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Prince Friedrich is the Prince of Prussia and Nephew to Queen Charlotte.


1813 Social Season[]

Prince Friedrich came to London in search of a wife. At his first event, he immediately drew much attention. He was quickly approached by and rebuffed Cressida Cowper. His aunt, the queen, then introduced him to Daphne Bridgerton. He attended other events, drawing attention each time. At one such event, he tried talking to Daphne again, but she quickly excused herself from the conversation. He then came to the aid of Cressida, who had swooned, and he started to take an interest in her. Despite this, when Daphne appeared to a party unescorted, meaning she was no longer attached to Simon, Frierich left Cressida and continued his pursuit of Daphne.[1]

Daphne came to the palace to see Friedrich and the queen. At their meeting, Friedrich gave Daphne a necklace, which she allowed him to put on her neck. Friedrich later went to a fight. Daphne was there with her brother and he left the two of them to sit together and watch the match.

After this, Friedrich spoke to Anthony and asked his permission to propose to Daphne. Anthony told Friedrich he had no objection. At Lady Trowbridge's party, Friedrich and Daphne danced. He started to talk about what he wanted out of his life, but before he could propose, Daphne excused herself from the dance.[2]

Friedrich was shocked when he learned that Daphne had become engaged to Simon. He went to see Daphne, who apologized to him and said she and Simon just realized how much they loved each other. Shortly afterward, Friedrich decided to return to Prussia over his aunt's objections that he stay and fight for Daphne.[3]

1814 Social Season[]

During Lady Featherington's ball, the queen talked to Edwina Sharma about Prince Friedrich. She told her that Friedrich was still available.[4]



Daphne Bridgerton[]

Prince Friedrich is introduced to Daphne through his aunt, Queen Charlotte, as the "season's diamond". Friedrich calls Daphne's gown "exquisite", causing the latter to guffaw loudly at the compliment Simon had predicted earlier. The prince is immediately smitten with the eldest Miss Bridgerton.[5]

Friedrich runs into Daphne again at the art gallery exhibition and they have a short conversation before Daphne excuses herself to join Simon. Friedrich accepts Daphne's preference for Simon, against his aunt's wishes. At the next ball, Friedrich dances with Daphne for her first dance, causing Simon to leave in jealousy.[5]

Friedrich invites her to the palace and gives her a necklace. He attends Will Mondrich's boxing match with Daphne, causing Simon to become even more jealous. He tells Daphne that despite his Prussian nationality, he had hoped to raise a family in England. At Lady Danbury's next ball, they dance and Friedrich is about to propose when Daphne, sensing his intention, excuses herself to go outside.[6]

Friedrich calls upon Daphne after her engagement to Simon is announced, where he wishes her and Simon the best.[7]

Cressida Cowper[]

Cressida tried to get Friedrich’s attention, but his eyes were solely on Daphne. When Daphne was unresponsive to him, Cressida was able to catch his attention by swooning in his presence and allowing him to catch her. They started spending more time together, and it seemed that Cressida had a chance at becoming his bride, but then Daphne arrived unescorted, sending signals to Prince Friedrich, and he refocused on her, deserting any pursuit of Cressida. He never approached Cressida again. Friedrich did not even properly say goodbye to her when he left England.


Queen Charlotte[]

He is close with his aunt, Queen Charlotte. She is the one who introduced him to Daphne, hoping for a match between her nephew and one of her diamonds. She pushed him to win Daphne away from the Duke. Even after Daphne ended up engaged to Simon, Queen Charlotte tried to interfere with the marriage so that Daphne would go back to Friedrich.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The real prince Friedrich of Prussia (1794–1863, correct name translation: Prince Frederick of Prussia) was the grandson of queen Charlotte's elder brother, Charles II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz and son of Prince Louis Charles of Prussia and Duchess Frederica of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. In 1815, he also became the queen's step grandson: After Prince Louis' death, Frederica fell in love with and married Ernest Augustus, the fifth son of Queen Charlotte and King George III.



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