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Francesca Bridgerton is the sixth Bridgerton child and third daughter.


1813 Social Season[]

In 1813, on the day of Daphne's societal debut, Francesca accompanied the rest of her family so that Daphne could be presented to the queen.[1]

Shortly after this debut, Francesca left London to practice pianoforte with their Aunt Winnie.[2]

After being away for nearly the entire season, Francesca returned to London. She eagerly showed Daphne what she had learned, playing piano while Colin sang and the others danced.[3]

1814 Social Season[]

At the start of the 1814 social season, Francesca waited, along with the rest of her siblings and mother, for Eloise to get ready for her presentation. When she finally emerged, she warned them all not to say anything. On their way for Eloise's presentation to the queen, Francesca fanned her to cool her off until Eloise took the fan and frantically fanned herself. After Eloise's debut, Francesca played the piano while Eloise practiced dancing with Gregory.[4]

When Daphne returned to the family home for their annual Pall-Mall game, she brought Augie. Francesca, Violet, and Hyacinth fawned over him and Francesca tried to get Eloise to join them, but Eloise wasn't interested.[5]


More reserved and mysterious than the rest of the Bridgerton siblings, Francesca is careful with her words and has a sly, subversive sense of humor.




Notes and Trivia[]

  • In the books, she was born in May 1797.
  • Francesca had the least amount of appearances of any Bridgerton in the show as she was only seen in two episodes of Season 1 and only seen in the first three episodes of Season 2. The reason we don't see her character as much is because her actor, Ruby Stokes, had scheduling conflicts.


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