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Colin Bridgerton is the third Bridgerton child and son.


1813 Social Season[]

At the start of the 1813 social season, Colin attended social events with his family, including the newly-debuted Daphne. At the Danbury ball, Colin noticed Marina, whom he found very attractive, though he didn't know who she was. Despite this, he went to dance with her. The next day, he called on Marina at the Featherington house, though he was among many.

At another event, Colin asked Penelope about Marina and learned she was ill. In her absence, he danced with Penelope after Cressida tried to interject and spilled her drink on her to get her out of the way.[1]

When Eloise learned that one of the Featheringtons' maids was pregnant from Penelope, she became concerned that she, too, could become pregnant, as she was unaware of how exactly women became pregnant. When her mother refused to tell her, she sat between Benedict and Colin, whom she assumed knew. Colin started to tell her using farm animals, but Benedict stopped him with a slap to his head.[2]

At a future event, Lady Bridgerton tried to set up each of her three eldest sons with eligible ladies.[3]

At a party thrown by Lady Trowbridge, Colin chatted amiably with Penelope about the party's host and Marina, who was repulsed by a potential suitor. When Colin saw this, he intervened and took the next dance with Marina. When Anthony had to take Daphne home from the party early, Colin was left to ensure their mother got home safely. At the end of the night, Colin escorted his mother home and both of them had been drinking. Once he sent their mother to bed, Colin was summoned by his older brothers, who told him that Anthony was going to duel with Simon to defend Daphne's honor.

While the duel was meant to be taking place, Daphne went to Colin to find out where it was so she could stop it. During this conversation, she realized that Cressida Cowper had seen her and Simon alone together in the garden, meaning Cressida could ruin her reputation. She convinced Colin to tell her where the duel was taking place so she could stop it. He rode with her to the duel and they arrived just as Anthony fired at Simon. Daphne stopped the duel and said Simon had to marry her because of what Cressida saw. He maintained that he couldn't, but they ultimately ended up engaged.[4]

Colin continued to pursue Marina, calling on her at the Featheringtons' home. After Daphne and Simon got married, at their reception, Marina flirted with Colin, then pretended to be faint to lure Colin into a library, where she had him close the door even though they were the only two in the room. She tried to kiss him, but he said he had to persevere her honor and refused to go forward. However, as she left, he proposed to her.

Colin then joined the rest of his family to see Simon and Daphne off.[5]

After Daphne's departure, Colin announced his engagement to his family in public. After the initial announcement, Anthony pulled Colin aside privately and criticized his decision and how he announced it. Colin said he didn't need Anthony's permission, but he wanted his blessing. Anthony refused to give it. He next spoke to his mother, sho said she wasn't prepared to have a second child married so soon after Daphne.

Colin went with Anthony and his mother to have dinner with Marina and the Featheringtons. At the dinner, Marina spoke of her desire to travel with Colin, which gave Lady Featherington the opportunity to push for a shorter engagement to take advantage of the nice weather for travel. When he stepped away from the dinner, Penelope confronted Colin in the hallway, telling him about Marina's love with George. Colin said that he didn't care what Marina did before they met and dismissed her concern. Then Marina came out in the hall. She was distressed because she didn't feel wanted by anyone. Even Colin's family was just polite and didn't really like her. He then made a plan to take Marina to Scotland so they could marry immediately. However, their engagement was swiftly ended when Lady Whistledown reported that Marina was pregnant and had been since before she arrived in London.[6]

Even with the scandal, Colin wanted to visit Marina and speak to her. He was upset not to get any say in how their family reacted to the news, as they all prepared to improve the family's public image. Finally, Daphne came to him and said she knew he was hurt by what had happened and telling him she could arrange a meeting between him and Marina, chaperoned.

At the meeting, Colin begged Marina to tell him it wasn't true, what Lady Whistledown had said, but Marina couldn't do that. She told him she did what she had to do. In turn, he said that if she had just come to him with the truth, he would have married her immediately, because that's how in love with her he was. Instead, he told her he never wanted to see her again and left.

Colin later shared a drink with Anthony and Anthony apologized for being so harsh with him about Marina and told him the pain from loving Marina would fade eventually, though he admitted that sentiment didn't apply to him and Siena.[7]

When news came that Francesca was returning to London soon, Colin said she would be able to tell them all about her time away. Colin then went with his brothers to Will's fight. They then went home and socialized with their siblings, including Francesca, newly back home. While Francesca played piano, Colin sang along.

At a ball thrown by the Bassets, Colin met up with Penelope Featherington. He apologized to her for how he'd acted, as he finally understood that she was trying to protect him from Marina's scandal. Penelope then tried to say something to him, but was interrupted by him telling her he was leaving to start his tour as she'd inspired him to.

When Colin was ready to go to Greece, the first place on his tour, his family came to see him off. Hyacinth and Gregory both asked him to bring back gifts for them.[8]

Return Home and Lady Danbury's Soiree[]

After he completed his travels, Colin returned home, where his siblings greeted him happily. He went with his family to the Royal Races, where Will Mondrich told him and his brothers that he was opening his own gentlemen's club and invited them to come to the grand opening. Later, he told Penelope he'd enjoyed his travels when she asked about them. When she asked about him being lonely, he said he was never alone.

Colin later practiced fencing with his brothers while Anthony talked about marrying Edwina and fulfilling his duties. When Colin suggested he turn his attention to someone else because Kate was interfering in his attempts to woo Edwina, Anthony said he wouldn't let Kate get in the way of him getting what he wanted.

Colin attended a soiree at Lady Danbury's with his mother and two of his siblings. Penelope asked him what he was planning to do to impress Edwina, as the party had devolved into the suitors showcasing their talents for her. Colin said he was just watching. Penelope asked him about his previous comment that he was never alone and he told her that he really meant that he had started a conversation with himself. He'd actually sworn off women while he was away. When Penelope told him she was a woman, he said she was Penelope.[9]

Pall-Mall Game[]

At Aubrey Hall, the Bridgerton siblings prepared for their annual Pall-Mall game. Daphne placed one of the wickets specifically as revenge for Colin's placement the previous year. They then bickered over who would choose their mallet first. Once their mallets were chosen, they started an aggressive game. Colin used one of his turns to launch Kate's ball into the woods where Anthony's ball had just gone, then told them they better go fetch their balls or be prepared to accept defeat.

Later, Colin offered to help Benedict open his mind, using a powder he'd acquired during his travels. Colin was horrified when Benedict poured all the powder in his drink and drank it all in one go. Hours later, Benedict was still feeling the effects of the powder. When Eloise brought a letter saying he'd been admitted to the Royal Academy of Art, Colin noted that he wouldn't shut up about his art after that. He and Eloise watched as Benedict celebrated his admittance.[10]

Visiting Marina[]

As his family prepared for their annual Hearts and Flowers Ball, Colin decided to go visit Marina, having learned that she lived nearby. When he arrived at Marina's house, he learned that she'd had twins. He told her of his travels until Philip returned. He was also intrigued by Colin's travels, especially as they related to botany, and invited Colin to join them for dinner. At dinner, they continued their conversation about the plants he saw on his travels until Marina suggested he had traveled for more than just the plants and might wish to return to his family. Philip left to check on the babies to give them a moment alone. Colin apologized for how he'd acted the previous year and said he forgave her for what she did. She said he didn't need either as it was in the past and she wanted to move forward with the life she had. When he pointed out that she didn't seem happy with Philip, she said that she was content and he was a good father and she couldn't indulge in a fantasy. She also encouraged him to look at his life and see the people he already makes happy, like Penelope, and seek them out instead of her.

When he returned to Aubrey Hall, Penelope said she'd missed him at the ball and he said he just wasn't up for it after meeting with Marina. He believed seeing her was just what he needed to leave the past behind. He still felt guilty for how hard they'd all been on her, even though she'd told him he was content. He wondered if things would have turned out differently without Lady Whistledown's interference.[11]

As they watched Prudence and Jack ride in a boat together at the lake, Colin told Penelope that Prudence seemed happy. They talked about Jack's mines and Colin suggested it might be time to introduce himself.[12]

Anthony and Edwina's Wedding[]

The night before Anthony and Edwina's wedding, Colin went to Will's club with his older brothers to drink and play pool.

The next morning, Colin was dealing with the effects of all the alcohol he'd consumed. When Violet asked Benedict to do something about that, Benedict gave Colin more alcohol.

As they waited for the wedding to start, Colin talked to Penelope and Eloise about how opulent the wedding was. He expressed his surprise that Eloise and Penelope were friends because he believed they were very different. As an example, he said that Penelope has sense.

Later, after the wedding was abruptly halted, Penelope told Colin he'd find his purpose someday. She was also still looking for hers. During this conversation, Colin realized that Marina was right about Penelope caring for him.[13]

Harmony Ball and Working with Jack[]

In the aftermath of Anthony and Edwina's aborted wedding, Violet and Anthony decided that the family needed to present a united front, starting with promenading together. On this promenade, they were shunned by the rest of the ton, as were the Sharmas. In an attempt to restore both families' reputations, Violet planned a ball to show there was no ill will between the two families.

While this was going on, Colin met with Jack to talk about investing in his mines. As he went to leave, he talked to Penelope about how he wanted to make a name for himself and thought that investment could be the first step on the way to that. He asked her to keep it a secret until it was final as he didn't want Anthony to know.

At the ball, they were shocked when no one outside the two families showed up. Violet was prepared to cancel he whole evening, but Anthony decided to invite the younger children down to join them all for a dance instead. After a lively dance, Violet questioned no one believing their story. Lady Danbury noticed the maids reading a pamphlet and suggested asking them. They learned it was the latest Whistledown and she'd written about Eloise socializing unsupervised with political radicals.[14]

Revealing Jack's Fraud[]

Colin continued meeting with Jack in preparation to make a deal. When Anthony found out about the money he'd withdrawn, he became irritated with Colin. Colin then met with Jack at Will's club. While they were talking about the mines, Will approached and warned Colin not to entertain any dealings with Jack. Jack took offense to Will calling him a swindler, but Will said his cousin was the same way and Will got caught up in that. Colin said that the Featheringtons were a fine family and their reputation was unfairly sullied. He warned Will not to make accusations like that when he couldn't afford to lose customers. He suggested finding a new place for them to do business.

At the Featheringtons' ball, Colin danced with Cressida, who was wearing the necklace Jack had given her. Colin said the clasp was broken and took the necklace, offering to mend it for her. Once the dance was over, Colin pulled Penelope into another room with him. He told her that there were no gemstone mines in Georgia and Jack was just running a con. Jack and Portia came in and Colin said the necklace was a fraud just like Jack. He was angry at Jack for taking advantage of women without a husband or brother to protect them. It was because of them that Colin agreed to keep things quiet on the condition that Jack returned all the money and left town immediately. Colin then left. When Penelope found him, he asked her dance. While they danced, Colin said he'd rehearsed the speech for hours and he was prepared with more if Jack didn't comply. Penelope thanked him for looking out for them. He said he always would, especially her because she was special to him. She said he was to her as well. However, Colin later told a group of men that he would never court Penelope.

Colin later returned and told Will he was right about Jack. He apologized and brought a crowd of new customers to the club.[15]


The dashing Colin Bridgerton is used to disarming his fellow society members with good-natured jokes, though a serious sense of adventure lurks behind those swoon-worthy eyes. Colin takes a liking to the newest young lady in town -- but it's this infatuation that winds up giving him more than he may have bargained for.



Penelope Featherington[]

Penelope harbored an unrequited love for Colin for years. He either did not notice her affections or pretended to to spare her feelings. Despite him not returning her feelings, she loved him so much that she was willing to betray and sabotage Marina, her own cousin, to save him from Marina trapping him into marriage with a child that was not his.[16]

After Colin returned from his travels, he invested in gem mines with Jack Featherington, until he found out the mines were empty. He exposed the truth to Penelope and confronted Jack in private for taking advantage of the Featherington ladies when they hadn't a father or husband to look out for them, declaring that he only addressed the matter in private for their sake. As he danced with Penelope, he promised that he would always look out for her and that she was special to him. However, later that evening, Colin dismissed the idea of ever courting her to some other gentlemen. Unbeknownst to him, Penelope overheard the whole thing and ran off in tears.[17]

Marina Thompson[]

Colin found a romantic interest in Marina Thompson and courted her at the Featherington estate. He later asked her to marry him, and she agreed, much to Penelope's dismay and his own family's disapproval. Unbeknownst to Colin, Marina was pregnant with another man's child and was using him to escape ruin as an unwed mother. Their wedding plans were ruined when Marina's secret was exposed in Lady Whistledown. Colin scolded her for lying to him, stating that he would have understood had she been honest with him, and declared he never wished to see her again.[18]

Shortly after the start of the 1814 social season, Colin returned from his travels. By then, Marina had married Sir Phillip Crane, the brother of her children's father. Colin visited her at her new home, where he was introduced to her infant son, Oliver, and informed that Oliver had a twin sister, Amanda. Colin apologized to Marina for how things happened between them last year, but Marina told him that she had moved on and she was not the person she was last year. She then told him he must move on as well and seek out those he already made happy.[19]


He grew up in a large family as the third eldest of eight siblings.


He was quite friendly towards Penelope Featherington.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • He is 21 years old in 1814.[20]


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Memorable Quotes[]

Colin: In fact, we were just heading off to... take our sticks out.
Violet Bridgerton: Colin Bridgerton!
Colin: A round of fencing.[21]