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Eloise Bridgerton is the fifth eldest Bridgerton sibling and second daughter.


Daphne's Debut[]

At the start of the 1813 social season, Eloise accompanied her family as her eldest sister, Daphne, made her social debut. Eloise herself had been allowed another year before her debut. Eloise took no pleasure in attending balls and other social events, preferring instead to focus on her studies.[1]

When Penelope told Eloise that she knew an unmarried woman who was pregnant, though she pretended it was a maid, Eloise became concerned it could happen to her, as she was unaware of exactly how women became pregnant. She went to her family and asked her mother, though her mother refused to tell her, so she went to her brothers. Colin started to tell her, using farm animals as an example, but Benedict stopped him with a smack to his head. She then went to Penelope to find more information about the maid and was horrified to learn that the maid wanted to run way and marry her lover.

One evening, Eloise went outside and sat on a swing, smoking a cigarette. Benedict found her, but instead of scolding her, just sat with her and they both talked about wanting things other than what society expected of them. Eloise then went to Daphne. She was shocked that Daphne actually wanted to get married and have babies. Hearing their mother give birth to Hyacinth had horrified her. Daphne admitted that she was frightened, but saw the light at the end of the tunnel, which for their mother had been Hyacinth. Eloise believed she was lying.[2]

Eloise again found herself outside on a swing smoking with Benedict. She talked to him about his artwork and told him that, since he was a man, he should go for something if he wanted it, as he had the freedom to do that and she, as a woman didn't. They also talked about Lady Whistledown and Eloise's admiration of her, writing even though she was a woman and had to publish under a pseudonym. Benedict asked her if she was Lady Whistledown. She said she wasn't, but admitted she wouldn't tell him if she were.[3]

At an event, Eloise talked to Penelope about Daphne's relationships. She wasn't looking forward to Daphne being engaged because she knew it would put pressure on her to be next. She was envious of Lady Whistledown, who was living the dream in her mind. She wanted Penelope to help find Lady Whistledown's true identity, but Penelope said she didn't have the time, but cheered Eloise's efforts.

While working on figuring out Lady Whistledown's identity, Eloise was questioned by Hyacinth, who wanted to know what she was doing. She didn't tell Hyacinth what she was doing, instead pretending she was writing to Francesca about what a busybody Hyacinth was.

Believing Lady Whistledown might be a servant, Eloise went through Mrs. Wilson's things. Mrs. Wilson caught her and questioned her. When Eloise admitted why she was there, Mrs. Wilson laughed at the idea that a servant would have the time to be Lady Whistledown, or would continue being a servant if they had the money Lady Whistledown had.

She then went to Penelope with her updated theory, that Lady Whistledown was a widow. Unbeknownst to Eloise, Penelope had just gotten bad news and eventually snapped at Eloise, saying she didn't care, causing Eloise to start crying and leave.[4]

When Daphne became engaged, Eloise denied that she would ever follow in Daphne's footsteps. She attended Daphne's wedding to Simon and then the reception. At the reception, she ran into Penelope, with whom she shared an awkward moment. Eloise went to Lady Danbury, believing her to be Lady Whistledown. Lady Danbury denied it, but said she would be interested to know who she was if Eloise figured it out. The queen overheard this conversation and asked Eloise what evidence she had about Lady Whistledown's identity. Eloise started to explain it to her.

Eloise went with the rest of her family to see Daphne off at the end of the reception. Daphne spoke to Eloise, giving her her empty bedroom and said that while they didn't have a lot in common, she knew that Eloise would make her own way in the world.[5]

With Daphne married, Violet told Eloise it was time for her to start preparing for her own debut, though Eloise was not interested. She said she wasn't good at any of the things she needed to do, but Violet said she might be better if she spent as much time on them as she did on writing in her journal. However, she did go with her mother to the modiste to get her hems lowered.

When Penelope ended up heartbroken due to Marina becoming engaged to Colin, she came to Eloise, who comforted her.[6]

When the news that Marina was pregnant and had been since before her arrival broke, her engagement to Colin was abruptly called off. Eloise went with her mother to the modiste, where she suggested she take a few more years before her debut to prevent it from being tarnished by the scandal. Her mother assured her that wouldn't be necessary as everything would be fine and they needed only to keep smiling. She was dismayed that while they would escape unscathed, Prudence, Philipa, and Penelope's reputations were ruined. When Genevieve made a comment about not wanting to get on Lady Whistledown's bad side, Eloise realized that if she could destroy a reputation, she could also restore one.

At the queen's luncheon, Eloise was summoned to speak to the queen privately. She reported that she she didn't know Lady Whistledown's identity, which made the queen impatient. Eloise then went to talk to Penelope, who told her that her mother believed they were ruined and they hadn't had a caller in three days. Eloise believed Lady Whistledown had gone too far with this and promised that when she found Lady Whistledown's identity, she would force her to print a retraction.

After more investigation, Eloise went back to Penelope and said she believed Lady Whistledown to be a tradesperson, information she wanted to pass on to the queen quickly, which Penelope said she could do at an upcoming concert. Eloise surprised her mother by wanting to attend the concert, and her mother expressed regret for putting so much pressure on Eloise to do things she wasn't ready for.

At the concert, Eloise told the queen her new theory, but the queen had grown too impatient and said she'd hired Bow Street Runners to do a proper investigation, find her, and silence her, which horrified Eloise.

Distressed, Eloise went to Benedict, who recognized her desire to leave the event and left with her. On their way home, Benedict insisted on stopped to pick up a friend, which ended up meaning Genevieve. During their carriage ride, Eloise had a revelation that Genevieve was positioned to know all the things Lady Whistledown knew, making her believe that Genevieve was behind Lady Whistledown's papers.[7]

Eloise interrogated Benedict about Genevieve, though he believed that was due to her disapproving of Genevieve for him. After Genevieve's shop had closed for the night, Eloise went there under the guise of needing a dress for Daphne's ball and began to ask Genevieve leading questions, hoping to get her to admit to being Lady Whistledown.

When Penelope came to see Eloise at her home, Eloise told her about Genevieve.

At the ball Daphne and Simon threw, Eloise chafed under men's attention and was uncomfortable in her corset and dress. Daphne thanked her for coming, but said she wouldn't be upset if Eloise spent the rest of the night in the library. Eloise in turn thanked Daphne for being perfect so she didn't have to be. However, when Eloise learned that the queen was at the ball, she instead approached her, wanting to learn more about the queen's progress on identifying Lady Whistledown. As she approached, she was stopped by Brimsley, who said she couldn't approach the queen. He then revealed to her that the Bow Street Runners had figured out where Lady Whistledown had her letters printed and were planning to unmask her that very night. Eloise immediately went to Benedict, asking him to make sure Genevieve stayed home that night. Then she bribed the footman to take her somewhere. She went to Lady Whistledown's printer and when she saw Lady Whistledown's carriage approaching, she warned her off just in time to keep the Bow Street Runners from catching her.

Eloise later went to console Penelope, whose father had died. Penelope asked her what happened with Whistledown and Eloise told her that she'd saved Genevieve and now she could put right what she'd broken. However, when Eloise later tried to send regards to Genevieve through Benedict, he told her Genevieve had left the previous night to go to France, meaning she couldn't be Lady Whistledown after all.[8]


Whip-smart, brazen and rebellious, Eloise Bridgerton is definitely not here for turning into just another young simpering and mincing debutante. She believes she's destined for something much greater, though she's quite rapidly approaching marriageable age.




Daphne Bridgerton[]

Eloise and her elder sister are very different in many ways, something that Daphne has brought up herself. However, it is also evident that that the two care for each other deeply and want the best for the other. Eloise was concerned when she realized that Daphne wanted to be wed and have children. Likewise, Daphne has appeared concerned when Eloise mentioned wanting the opposite.

Benedict Bridgerton[]

It is clear that Eloise and her elder brother Benedict are extremely close and like-minded. Both of them wish for something more than what they can have and they find themselves bonding over this several times. Benedict also seems to be able to read Eloise better than the rest of his family, noticing that she is uncomfortable on more than one occasion and also making her laugh. She also refers to him as her 'most favourite brother' when he gets her out of listening to an opera.


Penelope Featherington[]

She and Penelope are long time friends and look out for each other. Eloise is usually the person Penelope turns to when in need of comfort.



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