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Benedict Bridgerton is the second Bridgerton child and son.


1813 Social Season[]

Benedict accompanied his family to his sister's presentation to the queen at the start of the 1813 social season. He showed little interest in the societal goings-on.[1]

When his sister, Eloise, learned from her friend, Penelope, that one of the Featheringtons' maids was pregnant without being married, she became concerned it could happen to her, as she was unaware of how women become pregnant. When her mother refused to tell her, Eloise sat between Colin and Benedict, whom she assumed knew. Colin started to tell her, using farm animals as an example, but Benedict stopped him with a slap to his head.

Later, at an event, Benedict was tasked with dancing with Daphne to draw her away from Simon. Soon after, he also found Eloise outside smoking on a swing. Instead of scolding her, he joined her and they talked about each of them wanting something different from life than what was expected of them.[2]

At an event, Benedict looked at some artwork. He made a critical comment about one piece to Lady Danbury, only to find out that the artist, Henry Granville, was right next to her.

Benedict had another late night conversation with Eloise, in which she encouraged him to pursue art if that's what made him happy, because he, as a man, had the freedom to do that while she, as a woman, couldn't pursue writing. She was envious of Lady Whistledown for being able to write and publish even as a woman. Benedict asked her if she was Lady Whistledown. She told him she wasn't, but also that she wouldn't tell him if she were.[3]

Benedict met with Henry Granville again at another event. They talked about Benedict's own art, which was not present at the event, surprising Henry. Henry then invited Benedict to visit his studio, saying Benedict might like it. When Benedict arrived at Henry's studio, he was surprised to find several topless women posing. When prompted to go have some fun, Benedict sat down at an easel and began to work. He continued to work long after everyone else had left the party. Henry told him he had potential, but he brushed the compliment off. Henry told him he could be himself without judgment or expectation at the studio and invited Benedict to come back anytime.

Benedict returned home that night to find that Anthony had challenged Simon to a duel to defend Daphne's honor. He wanted Benedict to be his second. He said if he died, the estate would pass to Benedict. And if he killed Simon, he'd have to flee the country and Benedict would be head of the family in every way that mattered.

The next morning, Benedict accompanied Anthony to the duel. Before Simon arrived, Anthony told Benedict there was the name of a lady on a piece of paper in his top desk drawer. He made Benedict promised to make sure she was provided for if he died. Just as Anthony fired at Simon, Daphne and Colin arrived to stop the duel and Daphne ended up engaged to Simon, something she insisted needed to happen to prevent Cressida Cowper from ruining her, as Cressida had seen Simon and Daphne alone together in the garden.[4]

Benedict went back to Henry Granville's for another party. He met Genevieve Delacroix there, who was surprised to see him as he was a Bridgerton. After he opened a door to see Henry having sex with another man, he ended up having a three-way with Genevieve and another woman.

When Daphne got married, Benedict attended. At the reception, Benedict spoke to Henry. Henry tried to talk about what he'd seen, but Benedict brushed it off, saying nothing had happened. Henry then introduced Benedict to his wife, Lucy Granville, whom Benedict recognized as the woman he and Genevieve had had sex with. At the end of the reception, Benedict went with the rest of his family to see Daphne off.[5]

When Colin announced his engagement to Marina Thompson, Benedict, along with the rest of the family, was shocked. When news of the engagement made the next issue of Lady Whistledown's paper, Benedict ushered the little kids out of the room so Colin could speak to their mother.[6]

Henry came to Benedict at the queen's luncheon and said he'd missed having Benedict at the studio. He invited Benedict to come back again. Benedict noticed Lord Wetherby standing nearby. Henry offered to introduce them, but Benedict excused himself from the conversation.

Later, at the concert, Benedict pulled Henry aside and asked him about the situation. Henry said he was in love with Lord Wetherby and his married afforded freedom for his wife and was a happy marriage for them. Benedict asked if the women Lord Wetherby courted shared their understanding. Henry said that he and Lord Wetherby were in constant danger, being forced to be in the same room as someone they loved and feel oceans apart.

Eloise came to Benedict, desperate to leave the concert early after being rebuffed by the queen and he offered to leave with her so she could leave early. On their way home, Benedict insisted on stopping to pick up a friend, which turned out to be Genevieve.[7]

Eloise questioned Benedict about his relationship with Genevieve. He brushed her off and refused to answer her questions, believing she was attempting to persuade him to stop seeing her. Benedict was later with Genevieve when Eloise came into her shop and questioned her, believing her to be Lady Whistledown. Genevieve did not reveal herself and once Eloise was gone, Benedict told her to lock the door.

Benedict later went with his brothers to a fight. After it was over, they went back to the Bridgerton estate and talked about the match. He then confronted Eloise about her interrogating Genevieve and made her promise never to do it again. When Eloise learned that the queen was planning to unmask Lady Whistledown that evening, she went to Benedict and told him to make sure Genevieve stayed home that night. After Eloise foiled the Bow Street Runners' attempt to unmask Lady Whistledown, Eloise sent her regards to Genevieve through Benedict, but learned she'd left the night before for France and he'd already said goodbye to her, meaning she couldn't be Lady Whistledown.[8]

1814 Social Season[]

At Lady Danbury's ball, Benedict pulled Eloise away when she was approached by the Marquis of Ashdown. Later, Violet asked Benedict if he had seen Anthony and Eloise, but he congratulated them on managing to escape Violet.

As Benedict entered the drawing room, he saw Genevieve Delacroix about to leave. Benedict was surpised, as he was unaware Genevieve was back in town. He asked to see her that night at a party, but Genevieve appeared disinterested and said she had much work to do. After she left, Anthony asked Benedict whether he and Genevieve were still a thing, and Benedict said apparently not.

At the queen's ball, Benedict asked Anthony if there was anyone he had not rejected yet. Seeing Eloise charm the queen, Benedict teased Anthony, asking what he would do if Eloise was named the diamond. When Edwina was instead named the diamond, he declared his intent to marry her.[9]

Anthony talked to Benedict more about Edwina, saying she would suffice and he was not deterred by Kate. Anthony, Benedict and Colin practiced fencing. While Anthony and Benedict fenced, Anthony talked about fulfilling his duties and his plans to make Edwina his viscountess.

After Will Mondrich informed the Benedict about his new gentlemen's club, Benedict decided to visit it. There, he met George Cruikshank, a talented artist with many connections to the art world. George told Benedict about a vacancy at the Royal Academy of Art and encouraged Benedict to apply. Their conversation was interrupted by Anthony, who asked Benedict go outside. Anthony asked Benedict for advice on how to read poetry, as he intended to show up to Lady Danbury's soirée. Benedict told Anthony that he was not a fan of Byron, and that poetry is about revealing precious truth with words. Benedict wrote several lines about loving women, which Anthony later read out at the soirée.[10]

Pall-Mall Game and Art School[]

At Aubrey Hall, the Bridgerton siblings prepared for their annual Pall-Mall game. They bickered about who would get to choose their mallets first and then began then game. While they played, Benedict told Colin about his plans to apply to the Royal Academy of Art.

Later, Colin offered to help Benedict open his mind using a powder he'd acquired on his travels. Benedict said it smelled foul, but dumped the entire bag into his tea and drank it, to Colin's horror. When the drugs started to take effect, Benedict spoke nonsensically and painted with his fingers. While he was painting, Eloise brought him a letter from London which told him he'd been accepted into the school. He celebrated enthusiastically, yelling out the window that everyone would bear witness to his talent.[11]

Hearts and Flowers Ball[]

Benedict was painting a still life when Anthony took an apple out of the fruit bowl and took a bite out of it. Then Anthony said it was a mistake to invite the Sharmas early. Benedict tried to get Anthony to leave.

As their other guests arrived, Benedict grabbed Anthony for the hunt. When Edwina suggested that Kate go along, Benedict encouraged it, thinking she might be able to teach Anthony a thing or two. They went out into the woods with a group, but when they didn't find anything, Kate broke off on her own.[12]

Starting School and Anthony and Edwina's Wedding[]

Benedict was happy to start his first day at the Royal Academy of Art. In his first class, he met Rupert Norton, who welcomed him to the class. They both watched as Tessa disrobed for them to paint.

Later, he found Tessa drawing in an empty classroom. She told him she couldn't access the classes as a student, so she started modeling to get access. She asked him to pose for her and he did, but she had to adjust his pose. Then she said she really needed a study of the male form naked, so he undressed for her. The two of them later had sex.[13]

The night before Anthony and Edwina's wedding, Benedict, Colin, and Anthony went to Will's club to drink and play pool. The next morning, Colin was feeling the effects of the alcohol he'd consumed until Benedict handed him a flask and warned him that there were no aftereffects if you kept drinking. Benedict then helped Anthony get ready for the ceremony until Anthony kicked him out so he could talk to Daphne privately.

When Edwina stopped the wedding mid-ceremony and walked out, Benedict met with the rest of the family to figure out what had happened. He said he was sure Edwina would come to her senses, but Edwina later said she couldn't marry Anthony.[14]

Harmony Ball and Working with Jack[]

In the aftermath of Anthony and Edwina's aborted wedding, Violet and Anthony decided that the family needed to present a united front, starting with promenading together. On this promenade, they were shunned by the rest of the ton, as were the Sharmas. In an attempt to restore both families' reputations, Violet planned a ball to show there was no ill will between the two families.

Anthony came to see Benedict at the art academy and asked to talk to him. Benedict told him to lighten up and encouraged him to stop punishing himself for what had happened. He saw what was going on between Anthony and Kate and encouraged Anthony to change his perspective.

At the ball, they were shocked when no one outside the two families showed up. Violet was prepared to cancel he whole evening, but Anthony decided to invite the younger children down to join them all for a dance instead. After a lively dance, Violet questioned no one believing their story. Lady Danbury noticed the maids reading a pamphlet and suggested asking them. They learned it was the latest Whistledown and she'd written about Eloise socializing unsupervised with political radicals.[15]

Kate's Accident and Featherington Ball[]

Benedict checked on Anthony after his valet told him he saw Anthony carrying Kate into Lady Danbury's. Anthony blamed himself for the accident.

After the family was invited, Benedict asked if they would be attending the Featherington Ball. Violet said she didn't know, but it was a good sign that they were invited.

While Benedict was painting Tessa at the academy, Rupert came in and admired his painting. He was surprised at Benedict's talent, given how he got into he school. Benedict was surprised to learn that Anthony had made a large donation to secure his spot.

Benedict later spoke to Eloise, saying how he was doubting his talent. Eloise said that didn't mean he wouldn't have been accepted on his own. She also said that she felt like an imposter at balls. She didn't want to go to the Featherington Ball, even knowing Penelope would be there. Benedict offered to escort her there. When they arrived at the ball, people whispered and Eloise tried to leave, but Violet encouraged her to stay, so she took Benedict's arm and entered the ball. At the ball, Benedict told Anthony he was going to leave the Academy because Anthony had bought his spot. Anthony said that Benedict had real talents and painting was among them. He apologized for not seeing that sooner.[16]


The second eldest of the Bridgerton siblings, Benedict yearns for something other than the endless round of dazzling parties he finds himself attending every evening. Sensitive and endearing, Benedict dreams of turning his artistic hobby into a full-fledged career, and soon finds himself looking far outside the world of the ton in order to achieve it.



Genevieve Delacroix[]

After a party, hosted by Henry Granville, Benedict found himself having sex with Genevieve Delacroix, the modiste, and another woman, later revealed to be Lucy Granville.

Follwing their first meeting, the two continued to stay in touch, with Benedict even picking her up on his way back to his house to drop Eloise off one night.

After being invertedly outed by Eloise to his oldest brother, Anthony, Benedict admitted to his relationship with Genevieve, and much to his surprise, his brother accepted it.


Tessa and Benedict briefly had a romantic relationship. They first met at Benedict's art class at the Royal Academy of Art, where Tessa worked as a model.


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Benedict dreams of turning his hobby into an actual career.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • According to Anthony, Benedict's father, Edmund, once put glue in his shoes as a prank.[17]


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