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Anthony Bridgerton is the eldest child of the Bridgerton family.


Daphne's Debut[]

On the day of the start of the 1813 social season, Anthony arrived late as he'd been away having an encounter with his mistress, Siena Rosso. He finally joined the family as they arrived to present Daphne in front of Queen Charlotte. Anthony had had a long-term affair with Siena, even paying for her housing, but she was an escape for him from the pressure of the title, and that led to their break-up. 

Anthony had to attend the Danbury ball to chaperone his sister. When Daphne tried to socialize with the men in attendance, Anthony pointed out the flaws in each one, scaring them off her. When Daphne ran into Simon while avoiding Nigel Berbrooke, Anthony introduced them, as he knew Simon from Oxford. He then forced Daphne to leave the event early. The next day, Anthony came over to meet her callers with her, further scaring them off. Daphne feared she was ruined by Lady Whistledown's declaration that Marina, not Daphne, was the season's Incomparable. She confronted Anthony about ruining her prospects, telling him that if she can't find a husband, she is worthless.

Anthony socialized at the club with Simon, who was adamant that he did not want to marry and never would. When he realized that his mother and Lady Danbury had done some matchmaking between Simon and Daphne, he informed his mother that Simon would never marry and was therefore a bad match. His mother in turn confronted him about his affair with Siena, forcing him to end things with her. He then informed Daphne that, over her objections, she was to marry Nigel Berbrooke.[1]

Anthony continued to pressure Daphne to marry Nigel, even sending other callers away. When Daphne expressed her preference for Simon, Anthony insisted that he wasn't a serious suitor and would never marry her.

Anthony then confronted Simon, saying Daphne was already engaged, so Simon should back off. Simon in turn told Anthony that Nigel wasn't worthy of Daphne. Despite this, at the next event, Daphne and Simon immediately started to dance together. Update, Anthony sent Benedict to claim Daphne's next dance. With Daphne occupied, Anthony went to Simon again. Nigel interrupted, saying he was still interested in marrying Daphne. However, Simon then mentioned that Nigel got the bruise on his eye from Daphne, who punched him to get him off her. Anthony was horrified by that revelation and forbade Nigel ever to speak to Daphne again.

Despite this, Nigel acquired a license for the two of them to marry, which he presented to Anthony and Daphne. Anthony decided he and Nigel would have to duel to end things, though his mother forbade it. Daphne also said Nigel speaking about Daphne being alone with men in the garden would ruin her and she would therefore have to marry Nigel. To prevent this, Lady Bridgerton and Daphne went to Nigel's home and learned he had an illegitimate child he refused to provide for, gossip which they spread around town and used to get him to flee London, ridding them of him.[2]

Anthony and Simon started to get along better, though Simon maintained his lack of intent to marry. Anthony also felt the pressure of his title and Siena finally realized she needed to stop falling for his empty promises. His mother gave him a list of eligible ladies and he promised to consider them.[3]

Anthony escorted Daphne to a fight, where he quickly disappeared so she could sit with Friedrich and get to know him better. After they talked, Friedrich came to Anthony to speak to him privately.

When their mother found out Anthony took Daphne to a fight and let her out of his sight, she was scandalized, but was pleased when Anthony came in and told her and Daphne that Friedrich had asked his permission to propose to Daphne. He told Daphne he had no objection to it.

At a party, Anthony was angry to find Daphne and Simon out in the garden alone together. Anthony knocked Simon down and then said he must marry Daphne immediately. Simon refused, so Anthony said they would have to duel. Anthony and Daphne then abruptly left the party.

Anthony chose Benedict as his second and prepared to duel. He went to Siena, saying he would either die in the duel or kill Simon, at which point he'd have to flee and if he had to flee, he wanted her with him. They spent the night together and in the morning, Anthony and Benedict arrived for the duel. Just as they prepared to duel, Daphne rode in, nearly getting shot herself. She informed them that Cressida Cowper had seen her and Simon in the garden, so they needed to marry or Daphne's reputation would be ruined. Simon still tried to refuse her, eventually telling her that he couldn't give her children, something he knew she desperately wanted. Daphne declared that she wanted to marry Simon anyway.[4]

Anthony went to find Siena, but Genevieve told him she'd gone and refused to tell him where she went.

Anthony then met with Simon to get the special license to marry Daphne immediately.. Anthony brought up Daphne's dowry, which Simon flat out refused to accept, saying he wouldn't be paid to marry Daphne and found the very idea insulting. Instead, the money would be put into trust for Daphne. He believed Daphne's well-being was his responsibility and he would support her as he took the duty very seriously. Their conversation was interrupted when the archbishop arrived and told them he couldn't grant the license as he didn't see need for it.

Daphne and Simon then had to appeal to the queen directly, as Daphne's rejection of her nephew is why their license was rejected. They got the license and Anthony walked Daphne down the aisle to marry Simon. After the wedding, Anthony told Daphne about Simon refusing the dowry and said it would be put in trust for her to use as she saw fit, perhaps for their children, not knowing that Simon had told Daphne they couldn't have any. At the mention of children, Daphne teared up and excused herself.[5]

After Daphne left, Colin announced his engagement to Marina, shocking the rest of his family. Anthony confronted Colin about this, but Colin said he kept it from them on purpose, because he knew how they'd react. Anthony asked if he compromised Marina's honor and he said he had not. Colin said he didn't need Anthony's permission, but wanted his approval. Anthony refused to give it, but accompanied Colin and their mother to dine at the Featheringtons. Lady Featherington suggested they could marry quickly and take advantage of the nice weather to travel, but Anthony thought a longer engagement might be more prudent given Colin's age.[6]

When news broke that Marina was pregnant and had been since before her arrival in London, her engagement with Colin was abruptly ended. When Colin asked why he couldn't visit Marina in the aftermath, Anthony said Lady Whistledown's word being law was the only reason people didn't believe Colin was the father of her baby. When Daphne arrived, Lady Bridgerton said it could help them as people would move on after seeing the family still had the favor of the duke and duchess.

Anthony went to the club and was drinking with Simon. After some time, Anthony confronted Simon, saying he knew Simon had done something to mess things up with Daphne, as he knew his sister was incapable of messing up so badly on her own. Simon said he was just trying to do right by Daphne, but the conversation quickly devolved into a fight, which became physical, leading to them having to be pulled off each other.

When Anthony saw Colin sad over Marina, he apologized for being harsh, but said Colin would get over her and it would be like she never existed for him, though Anthony admitted his own situation was a work in progress. He later went to the concert and was upset to see Siena with another man. He and Siena made eye contact as the show continued.[7]

Anthony went to a fight with Benedict and Colin. At the fight, he saw Siena with another man. They stared at each other during the fight until they each left the room and had sex somewhere hidden away.

They resumed their affair together. He asked her to go to a ball with him, as he was a viscount and his sister a duchess, meaning no one would dare say anything. When he went to pick her up, he was surprised to see a man open the door. Siena then explained that she needed to ensure her own future because no one else would. Anthony needed to let her go. After this, Anthony told Daphne that he was committing himself to finding a wife, with no more distractions.[8]


The quintessential English nobleman, Anthony is the eldest Bridgerton sibling and dutiful head of the family since assuming his late father's title of Viscount. Endlessly handsome, charming and rich, he's quite the catch on this year's marriage mart. But if he has any hope of fulfilling his oftentimes overwhelming duty of marrying and producing an heir, Anthony must first learn to temper his pursuit of pleasure.



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