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Genevieve Delacroix is the most sought after Modiste by the Ton.


Spreading Gossip[]

While getting a dress fitted, Lady Bridgerton used Genevieve to help spread the news that Nigel had an illegitimate child he refused to support.[1]

Housing Siena[]

When Siena found herself in need of a place to stay after Anthony ended their relationship, Genevieve let her stay at her shop. Siena insisted it would only be until she could find another gentleman to put her up somewhere.

Genevieve later fitted Marina for a dress and noted that her measurements differed significantly from her previous ones. Lady Featherington covered for Marina's pregnancy by saying she liked cake.[2]

When Anthony ended up not killing Simon or being killed in a duel, he went to see Siena, but Genevieve told him she was already gone and told him to leave as he'd done enough.[3]

Daphne's Wedding Garments and Meeting Benedict[]

When Daphne and Simon became engaged, Daphne came to Genevieve to make her a wedding gown and new nightdresses.

Genevieve later attended a party at Henry Granville's. She was surprised to see Benedict Bridgerton at the party, but they flirted and began kissing. She pulled him away from the crowd and they found Henry in a room having sex with another man. After that shock, Benedict and Genevieve ended up having a tryst with another woman, whom Benedict didn't know was Henry's wife, Lucy Granville.[4]

When Marina became engaged to Colin Bridgerton, she came to Genevieve to make her trousseau. Genevieve declined, reminding Lady Featherington that they had a large, outstanding bill to pay. Marina then blackmailed Genevieve into making the Trousseau by indicating that she knew that Genevieve was only pretending to be French.[5]

One evening, after leaving an event early with his sister, Eloise, Benedict stopped their carriage on their way home to pick up Genevieve so they could spend the night together after dropping Eloise off at home.[6]

When Eloise began to suspect that Genevieve was Lady Whistledown, she came to the modiste one night to threaten Genevieve subtly to repair the damage she done to the Featheringtons. Genevieve did not admit to anything, but said Lady Whistledown was smart enough to take care of herself. After she left, Benedict, who was in the back room, told her to lock the door.

With the Featheringtons' reputation on the mend after a large win by Lord Featherington, they engaged Genevieve's services to make them more dresses. While she was fitting one of the dresses, Marina suddenly grabbed her abdomen and said she needed a doctor.

After a night with Benedict, Genevieve left to visit France, making Eloise realize she wasn't Lady Whistledown after all.[7]

Start of the 1814 Social Season[]

Genevieve was at the Bridgerton's house choosing fabrics for Eloise's dress. Violet Bridgerton said that Lady Goring was impressed with the dress that Eloise wore to Lady Danbury's ball the previous night, as it complemented her complexion. Just as Genevieve was about to leave the room, Benedict showed up, surprised to see Genevieve, as she had not told him about her return. He asked to see her that night at a party, but Genevieve appeared disinterested and said she had much work to do.[8]

Helping Penelope[]

Genevieve was shopping far from Mayfair when she spotted Penelope also shopping there. When Penelope realized Genevieve had seen her, she fled.[9]

Soon after, the Featheringtons came in to get dresses. When Genevieve refused to lower the bust of Prudence's dress beyond what was proper, Portia dragged her out to see another modiste. Penelope stayed behind and talked what Genevieve had seen. Genevieve made it clear that she would keep Penelope's secret as she believed a lady's business was her own. She also expressed her worry that her business was dwindling due to some competition.

Soon after that, Lady Whistledown praised Genevieve's work. When the issue came out, Penelope visited Genevieve again and proposed that they could make an arrangement that would benefit both of them.[10] They made a deal in which Penelope would take her writings to Genevieve, who would sew them into her dress seams and ship them to the print shop.[11]

Edwina's Wedding Dress[]

Genevieve made a dress for Edwina's upcoming wedding to Anthony Bridgerton. She also made Prudence's trousseau. While she worked on that, Penelope asked if her maid delivered the dress to be altered, and Genevieve said yes, but quietly said it had been a busy week. She quietly asked Penelope if Lady Whistledown could mention she'd been entrusted with the wedding ensemble, but Penelope reminded her of what she'd already done for Genevieve's business.[12]

Later, Genevieve brought a dress box to Penelope, taking the risk to meet Penelope in her own home. Penelope asked what Genevieve knew about Theo, but Genevieve said she didn't know anything. She worried about risking her business if she got further involved. When Portia interrupted their conversation, Genevieve pretended she'd just gotten confused and meant to deliver the box to the Bridgertons instead.[13]

The Queen's Search[]

Penelope came to see Genevieve late one night and told her that the queen had accused Eloise of being Lady Whistledown and refused to believe she wasn't. She asked if Genevieve had any ideas for how to divert the queen's suspicions. Genevieve suggested confessing, but Penelope wasn't sure the queen would believe her. Genevieve then suggested she could write something Eloise would never write about herself. Penelope said she couldn't do that to her friend, but then later changed her mind and reported that Eloise had been associating with political radicals.[14]

Eloise went to see Genevieve, asking her about working with Whistledown. Genevieve denied it, but Eloise laid out the evidence that supported her claim. Genevieve said it would be foolish for her to work with Whistledown, just like Eloise poking around was foolish.[15]


A highly in-demand, famed dressmaker who fakes a French accent but is actually an English commoner who runs in circles far from Mayfair.



During the 1813 social season, she became involved in a relationship with Benedict Bridgerton. At a party, they included Lucy Granville in their relationship and had a threesome.[16]


Siena Rosso is a good friend and frequent customer of hers.


She is a modiste for the ton.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Despite appearing in every episode of season two, she was credited as a recurring guest star.
  • She hopes to submit her designs to a revered house of dressmakers in France.[17]



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