anthony then found Kate and subtly spoke to her, asking her to talk. She said they had nothing to talk about. They had done something terrible and should be ashamed of it.

On the night of the ball, Anthony and his family prepared for their guests, but were shocked when no one other than the Sharmas came. Violet was prepared to cancel the whole thing, but Anthony invited the younger kids to come down and dance with them. After a lively dance, Violet expressed how strange it was that no one believed their story. Lady Danbury noticed that the maids were reading the latest Whistledown and suggested asking them. It was then that they learned that Lady Whistledown had reported that Eloise was associating with political radicals.

Anthony left the house after the party had dispersed and found Kate in the gazebo. They argued and he tried to get her to leave, but she said she wouldn't take orders from him. After a very tense moment, they ran to each other and kissed, then had sex. After they finished, Anthony fell asleep and when he woke up, Kate was gone. He retrieved the engagement ring from his drawer, then went to find Kate. He went to Lady Danbury's, but the footman told him Kate wasn't there and her maid that one of the horses was also missing. Anthony rode out to find Kate and came to her just in time to watch her horse get startled and rear back, dumping her on the ground. He called out to her and rode over to her.[16]

Anthony rode to Kate and covered her with his jacket. He discovered that she was bleeding from her head, so she picked her up and carried her to a waiting carriage. Once back at Lady Danbury's, he carried her up to her room, where a surgeon examined her. Anthony blamed himself and left.

While Kate recovered, Anthony looked over his family's books and asked Colin about a large withdrawal he'd made. Colin said he was planning to invest some money with Jack Featherington, which frustrated Anthony. When Benedict and Eloise defended Colin, Anthony began insulting all of them until they all left. Once they were gone, Violet asked how Kate was doing and he said he didn't know because she hadn't been to see her.

Anthony was relieved to tears when Violet told him Kate had woken up. Violet said it was unthinkable to watch the one you love die. She was sorry that he was with his father that day and for how she acted afterward. She wished she could go back and change it. When Anthony said he didn't think he could see Kate again, Violet said that despite the pain his death caused her, she wouldn't trade the life they had. She told Anthony not to lose Kate.

Anthony went to see Kate and said he was happy she was awake. She thanked him for bringing her home safely. He apologized for taking liberties with her and asked her to marry him. She stopped him, saying he didn't have to propose and she was going back to India once things were resolved with Edwina. Lady Danbury had offered to host her and Mary for another season to give Edwina another chance to marry and she was sure they'd do find on their own. Anthony accused her of running away, so she asked him to leave.

One evening, while Anthony was tending to business, Gregory came to see him. He was convinced his Latin teacher thought he was stupid because he yelled at him. Anthony said that wasn't true. He was simply scared of Anthony, so he was scared of Gregory not succeeding because Anthony asked too much of all of them. Gregory asked if he was anything like their father. Anthony said yes and shared memories of their father with him. Then he told Gregory that their father was the best man he knew.

Anthony attended the Featherington Ball, where he suggested to Kate that they keep their distance. She said maybe they shouldn't. She asked if he'd ask her to dance and he asked if she'd say yes. He led her onto the dance floor and they danced together while everyone watched. Despite all the eyes on them, they kept dancing. After they finished, they held hands until Portia herded everyone outside for a surprise.

Outside, Benedict told Anthony he was going to drop out of the Academy because he knew Anthony had bought his spot. Anthony told him to paint if he wanted to paint, as it was a talent of his. He also had a gift to see what others needed, even if they couldn't see it themselves. Anthony apologized for not recognizing that sooner.admitted he'd taken too long to recognize that.

After talking to Benedict, Anthony found Kate in the garden and asked if she was still planning to leave. Kate said she had her family's blessing and there were no obstacles preventing it. Anthony told her he didn't visit her after her accident because he was so afraid of losing her. He's loved her since they first raced together. After his confession, she said she loved him too. Anthony said he wanted a life that suited them both and that he wanted to marry her. She said there would never be a day he didn't vex her. As fireworks started, Kate accepted his proposal and they kissed.

Six months later, Anthony and Kate were enjoying a morning in bed when she reminded him they needed to meet his family for Pall Mall. They joined the family and argued over the mallet of death. While they were arguing, Newton picked up one of the balls and ran off with it. Anthony said that Newton took Kate's turn because he's her dog, but Kate said Newton was his dog through marriage. Their arguing turned to embracing and Anthony suggested they could go back upstairs. Kate said that would be admitting defeat and she wouldn't do that.[17]


The quintessential English nobleman, Anthony is the eldest Bridgerton sibling and dutiful head of the family since assuming his late father's title of Viscount. Endlessly handsome, charming and rich, he's quite the catch on this year's marriage mart. But if he has any hope of fulfilling his oftentimes overwhelming duty of marrying and producing an heir, Anthony must first learn to temper his pursuit of pleasure.



Siena Rosso[]

Siena is an opera singer with whom Anthony had a relationship. Anthony had had a long-term affair with Siena, even paying for her housing, but she was an escape for him from the pressure of the title, and that led to their break-up. Anthony was heartbroken when she chose to be with another man instead of him. Even after they patch things up they break up because he was trying to make her be a lady of high society which isn't what she is nor what she wants.

Kate Bridgerton[]

When Anthony first met Kate Sharma, he was both enchanted and bewildered. Anthony became annoyed when Kate continuously blocked his path to courting her sister, Edwina, but he couldn't resist verbally sparring with her.[18] Known for being aloof and cautious, Anthony started to let his emotions get the better of him whenever he was around Kate. Still, they bonded over loving & protecting their families.[19] He was unable to control his feelings, and tried to avoid them because he became scared of what he might do when he was around Kate.[20] The more he avoided them, the more prone to outbursts Anthony became. Despite consistent attempts to avoid his feelings for Kate, Anthony's emotions came out in public, and he and his family had to deal with the fallout.[21] After trying to resist, Anthony started to wonder what would happen if he and Kate explored their feelings for each other. Despite being told by Kate they should stay away from each other, Anthony still was overwhelmed by his desire for her.[22] When Kate was unconscious, Anthony again let his emotions get the better of him to avoid his feelings. He didn't visit her out of his own fear of losing her. When Kate turned down Anthony's proposal, he was discouraged, but accepted her choice. Still, when she asked him to dance one more time, Anthony immediately took the offer. He eventually confessed how he didn't want to lose her and his love to Kate, which she reciprocated, thus the two get married.

Edwina Sharma[]

Anthony pursued Edwina, the 'diamond' of the season, and she impressed him enough that he decided he would marry her. Despite her sister Kate's intention to stop their courtship, Edwina decided Anthony was a worthy suitor, and the two seemed to grow closer.[23] Anthony felt that Edwina would make the perfect viscountess, and that he wouldn't have to worry about falling in love with her, as he wished for his marriage. Though they both enjoyed the conversation, Anthony became hesitant when he realized his feelings for Kate.[24] Not willing to give into love, Anthony proposed to Edwina and made it official.[25] However, when he lost his temper during dinner with the Sheffields over Kate, Anthony wanted to call off the engagement because as long as he thought about Kate, he could never be a faithful husband to Edwina.[26] Kate, though, convinced him otherwise, and Anthony proceeded with the wedding. As the ceremony started, though, Edwina figured out what was going on between Kate & Anthony, and ran away from the altar. Anthony tried to convince Edwina that he wanted to marry her, but she didn't believe him after all the lies he told her. She finally called off the wedding, and told Anthony that she wants true love, and he'll never give her that because of Kate. Anthony felt guilty for hurting Edwina, but he realized that his desire for Kate didn't wane.[27]


Violet Bridgerton[]

Anthony is devoted to his mother, but also knows that she should not be messed with. When Edmund died, Anthony was heartbroken to see how grief-stricken Violet was, unable to function and wishing she could've died as well to be with Edmund. To help her, he put his own grief aside and took charge as head of the family the best he could, making decisions and taking care of his siblings. Anthony vowed to not have a marriage based on love because he didn't want his wife to go through the anguish that he saw Violet experience.[28]

After Daphne makes her debut, Violet tells Anthony to step up and pay attention to his family. When he rejects Violet's matchmaking of Simon & Daphne, Violet admonishes him for shirking his duties, reminding him that if Edmund were still alive, he would've arranged a match for Daphne.[29] Anthony tries to fulfill his duties by arranging for Daphne to marry Nigel Berbrooke, but it backfires on him when Violet & Daphne disapprove, and Berbrooke threatens to ruin the Bridgerton family unless Daphne marries him. After Berbrooke is run out of town by a scandal, Anthony comes to Violet, knowing she was responsible for spreading the rumors, and promises to be more careful about his duties to Daphne. Violet, though, forgives him and says she can handle Daphne's search for a husband.

When Anthony indicated his intention to marry the following season, Violet pushed many eligible ladies towards him as possible. Anthony dismissed her choices. Despite Violet reprimanding him, Anthony continued his search on his own terms.[10] After deciding to marry Edwina, Anthony realized Kate was barring him, but Violet told Anthony it's his own fault, as he refused to find love.[11] As his courtship progressed, Violet expressed her belief that he should strive to find love to make him happy, but Anthony said he just wanted an amiable partner and a pleasant marriage. Anthony told Violet he was haunted by the memory of Violet grieving Edmund, and he didn't want to inflict the same pain on anyone else.[12] Violet tried to persuade Anthony to call off his engagement to Edwina, but Anthony said Edwina would never call off the engagement and he wouldn't dishonor her. Violet pointed out, though, that Edwina didn't know that Anthony wasn't in love with her.[26] Violet tried to restore the family reputation after the wedding scandal, and Anthony followed her lead. Though he was skeptical about Violet's decisions, he told his mother that he knew it was his blunder that hurt the family, which is why he was listening to Violet to restore their honor.[22] After Kate was injured and left unconscious, Anthony lashed out, but Violet showed compassion, and told Anthony to go visit Kate. Violet was the one who told Anthony that Kate was awake, and consoled him when he became emotional with relief. Anthony admitted he couldn't see Kate because he was afraid of losing her. Violet told him that true love was worth the risk, and urged Anthony to fight for Kate.[30]

Daphne Basset[]

Anthony's overprotective tendencies of Daphne upon her debut scared off many suitors at first, tarnishing her reputation as the season's diamond. He promised Daphne to Nigel Berbrooke as his duty to her, despite her clear objections, but regretted his decision when he found out Berbrooke made unwanted advances on Daphne, then blackmailed her into marriage. After Berbrooke was run out of town by Lady Whistledown, Anthony loosened the reins, allowing more callers to Daphne. When Prince Friedrich asked Anthony for her hand on marriage, Anthony told him that it was up to Daphne to accept, and relayed to her that she had his blessing. After he caught Daphne and Simon in a heated moment during a ball, Anthony was furious, and demanded Simon marry Daphne to restore her honor. When Simon refused, Anthony challenged him to a duel, which was halted when Daphne declared she would marry Simon. After Simon refused Daphne's dowry, Anthony told her he would put it into trust that she could use as she wished. Later on, Anthony sensed trouble in his sister's marriage with Simon and confronted him, accusing Simon of hurting her and saying Daphne could not have messed things up enough on her own.


Simon Basset[]

Anthony and Simon have been friends since their days at Oxford. Their friendship ties became tense after Simon chose to court Anthony’s younger sister, Daphne. He told Simon to stay away from her after promising her to Nigel Berbrooke, but Simon said Berbrooke was not a worthy man, and revealed to Anthony what Berbrooke had tried to do to Daphne. Anthony realized his mistake, and he & Simon made amends. When Anthony caught Simon alone with Daphne, he was furious that Simon dishonored his family name to the point where they arranged a duel. However, Daphne stopped the duel, and convinced Simon to marry her. When Anthony sensed trouble in Simon & Daphne's marriage, he accused Simon of hurting his sister to the point they got into a bloody fight. Simon & Daphne eventually made up, and let Anthony know they were staying on in London.

Thomas Dorset[]

He and Dorset know each other from Oxford. When Anthony wanted to get closer to Edwina but Kate barred him, he asked Dorset to pretend to be interested in Kate to divert her attention and free Edwina. Kate discovers the hoax and is annoyed with both. Later in Hyde Park, he apologizes to her and asks her to accompany him on a boat trip, which she ends up accepting to make Anthony jealous. A jealous Anthony listens to Edwina talking about Dorset's interest in Kate and the beautiful couple they make. Seeing that Kate seems to genuinely enjoy his company, Anthony becomes jealous, so he tries to outshine him, which results in both of them falling in the lake after Anthony trips over Newton.



Notes and Trivia[]

  • Netflix Bio: As the eldest sibling and head of the Bridgerton household, Anthony strives to fill his late father's shoes, managing the family's affairs. Intent on marrying out of duty, the young viscount is not interested in a love match. Nevertheless, he expects nothing short of perfection from his future bride.[31]
  • In the second book the author somewhat glibly states that he lived to be 92 years old.
  • According to Simon, Anthony once let a farm animal into Simon's dormitory as a prank, and Simon had to help get it back out.[4]
  • He was 29 as of 1814.[32]
  • In the first season, Anthony had sideburns. According to several sources, Anthony shaving his sideburns represents his transition from being a playboy to serious head of the household.


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