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This page is about the book character. For the Netflix character, see Francesca Stirling

Francesca Stirling (née Bridgerton) is the sixth Bridgerton child.


Early life[]

Francesca was born exactly a year after her older sister, Eloise, and the two would hang out together growing up. While Eloise was outspoken, Francesca was quieter and would often follow Eloise's lead.

Later life[]

In 1818, she married her first husband, John Sterling. Two years later, she became widowed and lost her unborn child.[1] She spends her time between London and Scotland. Her residence in London is Kilmartin House.[2]


Compared to her outgoing sisters, Francesca finds herself more reserved and attentive about her words.[1] Although she affectionately adores her siblings, she shares that she "[feels] like a changeling," around them. Most importantly, she possesses a trait of irony that often makes her witty.



John Stirling[]

They married two months after first meeting each other.[3] She claims she loved him and felt he was her soulmate ever since she met him. She became a widow in 1820, aged 22. His death left her in deep grief, as she expresses her mental exhaustion with her mother-in-law, Helen Sterling. Following her husband's death, she revealed she was pregnant but later miscarried due to this grief.[1]

Michael Stirling[]

Michael fell in love with Francesca the moment he first saw her, which was thirty-six hours before her wedding to John. Following John's sudden death Michael became the next Earl of Kilmartin, but he took off to India, leaving a grieving Francesca to maintain her duties as the Dowager Countess. Four years later, Francesca returns to London for the 1824 social season to find a suitable husband, as does Michael from his travels. A series of misunderstandings culminate in a kiss, after which Francesca returns to Scotland. Michael follows her home, and they consummate their relationship. They decided to elope quietly not long after hearing about her sister Eloise's marriage to Phillip Crane, because Francesca felt that she didn't want another big wedding after she already had that with John.


Eloise Crane[]

She has a very close relationship with her by exactly a year older sister Eloise. The two exchange a lot of letters.[2]

Colin Bridgerton[]

Her brother comes to visit her in Scotland every few years. He wrote about Scotland in his journal.[2]

Janet Stirling[]

She has a loving relationship with her mother-in-law, Janet. Following her marriage to Michael, she worried what would Janet think. Janet, however, while she was surprised about the match, she gave her support and blessing of the union.[1] She named her daughter after her.


Michael Stirling[]

With her marriage to John, she gained a close friend in his cousin (who was more like his brother) Michael. During her first marriage, she tried finding him a wife, not knowing he was in love with her.[1]


Notes and Trivia[]

  • She has thick, chestnut hair[4] and dark blue eyes.[5]
  • According to Michael, his paternal grandmother would've approved of her.[1]
  • Francesca's niece, Francesca, was named after her.
  • She struggled with infertility for years before having her children with Michael.
    • During her first marriage; to John, she first managed to conceive after two years of marriage. However, she miscarried soon after his death.
  • Francesca and her sister Eloise share a birthday.[6]