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Archibald Featherington is the father of Prudence, Philippa, and Penelope Featherington.


Lord Featherington forced his wife to take in a distant cousin of his, Marina Thompson, to help her with her societal debut.[1]

When Portia discovered that Marina was pregnant, she asked Lord Featherington what they should do and he simply said there was no need for hysterics.[2]

Lord Featherington frequently gambled and often lost. When he lost a game with several other men at the club, he was upset.[3]

After learning that Marina was pregnant, Lady Featherington wanted to send Marina back to her father, but Lord Featherington refused to discuss why that wasn't an option.

Lord Featherington later attended a fight. Will Mondrich and Simon went to him and told him to bet on Will, but he chose to bet on the other man, which resulted in him losing money when Will won. After this, he was hounded by men who wanted money and asked them for two days to raise the money.

Albion Finch took a liking to Philippa, making Lady Featherington hopeful for two weddings, hers and Marinas, in one season. Lord Featherington said he doubted it. He later sabotaged Philippa's courtship with Finch by saying something. This aroused Lady Featherington's suspicions and she searched his drawers and learned that he had gambled away all their money, including their daughters' dowries, which is why he sabotaged Philippa's chances. When confronted, he started crying about how he failed his wife and daughters.[4]

Portia came to Lord Featherington to tell him that Mrs. Varley had run into trouble at the modiste. Genevieve was refusing to give her any more dresses until the bill was paid. He told her that they had enough dresses and could simply wear them all again. In response, she suggested he could do without his tobacco and took his pipe.[5]

After getting her wedding garments from Genevieve, Marina showed them off to the Featheringtons, including Archibald.[6]

When the news broke that Marina was pregnant and had been since before her arrival, her engagement was quickly ended and the Featheringtons were shrouded in scandal. Portia blamed Archibald for this, saying his gambling debts had forced them to take in Marina in the first place. Desperate to make things right, Archibald went to Will, who had a fight coming up. He had a drink with Will and offered Will a share of his winnings if he would agree to throw the fight. Will said that his honor wasn't for sale, but Archibald told him how the money could set him and his family up for life. He then left Will to consider it.[7]

Lord Featherington showed up to the fight where he placed a large bet against Will and put up the deed to his house to cover it since his word no longer meant anything. He then watched the fight and cheered for Will's opponent, The Beast. When The Beast was quickly declared the victor, Lord Featherington cheered.

He collected his winnings and took them home to his wife. When she asked where the money came from, he told her he had an insider tip, a good one. And the money he had was only half the winnings as the other half had gone to pay off his guy.

Later, Lord Featherington was led to a room where a prostitute was meant to be waiting for him. Instead, he was surprised to see Reggie and Tom, the men he'd placed the bet with. They called him to join them in the room. Later, his family was informed that he'd died.[8]


Despite this lecherous Lord's fancy title, London society still rather sees him as a bit of a joke. He may treat his wife with little to no respect, yet he always seems to have a soft spot for his daughters.



Portia Featherington[]

He was married to Portia Featherington until his death and they had three children together.





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