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Queen Charlotte is queen consort of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland as the wife of King George III. Known for her commanding and dignified nature, she is the leading and most powerful figure of the ton.


1813 Societal Debut[]

At the start of the 1813 social season, the queen received all the eligible young ladies. When she met the Featherington ladies, she was unimpressed and waved them off. However, when Daphne Bridgerton entered, she stood and proclaimed Daphne flawless, kissing her forehead, establishing her as the season's Incomparable.

Lady Whistledown, who wrote a gossip rag about everyone in town, made waves with the queen when she suggested that Marina, not Daphne, was the season's Incomparable.[1]

Despite her insistence that she was above such matters, the queen rushed to read the society papers when each issue was released. One day, upset that there had been no noteworthy betrothals yet that season, the queen invited Lady Bridgerton for tea. At the tea, the queen talked about how she was rarely wrong when she extended favor to people and expected people to make good on such declarations. She specifically hoped for more from Daphne, like a pairing with a duke.[2]

When her nephew, Prince Friedrich of Prussia, arrived, the queen immediately tried to set him up with Daphne. When Lady Whistledown's paper came out and was critical of the Crown, the queen was upset. She told Friedrich that as Daphne was the season's Incomparable, there was no better match for him than her. He believed Daphne to be spoken for, but she assured him that it wasn't a done deal. She encouraged him to charm Daphne.[3]

The queen invited Daphne and her mother to the palace to meet with her and the prince. At this meeting, Friedrich presented Daphne with a necklace, effectively indicating his intent to propose to her, which pleased the queen.[4]

The queen quickly decided that her nephew and Daphne's wedding would be the event of the year, but then she learned that Daphne had become engaged to Simon instead. She tried to encourage her nephew to fight for Daphne, but he decided he return to Königsberg, Prussia instead. The queen intervened and prevented Daphne and Simon from getting the special license they requested to marry immediately, but when they appealed directly to her, speaking of their love and how they came to get to know one another, she allowed them their license.

When she learned the king was lucid, she went to visit him. He asked after their children and became agitated when she told him that their daughter, Amelia, was dead. He accused her of doing something to his child and had to be restrained by his menservants.

After Simon and Daphne married, the queen attended their reception. At the reception, she overheard Eloise talking to Lady Danbury about Lady Whistledown and wondered what Eloise knew about her. Eloise shared what she believed to be true about Lady Whistledown, starting with her being a dowager .[5]

The queen threw a luncheon. When she saw Daphne and Simon there, she told them she'd made a bet on them having an heir within a year, to which Simon said they'd been working hard on the endeavor and hoped to have news soon. She later summoned Eloise to her and asked what progress she'd made on finding the identity of Lady Whistledown. She was frustrated that Eloise hadn't figured it out yet.

After, the queen was rebuked by Lady Whistledown, who didn't write about her luncheon in her paper. At the concert, Eloise went to the queen with her updated assumption, that Lady Whistledown was a tradesperson, but the queen said her services would not longer be required as she'd enlisted the Bow Street Runners to find Lady Whistledown and silence her, which horrified Eloise.[6]

The queen attended a ball thrown by the Bridgertons. At the ball, Eloise tried to approach her, but was stopped by Brimsley, who reveled that the queen had learned where Lady Whistledown had her letters printed and the Bow Street Runners would be unmasking her that very night. This plan was foiled when Eloise warned Lady Whistledown off before the Bow Street Runners could get to her.[7]

1814 Debuts[]

As she prepared to welcome the season's debutantes, the queen met with Lady Danbury to discuss naming the season's diamond. She wanted someone unexpected to turn the season on its head. Lady Danbury reminded her that a lady couldn't be a diamond until the queen named her as such. They also discussed Lady Whistledown's silence since the end of the previous season. She wondered if Lady Whistledown finally realized taking on her queen was a bad idea.

The queen then welcomed all the season's debutantes, including Eloise Bridgerton, whose presentation was interrupted when someone brought in the new Lady Whistledown, hot off the presses. The queen declared she'd seen enough and rushed away to read it.

The queen attended Lady Danbury's ball, which impressed her, though she said hers would be more exclusive. Lady Danbury introduced the Sharma to her as her special guests for the season. Then queen was still miffed that Mary left during her season without saying goodbye.

Later, then queen continued her search for Lady Whistledown, asking Brimsley to bring her a list of the peerage.

At her own ball, the queen welcomed her guests. Among them was Eloise Bridgerton, who made an awkward comment about preferring emeralds to diamonds, which inadvertently charmed the queen, whose favorite necklace was made of emeralds. During the ball, she announced that the season's diamond was Edwina Sharma. She then introduced Edwina to Anthony Bridgerton and the two of them danced.[8]

The queen continued her search. She told Edwina to inform her if anyone gossiped about her or tried to break things up for her. Lady Danbury figured out she was doing it try to find Lady Whistledown's identity and asked if that was the reason she named Edwina the diamond. After Lady Danbury's soiree, Brimsley brought her cards with the pictures and names of all the ladies who spoke to Edwina that night. She was certain Lady Whistledown was among them.[9]

Anthony and Edwina's Wedding and Targeting Eloise[]

The queen asked Anthony and Edwina about their wedding plans. Anthony said he wanted a modest family affair, but the queen insisted that wouldn't do and offered to host it herself. She decided she'd oversee every detail personally.[10]

As the wedding approached, the queen finalized the plans for the day with Brimsley's help. She had fireworks scheduled to go off right as the couple said I Do. She also asked for the king's wing to be closed off so no one would end up in there. As for the search for Lady Whistledown, Brimsley arranged to have a footman assigned to watch each lady still suspected of being Lady Whistledown.

The queen was shocked when, partway through the ceremony, Edwina abruptly halted things and walked out. When she talked to Lady Danbury while they were waiting to see if the wedding would go forward or be completely cancelled, the queen said she knew Lady Whistledown would blame her for it. Then she ordered Brimsley to escort all the guests to the gardens and not let anyone leave.

When Edwina came to see the queen, before she could tell them what she'd decided, the king came in. He'd seen and was delighted by the fireworks show. He asked if there would be more. The queen called for the footmen to take him back to bed, but he fought them until Edwina stepped in and encouraged him to rest before the wedding. As he was led out, the queen followed.

The queen returned to find Edwina admiring one of her necklaces. She told Edwina she'd chosen her because Edwina made an impression. When the queen started to mention what Edwina witnessed, Edwina made it clear she wouldn't discuss it with anyone, as all she saw was the love the king and queen had for each other. As they talked, Edwina wondered how one decided what to do with love and the queen said even she couldn't tell people what to do in the face of true love.

After the wedding was cancelled, the queen went to sit by the king's bedside as he slept. Brimsley came in and handed her a note, saying they knew who Lady Whistledown was.[11]

When Lady Whistledown's report essentially blamed the queen for the failed wedding, she called for her carriage and visited the Bridgerton house, where she summoned Eloise into her carriage and accused her of being Lady Whistledown. Eloise denied it, but the queen refused to believe her and said she would ruin Eloise's family if she didn't reconsider within three days. She also had Theo questioned as her footmen had witnessed Eloise meeting with him.[12]

Featherington Ball[]

After Kate was thrown from her horse, the queen met with Lady Danbury and asked for the real reason the wedding was cancelled. Lady Danbury said she didn't know as they were busy tending to Kate. The queen promised to send a sympathy gift and they wondered about who else might marry that season. They felt out of the loop because Whistledown had stopped writing. The queen later attended the Featherington Ball. When she spotted Anthony and Kate together, she smiled at them. When Lady Cowper wondered if that was why the wedding had been cancelled, the queen said that the wedding had been canceled because she changed her mind. Edwina said that Kate and Anthony looked beautiful together and the queen agreed. She also told Edwina that her nephew was a prince and available. After the dance ended, the queen acknowledged Kate and Anthony, signaling her approval.[13]


The veritable tastemaker of London society, Queen Charlotte finds herself living for the sordid gossip that Lady Whistledown prints, though she'd swear she's above such mundane musings. It's only when the ton's newest gossip writer takes aim at the palace that Queen Charlotte knows she must do something about it.



Queen Charlotte is the wife of King George III, with whom she would have 15 children. The queen is very devoted to her husband, and constantly worried of him during his mental illness.





Notes and Trivia[]

  • The queen's favorite necklace is made of emeralds.[14]
  • The queen has zebras, cassowaries and an elephant at her palace.[15] Peacocks are later brought to the palace for Anthony and Edwina's wedding.[16]
  • The real queen Charlotte and her husband King George III were one of the few real love matches at their time. After a deterioration of the king's mental condition in 1811, it is believed that the queen was in power.
  • The real Prince Friedrich was the grandson of the queen's elder brother Karl II, Grand Duke of Mecklenburg-Strelitz.


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