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Oceans Apart is the seventh episode of season one of Bridgerton.


Amid accusations of lies and betrayal, a rift forms between the newlyweds, while a deception of another kind could besmirch the Bridgerton family name.

Full Summary[]

Daphne is playing piano when a gunshot interrupts her. She opens the door and sees Simon's outside. As Simon shoots skeet, Daphne continues playing piano. Rose watches Daphne as Jeffries watches Simon, each of them becoming more urgent.

Daphne and Simon are silent as they eat. Daphne as a servant to check with Rose and see if her things have been moved out of Simon's room and into her own. Simon replies through a servant that he will allow no such thing. Daphne speaks to Simon, asking how he can believe he'll be allowed back in her bed after his lies and deception. Simon says marital relations are the least of his concern after her recent efforts. He wants her there because she's his wife. Daphne says it's customary for a wife to live in her own bedchamber after the honeymoon has passed. And it has for them. Simon demands to be kept informed about the success of her efforts and Daphne says she will. Rose enters and gives Daphne the latest Whistledown. Daphne reads it and says they must pack immediately. She tells Simon her brother is involved in a scandal and she must return to her family. Simon says he'll join her, insisting that it would be suspicious for him not to. Daphne insists on the largest carriage, so she can have space from him.

Lady Whistledown reports on Marina's condition as Colin lies in bed.

Lady Bridgerton and Eloise exit their home and are faced with Lady Featherington and Marina.

At the modiste, Genevieve works on Eloise's dress. Eloise says the scandal could tarnish her debut. They could delay her coming out for a few more years. Lady Bridgerton tells her all will be well and she should just keep smiling, as other women are in the shop. Eloise asks if a smile will be enough to save the Featheringtons. Penelope, Philippa, and Prudence did nothing wrong, but their reputations are destroyed now. Lady Bridgerton tells her to worry about their own family and then acknowledges the other ladies in the shop. Genevieve says she would never want to cross Lady Whistledown, as her word is now treated as gospel. Eloise then realizes if Lady Whistledown can destroy a reputation, she can restore one.

Lady Featherington tries to get Marina into a hospital. The nurse says they might find a room if she could make a sizable donation.

Daphne wakes in the carriage. They have arrived at her family's home. Daphne leaves Simon in the carriage and goes inside.

Colin wonders why he can't visit Marina. Anthony says Lady Whistledown's word being law is the only reason the town doesn't believe him the father of Marina's baby, the only thing keeping their family from shame. But if he goes to Marina, everyone will assume he's the cause of her ruin and he'll ruin his sisters' prospects. Daphne arrives, though Anthony tells her they don't require her assistance. Lady Bridgerton says that's not true and Daphne may actually be the answer to all of their problems. If the ton sees they still have the favor of the duke and duchess, people will move on. Daphne asks what events are coming up. Lady Bridgerton says the queen is holding a luncheon and Daphne is certain she can get an invitation for her and Simon. Their return will give people so much to talk about, they won't have time for anything else. Colin is upset not to have a choice in this matter and leaves.

Daphne finds Colin. She knows he really wanted to marry Marina. Daphne says he's lucky not to have married a stranger, which she is as Whistledown knew her better than he did. He says Whistledown knows everyone's secrets and Daphne counters that he's lucky to have learned hers before the wedding day instead of after. He still wants to be with her, despite the knowledge that he can't. Colin asks Daphne if something happened with her and Simon, but she doesn't answer. She does say she may be able to arrange something between him and Marina, a chaperoned visit. He appreciates that.

Will and Simon spar. Will wants to stop and save his energy. He knows Simon is using Will to work through his anger and asks him what happened. Simon denies that anything did.

Daphne tosses and turns at night. When she hears footsteps, she gets up and peeks out to see Simon. She shuts the door, but Simon has spotted her and says so. She tells him about the queen's luncheon. Then she asks where he's been. He refuses to say, making her believe he was with other women. She thinks there's nothing left of their marriage, but he asks if that's what she truly believes. They look at each other for a moment and then start kissing frantically. She tries to talk, but he stops her and carries her to the steps, where he goes down on her. She asks him to go to the bedroom and finish what they started, but he says no. She asks what will happen to them. He says if she has a child, he'll stay and support the child. If she doesn't, they'll remain married in name only. He'll provide for her, but he'll never come see her again. Their lives will be separate. They go off to their separate rooms.

Rose leads Marina into the room where Colin and Daphne are waiting. Colin begs Marina to tell him that Whistledown was wrong, but she cannot. He doesn't understand as they were getting married. He's upset that she's lied to him. She says he may think she's a villain, but she did what she needed to do. No one ever helped her. He was the only man to offer her marriage, which she so desperately need. Colin makes it clear he never wants to speak to her again and turns to leave. Before he goes, he says the cruelest part is that if she'd come to him and explained her situation, he would have married her without a second thought. That's how in love he was. But it was all a lie. He leaves, slamming the door on his way out. Marina tells Daphne she'd like to go home now. Once she's gone, Rose tells Daphne the carriage is waiting to take her to the queen's luncheon.

The queen presides over her luncheon as people socialize. The Bridgertons arrive and Lady Bridgerton is delighted to have them all together again. Two ladies bow to Daphne and Simon and ask her if it's marvelous to be wed. Simon says it's a joy and a wonder. The queen then comes through and tells them she has bet on a Hastings heir within a year and asks if Daphne is with child. Simon says they've been devoting their energy to the endeavor and hope she'll be satisfied soon. Once the queen has gone, Daphne notes how easily he lied.

Henry tells Benedict that he's missed him at the studio and invites Benedict to join him for anther drawing session. Improvement only comes from practice, which Lucy says is his excuse for coming home with paint everywhere. Benedict laughs and they spot Lord Wetherby in the distance, speaking to Cressida. Henry asks if Benedict met him at the party and offers to introduce them. Benedict refuses and excuses himself to see to his mother.

Brimsley finds Eloise and tells her the queen needs to speak to her. The queen shoos everyone else away and asks Eloise who Lady Whistledown is. Eloise says she hasn't yet figured it out, which makes the queen impatient.

Lady Danbury notes Simon and Daphne's return amidst Colin's scandal, which Daphne insists is coincidence. Lady Danbury tells Daphne her plan is working as people aren't talking about Colin and Marina. She then invites Daphne and Simon to a party she's throwing. Simon says they love a party, but Daphne's not sure when they'll be accepting invitations. Lady Danbury says it's an invitation for one, just Daphne. It's a special soiree for the married ladies of the ton.

The Featheringtons arrive, causing everyone to start to whisper about them. Lady Cowper in particular is horrified at their audacity.

Eloise goes to Penelope and pulls her away from the crowd. She asks Penelope how she's been. Penelope says her mother swears they're ruined. They haven't had a caller in three days. Penelope then asks how Colin is doing. Eloise says he's fine, the men always are in these matters. Eloise thinks Lady Whistledown has gone too far this time, but Penelope thought Eloise was her biggest admirer. Eloise says that stopped when she smeared the name of Eloise's greatest friend. Eloise says they must uncover her identity and convince her to publish a retraction. She promises that all will be well again.

Lady Featherington goes to Lady Bridgerton and starts to talk, saying they've both been duped by Marina. Lady Bridgerton says nothing and simply walks away. Brimsley then comes to tell Lady Featherington and her daughter to leave. The Featheringtons all walk out in shame. Cressida makes a hurtful comment about them to her mother, which Daphne overhears. She then calls Cressida out for judging them.

Daphne walks out to the garden, where her mother finds her. Her mother knows something is wrong and offers her advice. She knows marriage brings trials as well as joy and wants to offer her help. Daphne says it might have helped if her advice had prepared her to wed. Daphne was sent out no better than a fool, not prepared for married life or marital relationship. If she had known the truth, perhaps. She stops as she sees Lady Danbury watching from the edge of the garden. Daphne then walks away.

Lady Featherington tells Lord Featherington that they were ridiculed and it's all his fault. He wonders how that can be as he wasn't there. She tells him his habit led to them having to take Marina, which led to this scandal. Mrs. Varley interrupts them to announce Daphne's arrival. Lady Featherington rushes to greet her.

Daphne tells Lady Featherington she's there to speak to Marina alone.

Marina tells Daphne she's sorry for what she's done to Colin. Daphne says she's actually there to apologize to Marina. She misjudged Marina and she understands why Marina felt she had to do it. Marina tells Daphne that George was a soldier, but also a gentleman. She believed she was in love, then her courses stopped and she was with child and alone. Daphne asks if she knows where George is stationed. She thinks she might speak to the general or his wife and figure out where George is. Marina says it's no use as George doesn't want to be with her. Daphne asks if she'd rather be alone, with no rank or protection. George should not get to decide her future. Perhaps Daphne can make him come back and take responsibility. She shouldn't have to bear the punishment alone. Marina asks if she's sure and Daphne says she's capable of more than Marina thinks.

Lord Featherington sees a flyer for Will's next fight.

Lord Featherington has a drink with Will and proposes that Will throw the fight to make them both more money. Will tells him to leave, but Lord Featherington tells him to consider it. Will still insists that his honor isn't for sale. Lord Featherington gets up and tells him his backers are leaving because he's not seen as respectable. He has a fighting spirit, passed down from his father, a soldier. Will becomes angry and pushes Lord Featherington into a wall, telling him not to dare to speak of his family. Lord Featherington says he's doing it for his family as well. One arrangement and it'll solve both their problems. He just wants Will to consider it and then he leaves.

Rose tells Daphne everyone has wanted to see her since her return. She must attend Lady Danbury's party on Thursday. Daphne can't imagine the questions the other married ladies will have for her. Rose offers to get her out of it. They pass Simon and he and Daphne merely acknowledge each other before continuing. Daphne asks if the general's wife will be at Lady Danbury's soiree and Rose thinks it's highly likely, so Daphne says she'll go.

Daphne is led to a room where many ladies happily socialize. Lady Danbury welcomes her to her den of iniquity. She knows Daphne knows Lady Trowbridge, but then introduces her to Lucy Granville and Kitty Langham, the general's wife. Daphne sits down to join their card game. Lady Danbury explains how the card game works. They all place bets. Kitty then offers Daphne a drink, which she says takes the sting out of losing.

Anthony finds Simon at the club. He thinks Simon's been avoiding him and sits down to share a drink. They're distracted by the arrival of some ladies. Anthony tracks one with his eyes until she turns.

The gambling continues. Lady Trowbridge laments how much money she's lost, but Kitty assures her her two year old won't care. Lady Trowbridge and Lucy then get up from the table, leaving Daphne with Kitty. Daphne's on a bit of a winning streak, which she chalks up to beginner's luck. Daphne then takes the chance to ask Kitty about finding George. Kitty says she'll have to ask her husband, who is rarely home. She finds the situation ideal. But she can tell Daphne where to write, where she might get a response.

Anthony takes a sip of his drink. Simon begs him to get to his point, though Anthony feigns ignorance. Anthony knows Simon has made a mistake with Daphne. He knows Daphne well and knows she's not capable of making such a grievous mistake herself. Simon says he's just trying to keep his promises, unlike Anthony. This devolves into a fight between them, which quickly turns physical. They had to be pulled off each other.

Daphne sees Simon tending to his wounds. She offers to call for Jeffries, but he refuses. So she tends to him herself, saying her brothers gave her the experience. She cleans for a bit, then sits in his lap and starts kissing him. She asks him why he won't unfold himself to her. A child would be a blessing. He pushes her away. She asks him why he's so adamant and he says he swore a long time ago he'd never have children. He says his father continued more about the continuation of the line than anything in the world. More than him or his mother. So he vowed that his father's efforts would be in vain and the line would die with him. Daphne is angered that it's because of a vow. He made a vow to her as well. He didn't tell her that it was a token of revenge against a man who is dead. He won't have children or the happiness they could have together because he promised his father he wouldn't. Simon says it can't be undone. Daphne says that's true if he hates his father more than he loves her and their life together. She says her courses are due in the next few days and then they shall know if they'll be miserable together or happy apart.

Lady Whistledown speaks of gambling.

Lady Danbury sits down to her meal.

Daphne writes a letter and seal it. Then she gives it to Rose to deliver.

Will looks at Lord Featherington's card and ponders his request.

Marina holds her belly and paces her room.

The queen reads Lady Whistledown's report, which states that no events worth mentioning have happened. The queen feels slighted by her not mentioning the luncheon. Brimsley reminds the queen that Lady Whistledown didn't say anything odious, though the queen says this is worse.

Lady Whistledown reports on Daphne and Simon not receiving callers as a couple, which she takes as them being secluded in nuptial bliss. She thinks there may be an heir coming. On the contrary, Daphne and Simon are still angry with each other and avoiding each other. Daphne gets out of bed to clean sheets.

Eloise shows Penelope what she's learned about Lady Whistledown. The column mostly reported on public events. Until Marina, which was personal. Lady Featherington didn't hide Marina's condition on her own and Penelope confirms that every servant in the house knew. Eloise knows a servant is unlikely, but thinks it might be a tradesperson, someone who was at the house regularly and might have seen or heard something. Penelope says that's possible. Eloise wants to tell the queen her theory, which Penelope says she can do at an upcoming event, one Penelope herself won't be attending. Eloise reminds her that once they umask Lady Whistledown, her reputation will be restored. Penelope says she has to go back home and thanks Eloise for her work.

Daphne tells Marina she wrote to the general and told him about George. Marina asks if Simon signed his name to the letter as well. Marina says the general won't write back, but Daphne's not certain. Marina says there's nothing more Daphne can do. It's over. She thanks Daphne for her efforts and then leaves.

Anthony asks Colin if he's missing the concert. Colin wasn't in the mood to go. Anthony pours Colin a drink and apologizes for being so harsh with Colin. Soon, the pain will pass and he'll forget Marina. It'll be as if he never loved her at all. Colin asks how that's worked for Anthony and Anthony admits it's a work in progress.

Lady Bridgerton is surprised that Eloise wanted to join them for the concert. Lady Bridgerton says taking her place in society should be a joyous time. If Eloise isn't ready, Lady Bridgerton won't ask her to play pretend. She may have been rushing Eloise. Eloise knows the queen will be at the concert, which is why she's looking forward to it.

Daphne rubs her hands over her belly and looks in the mirror. Simon comes and asks if she's ready, which she is.

Simon and Daphne arrive at the concert and part ways.

Benedict watches Lord Wetherby socialize with Cressida as her mother watches. Then he spots Henry with Lucy. He approaches Henry and pulls him away to talk. Once they're alone, Benedict asks about his situation. Henry explains that he's in love with Lord Wetherby. His marriage affords his wife her freedoms and protections. It's a happier marriage than most people in the room have. Benedict asks if the young ladies Lord Wetherby is courting share this understanding. What about honor or romance? Henry says he and Lord Wetherby are in constant danger. He risks his life every day for love. Benedict doesn't know what it's like to be in a room with someone he can't live without and still feel as if they're oceans apart. They can't smile at each other without making sure no one is watching. It takes courage to live outside society's expectations. Benedict speaks of doing that, but perhaps it's all talk with him.

Eloise updates the queen on her conclusion that Lady Whistledown is a tradesperson. The queen is upset that she doesn't know more than that. The queen no longer requires Eloise's services as she's hired Bow Street Runners to do a proper investigation. She's confident they'll unmask Lady Whistledown and she'll be silenced and punished. Eloise is horrified that the queen wants to silence her. She sends Eloise away.

Eloise asks Benedict how long the concert is. He says 3-4 hours, but he's already heard enough. Eloise says he's her favorite brother as he leads her out.

Marina gathers ingredients in the kitchen.

Benedict stops the carriage, saying he wants to pick up a friend, which surprises Eloise. He says he's not bound by the rules of society, but also asks Eloise not to tell their mother. At the modiste, Genevieve enters their carriage. She's surprised to see Eloise there, but Benedict says they're dropping her off at home. The three of them are awkwardly silent until Genevieve asks Eloise how the night was. Eloise says it was exactly as she expected, which is horrible. Eloise didn't have a meaningful conversation with anyone even though the entire ton was there. Genevieve corrects that everyone but the Featheringtons was there. Eloise then has a realization. She remembers her conversations with Penelope and Genevieve.

The queen's concert starts. Anthony looks down and sees Siena holding the hand of another man. She looks up for a moment and makes eye contact with him.

Marina mixes ingredients and brews a tea. Then she begins to drink it.

Simon reaches her to hold Daphne's hand, which makes her smile. Daphne then looks down, gasps, and leaves her seat.

Penelope knocks on Marina's door and asks if they can talk. When she gets no answer, she goes in the room and finds Marina on the floor. She calls for her mother as she runs to Marina's side. Lady Featherington comes in quickly and looks on in horror.

Daphne pulls her dress up and then wipes herself. She comes back with blood on the cloth. She cries as she continues to wipe herself. Her mother comes in and holds her as she cries.

Simon's eyes start to tear up.


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