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Lady Whistledown is the pseudonym of Penelope Featherington, a popular and admired anonymous writer of a social pamphlet detailing the gossip of “the ton".



Spreading the gossip via her newsletter, Lady Whistledown doesn’t hold back with her opinions and take on the ins and outs of the other characters – much to the surprise of the other characters who equally are kept in the dark about her identity.

Lady Whistledown is the main source for all gossip and her words can influence people's opinions on the current sociality happenings.


Lady Whisteldown hears and spreads all of the gossip of the ton through her anonymous newspaper. She is a very popular news source and high people always listen closely to and read religiously.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The identity of Lady Whistledown was unveiled to both the ton and the readers of the popular book series only in the fourth installment "Romancing Mr. Bridgerton " unlike the series, where her identity was revealed at the end of season one.
  • Colin Bridgerton was the first character to find out about Penelope's secret identity in the book.