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Off to the Races is the second episode of season two and the tenth episode overall of Bridgerton.


Facing heated competition and a prickly foe, Anthony steps up his courtship game. Eloise makes a Lady Whistledown discovery as a family member returns.

Full Summary[]

Kate writes out a list of potential candidates for Edwina to marry.

Anthony and Benedict get shaved.

Kate shares her list with Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury. When Lady Danbury and Mary question the list, Edwina says she believes in it if Kate does.

Anthony and Benedict talk about Edwina, whom Anthony says will suffice.

Lady Danbury notices Anthony's not on the list. Kate explains that he's not on the list because he only wants to marry to fulfill his duty.

Anthony says he's only choosing a wife with his head and not his heart because he loves his family.

Lady Danbury reminds Kate that most marriages in the ton are business matters. This system has worked for centuries. Love matches are rare.

Kate reminds Edwina that she knows what she's looking for and shouldn't forget it. She'll find a better match and forget all about Anthony.

Anthony tells Benedict he is not deterred by Kate.

Kate leaves the room where Edwina is entertaining Lord Lumley. Outside, a line of potential suitors waits. A suitor asks if he'll have to wait all day, while another suitor notes that Lumley's been in there for a long time already. Kate says Edwina is enraptured by Lumley and they wouldn't want her to interrupt their time with her. From the back of the line, Anthony agrees with Kate, saying they should all wait. He steps forward and Kate says he's arrived too late and is now at the end of a very long line. Anthony pulls Kate aside and says he wants to take Edwina to the races. Kate says she already has an escort for the races as well as one for the next day. She might be free after December, Kate says, unless she's married by then. Kate is surprised he was bold enough to show up at all with his reputation and what she overheard. The surly suitor calls to him to get to the back of the line. Anthony teases Kate and she shuts the door in his face.

Penelope sees Eloise reading the latest Whistledown and says she thought Eloise was done with her. Violet says if Eloise is interested in what Whistledown is saying, perhaps she'll be interested in what she's saying about the season's available gentlemen. Eloise bluntly says no. Eloise is hoping Lady Whistledown will start talking about things she has more interest in, like women's issues. Penelope suggests that, if she's even got Eloise's interest back, what she is doing is working. Eloise knows she could convince her to do more if she could track her down. Violet wants her to find happiness. Penelope says she could, with someone like … Colin. Eloise is horrified, but Penelope shows her that Colin has just come into the room. They're all excited to see him. All his siblings rush to embrace him. Hyacinth happily tells him she's now two inches taller than Gregory, which Gregory says isn't true. Anthony comes in just then and tells everyone they're going to the races.

Portia and Mrs. Varley stare at a shelf decorated with antlers holding several guns. Mrs. Varley told Jack not to, but he insisted. Penelope is confused by it, but Portia says he's there to rescue them, so they may have to deal with some small issues. Jack comes by and admires the shelf. Portia suggests moving it to his bedchamber. Jack ignores that and sends them all to get ready to go to the races.

Philippa brags about her upcoming wedding to Albion Finch, which will be small so as not to distract from the bride. Prudence and Penelope walk by. Prudence is annoyed by Philippa's wedding talk, but Penelope is more worried about finding the Bridgertons.

Edwina walks with Lord Lumley, with Kate and Lady Danbury nearby. They talk about their shared love of literature. Lord Lumley has a particular love of poetry. Thomas Dorset approaches and asks Lady Danbury to make an introduction. She introduces him to Edwina and Kate. Kate says Edwina already has an escort for the day, but he's more interested in Kate. They start talking as they walk behind Lumley and Edwina. Thomas has been to Bombay before. Kate sees Anthony nearby. He nods at her, and she tells Thomas they should go find their seats.

Will and Alice Mondrich approach Colin, Anthony, and Benedict. Will had planned to retire, but tells the brothers that he's opening a gentlemen's club. He invites them to the grand opening. Anthony sees Edwina walking past and excuses himself, but Benedict asks Will to tell him more.

Violet tells Eloise that Anthony was hesitant at first as well, but then Edwina sparked his interest. She has to look for someone who will excite her. Eloise grabs a pamphlet and looks at it. She buys it and walks away, reading it.

Kate and Thomas chat. Edwina encourages the relationship. When Anthony approaches, Lumley leaps to his feet. Thomas introduces himself to Anthony. Anthony plays up the closeness of his family in making an excuse for not calling on Edwina. He gestures to where his family is sitting. Edwina likes that his family is close. Lumley says his mother has been wanting to have another tea at the Bridgertons' for a while. Anthony says they'll make it happen. Anthony suggests that a gentleman would get refreshments for the ladies in order to get rid of Lumley, who takes the bait by jumping up to get Edwina a drink. Anthony immediately takes his place between Edwina and Kate.

Penelope arrives at the races and sees Colin. She wants to hear more about his travels, even though she already heard a lot in his letters. He enjoyed his travels. When Penelope asks about him being lonely, he says he was never by himself. Before Penelope can ask who he was with, Eloise interrupts and pulls Penelope away.

Eloise has figured out Lady Whistledown's new printer. She shows Penelope the pamphlet she picked up, which feels exactly the same as Whistledown's pamphlets. Portia waves Penelope over. After she walks away, Eloise looks for the name of the printer on the pamphlet.

Edwina and Anthony chat happily. Kate notices Lumley hasn't returned. Thomas is happy to go search for him, but Kate says Anthony's the one who suggested refreshments. Anthony claims he doesn't want to leave when the race is about to start. His pick is Nectar. Kate disagrees, saying Anthony hasn't accounted for several things. She believes High Flyer will win.

Violet and Lady Danbury talk about Edwina and Anthony sitting together. Lady Danbury wants to remain neutral about it until Edwina has made her choice, but Kate may be an obstacle. They wonder if they can change their minds.

Lumley returns with the drinks. He squeezes back in on Edwina's other side.

The race starts and everyone cheers as they watch. Kate is unrestrained, loud, and enthusiastic. In the end, High Flyer wins, as Kate predicted. She's pleased as she's never bested a viscount before. Edwina says Nectar reminds her of the horse she used to adore and asks Kate if she remembers. Anthony offers to take Edwina down to see him. As they go, Thomas asks why Kate constantly takes jabs at Anthony. Kate says it's her job to test his mettle. Thomas says Anthony has never liked to lose. Kate realizes that, despite what they led her to believe, he and Anthony know each other well. Thomas was meant to distract Kate so Anthony could get closer to Edwina. Kate goes over to Edwina and Anthony and tells Edwina they're leaving. She tells Anthony never to speak to them again. Anthony tells Edwina that he meant no harm and only wanted to spend time with Edwina.

Footman John lets Eloise out of the carriage, but tries to warn her against what she's planning. He offers to return her money because it's not a safe place for a lady like herself. She just gives him more money and tells him to keep a watchful eye. She is disappointed to find a lock on the printer's door. She knocks anyway and looks in the windows. Then she goes around to the back, where she finds Theo Sharpe. She asks him to tell her what he knows about Lady Whistledown. Theo won't admit to knowing anything. Theo questions her motives for coming. Eloise says she wants to find Whistledown so they can discuss the rights of women. Theo stares at her for a moment, then hands her one of the pamphlets, entitled "Appeal in Defense of Women's Rights." He says she should be reading that if women's rights are what she's after. It has new thoughts and unsettling ideas. If he sees Lady Whistledown, he'll tell her that Eloise said hello.

A minister pronounces Philippa and Albion husband and wife. They share a kiss. Mr. and Mrs. Finch are delighted that they're all one family now. They want to talk to Jack about it and ask where he is. Portia leaves to go find him and Mrs. Finch asks her husband if the dowry was paid. Mr. Finch says it was.

Jack is still working on the late Lord Featherington's books. Portia says to a man of his wealth, settling the estate's affairs should be simple. It will change his immediate plans, though. Portia advises him to let her in on his plans. She can help, but he wants to find someone else. Mrs. Varley says the Finches are asking for him. He leaves to go talk to them. Mrs. Varley is charmed by Jack's smile, but Portia is worried about them being thrown out into the streets.

Edwina defends Anthony's actions, saying Kate's actions gave him no other way to talk to Edwina. As they talk, the queen emerges from her castle and they bow. She invites them to walk with her and tells them about some zebras she has acquired. She hopes Edwina has been enjoying being the season's diamond. She warns Edwina that people will gossip about her and try to break things up. The queen wants Edwina to inform her when people try to do this so she can decide if they're worthy. Lady Danbury suggests they move on to the next thing. The queen sends Kate and Edwina to see the cassowaries and Lady Danbury says she knows that the queen is trying to unearth the identity of Lady Whistledown. She wonders if that's why the queen chose Edwina.

Anthony and Colin fence as Benedict watches. Anthony complains about Kate. Benedict takes over Colin's spot. Anthony says he knows his duties and how to obtain what he needs to fulfill them. That's how he'll make Edwina his viscountess. Colin suggests he turn his attentions to someone else, but Anthony doesn't want to do that. He won't let Kate stop him from getting what he wants.

Edwina and Kate tell Mary about their visit with the queen. Kate says the queen was quite taken with Edwina. Lady Danbury wants to throw a party so Edwina can get to know all of her suitors better. Kate hears a noise outside and goes to the window, then excuses herself from the room.

Kate goes to Anthony, who has brought a horse, and tells him to leave. He says he's not there to play games. He just brought Edwina a gift. He thinks Kate is blowing his previous lies and manipulation out of proportion. Edwina joins them outside and he shows her the horse. She says she loves animals, but only small ones that can fit in her lap. He reminds her of what she said about the horse she loved. Kate says that horse is from a romantic novel. Edwina thanks him for the gesture anyway. Kate calls Edwina to go back inside.

Benedict enters Will's club, which has a few others already inside. Will says the crowd will increase with time. He asks about Benedict's art and then tells him about George Cruikshank, who has connections in the art world. That's what makes Will's place different. Every gentleman is welcome there. Benedict is delighted to see it.

Anthony struggles with his paperwork.

Eloise and Colin talk about the pamphlet Eloise bought. Violet wonders if she'll find someone who shares that interest. Anthony is surprised to see them dressed up and Violet explains there's a soiree at Lady Danbury's. Anthony wasn't invited, which he knows is due to Kate. Violet doesn't blame Kate for looking out for her sister. This is a lesson for Anthony and she hopes he learns it this time. She, Eloise, and Colin leave.

A potential suitor plays the flute for the party. The next one plays cymbals. Then another does magic. The next one dances. Kate tells Eloise she's pleased that it's the men making fools of themselves for once. It wasn't Kate's idea, but she loves it. Lady Danbury suggested a poetry reading and the men concocted this. As another suitor steps up to show off, Kate confirms that Eloise is Anthony's sister. Eloise being his sister almost makes Kate think better of him. Lady Danbury calls for a break.

Edwina is looking around at the party when Penelope approaches her. They like each other's dresses. Penelope then excuses herself to talk to Colin about his plans to impress Edwina. Colin says he's only planning to watch. Penelope thinks it's odd that so many people are interested in a woman they don't really know. Penelope's not interested in mysteries. She asks Colin about the woman he met while traveling. He says he wasn't lonely on his travels because he'd begun a conversation with himself. Her letters encouraged him to do that. He wanted to understand himself fully before returning to the world and swore off women to do so. Penelope notes that she's a woman, but he says she's Penelope. She's his friend and doesn't count.

Lady and Cressida Cowper are mingling at the party, talking about Jack, when Portia approaches. She knows that the necklace Cressida is wearing was a gift from Jack. Portia doesn't think it means much because he's so generous with his gifts. Despite this, the Cowpers go over to talk to Jack.

Benedict and George talk about art. George tells Benedict about an art academy several great artists studied at which has a vacancy. It's the place to be if he's serious about painting. Anthony interrupts their conversation, saying he needs Benedict.

Outside, Anthony asks Benedict how to read a poem he's found out loud. He wants to sound good, but Benedict says that's not possible because the poem isn't good. He's not a fan of Byron. Benedict talks about poetry and loving women to Anthony and Anthony tells him to write that down.

Lord Lumley recites a poem to a rapt audience. Kate smiles when she sees that Edwina is enjoying it. When he finishes, Lady Danbury thanks all the gentlemen for sharing their talents. Anthony comes in then and asks Lady Danbury for his own turn, despite not having been invited. He says he spent all evening crafting something original. Everyone agrees they'd like to hear it. Anthony steps up and starts to recite Benedict's poem. Then he crumples the paper and throws it into the fire. He apologizes, saying he can't use someone else's words as his own. He's not poetic and says words are hollow if not accompanied by action. He could stand up there and pretend to want the same things as Edwina, but that would make him a liar. He might not be able to display passion or love, but he'll never lack in action or duty. He hopes that'll speak to her louder than words. Then he walks out. Kate tells Edwina that his words mean he can't give her the love she deserves. Edwina thinks he's a gentleman for being honest and goes to talk to him. Anthony stares intensely at Kate, which unnerves her. She starts walking and runs into a footman, startling those around her.

Lady Danbury finds Kate in her room and tells her she should return to the party. Kate is upset that Anthony is trying to manipulate her sister. Lady Danbury advises Kate to focus on satisfying her own needs to deal with her frustrations. Kate is aware she made a fool of herself, but she doesn't care. She just needs to get Edwina married, then she'll leave and never return. Lady Danbury doesn't believe she truly wishes to be alone. Kate says she'll become a governess, content in her life alone, just like Lady Danbury. Lady Danbury corrects that she's a widow who has lived her life. She has loved and lost. She has a title, money, and has earned the right to do whatever she pleases, whenever and however she wants. Kate isn't her, and won't ever be if she continues down this path.

Penelope watches Eloise read the new Lady Whistledown. Eloise has found another clue. She tells Penelope that she went to the printer. The paper is the same and the Ks are misshapen in the exact same way. Penelope says they'll keep an eye out. If it's the same in the next issues, the print shop is indeed hers.

Penelope puts on the Irish accent again to buy a new letter "K" for a Stanhope press. She convinces the vendor to take half price, saying she'd exasperate him by coming back to his shop. As she leaves, she sees Genevieve Delacroix, who recognizes her. Penelope turns and runs away.

Brimsley brings the queen the names of all the ladies who spoke to Edwina at the soiree. They are certain one of them is Lady Whistledown. The queen spreads the cards out and Penelope is among the names.


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