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Shock and Delight is the second episode of season one of Bridgerton.


Simon's apparent courtship of Daphne angers her brother Anthony and threatens to ruin the arrangements he made. Marina opens up to a curious Penelope.

Full Summary[]

The Duchess of Hastings labors with a doctor attending.

Outside the room, the Duke paces anxiously. Lady Danbury arrives and wants to go into the room. The Duke stops her. They argue and then hear the duchess cry out. The duke runs into the room. Lady Danbury tries to follow, but is stopped.

The duke wants to know if he finally has a son. The baby is finally born and it's a boy. The baby is wrapped and handed to his father, who immediately goes to show off that he has a son. Lady Danbury then runs in to the duchess's side. She's happy to have given him a son, but then she passes out from blood loss. While the duke introduces Simon Arthur Henry Fitzranulph Basset to the crowd, Sarah passes away.

Simon stares at the bed where his mother died. After a maidservant asks if he wants the room prepared for him, he says no and leaves it.

The queen is bathed in her tub. When the Society Papers arrive, she leaps out quickly to read it. Daphne is back in good repute.

Simon dresses and leaves a woman in the bed to go to promenade.

Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton watch Simon and Daphne from a distance, pleased to see them smiling and laughing.

Simon and Daphne negotiate their plan as they walk and come to an agreement for future appearances.

Penelope and her sisters talk about Marina. They ask their mother why she's being kept away and their mother says her condition is catching.

Penelope and Eloise walk and talk. Eloise doesn't think Daphne being in love is an accomplishment. Schooling is an accomplishment. If she were a man, she could attend university. Instead, she has to pretend she cares about her sister getting married. She realizes Penelope isn't listening to her and Penelope says it's because she knows someone who is with child and not married, though she pretends it's a maid. Eloise says she has to find out how her maid got that way without being married so they can make sure it doesn't happen to them.

Hyacinth is pleased about her sister's relationship with the duke, which their mother encourages, saying all eyes were on her. Colin and Benedict aren't convinced she was the lure. Hyacinth is upset that Francesca already left to study pianoforte with Aunt Winnie all season and is missing this. Suddenly, Eloise comes in and asks how a woman gets to be with child. Everyone stops what they're doing. Their mother refuses to answer, so she Eloise between her brothers. She knows they know. Colin starts to tell her, but Benedict stops him with a smack to the head. A maid announces the arrival of Humboldt, who is there to announce callers for Daphne. Her mother reminds her she already has a suitor, but she's still excited to have more.

Nigel arrives at the Bridgertons with Anthony, displeased to find others there. Anthony races inside, followed by Nigel, and finds Daphne surrounded by callers. Anthony tells Nigel there's been some confusion and tells him to leave. He must go along with everyone else.

Once all the callers are gone, Anthony says he stopped it because Daphne is already engaged. Daphne rejects that assertion, because she has many potential suitors now. She's caught the eye of a duke. Anthony doesn't believe Simon is a serious suitor. He won't marry. Daphne states her refusal to marry Nigel, but Anthony refuses to accept that and insists that she will. Once Anthony has gone, her mother assures her that Nigel will back off once he sees how serious Simon is. Daphne says if Simon is not serious, she also has other options. Her mother is certain the duke is the one for her.

Simon boxes with Will Mondrich and they talk about Daphne. Anthony comes in, so they stop boxing so he and Simon can talk. Anthony climbs in the ring and tries to punch Simon, who easily dodges it. They continue to box as they talk about Daphne. Anthony tries to assert that Daphne is already engaged, though Simon was unaware of that and things Nigel an unworthy suitor. Anthony says he hasn't been seen going in and out of brothels. Simon says Nigel's hardly a saint, but Anthony still thinks Simon's not worthy of his sister.

The duke asks why his four year old son isn't speaking. His nurse insists that he's an advanced child in his letters. The duke insists that Simon speak. Simon says no and then stutters through a few words. The duke proclaims him an idiot. He orders Simon out of his sight, saying Simon's dead to him.

Penelope brings Marina some sweets to enjoy. Marina invites her in to share. Marina is relieved that she's not being sent back to her father as she doesn't know how he'd react. Penelope asks how it happened. Marina says cake and then explains that their vicar was prone to hours-long sermons. One Sunday, she was nearly on the floor when the eldest Crane boy, George, sneaked her a bundle of cake and biscuits. After some time, the bundles came with notes. George is in Spain now. He went to fight in Wellington. But he continued to write. Marina shows Penelope a stash of letters. She loved George and that's how she became with child.

The queen ignores an acrobatic act in favor of reading the Society Papers. Brimsley tells her the royal physician has a report on the king. She wonders how there hasn't been a noteworthy betrothal yet this season. She then asks if the royal physician is going to tell her her husband is dead. He doesn't think so, so she says she's busy and sends for stationery.

Daphne is preparing for another appearance. She doesn't want to put all her eggs in one basket with the duke. Mrs. Wilson then rushes in. She has a letter from the queen for Lady Bridgerton. She's been invited to private tea with the queen.

Lady Danbury and Simon set off to the event together.

Lady Danbury arrives to find young Simon practicing his schooling with his nurse. She's surprised to see his lack of manners since he knows how to read and write. He tries to tell her, but stutters. She offers to help him overcome his stammer with the promise that when he steps into the light, he'll be worthy of the attention he commands.

Simon enters with Lady Danbury as Daphne enters with Anthony. Daphne and Simon immediately go to dance. Daphne and Simon further refine the terms of their deal. She has to convince Nigel that Simon is on the verge of a proposal. They begin dancing. When the song ends, Anthony sends Benedict to dance with Daphne next.

Anthony and Simon argue over Daphne when they're interrupted by Nigel, who restates his interest in Daphne. Anthony assures him again that he'll handle it. Simon steps in and brings up how Nigel got the purple eye. Nigel pretends it was a cabinet, but Simon knows that's not true and says he tried something and Daphne punched him. Anthony is horrified and tells Nigel he's never to speak to Daphne again. Daphne sees what is happening and breaks away from Benedict. Anthony assures her she never has to worry about Nigel again. Daphne is upset that Simon told Anthony because he hasn't considered her position.

Lady Danbury tells Simon not to mess things up with Daphne.

Nigel approaches Simon outside and confronts him. He says Simon doesn't need Daphne the way he does. He then wonders why Simon hasn't already proposed. Unless he's already had Daphne. Simon tells him never to question Daphne's honor again. Nigel then taunts Simon about his father, his desperation for a son and what he did to get one. Simon then starts punching Nigel repeatedly.

Lady Danbury brings Simon, now eleven, to see his father. His father is not happy to see him. Simon speaks clearly as he tells his father how well he's doing with everything. When his father stands up, he starts to stutter again and his father calls Simon his worst failure. Lady Danbury is angry at him for saying that and reminds him that Simon will be the next Duke. The duke orders them both away from him. Simon says he wrote to his father to tell him he wasn't dead, but the duke can't be bothered with him. He says Simon is as useless as his mother.

Simon has all the letters he sent his father, left unopened.

Lady Whistledown speculates on why Daphne is entertaining the affections of others when she has a duke on the line. Daphne's maid helps her get ready.

The picnic is well underway. Penelope asks her mother to go play with Eloise and then to promenade for suitors with Eloise when that doesn't work. Eloise meets up with Penelope and begs for information about the pregnant maid. They're still not sure how it happened. Penelope says the maid wants to escape to the country and marry her love, which Eloise thinks is even worse.

Anthony tells Daphne she should have said what Nigel tried with her. She believes he would have just ignored her anyway, as he did with her other wishes. Simon arrives and they start walking together. She asks what happened to his hand and he says it was boxing. He buttons her sleeve, which attracts the attention of other men. They talk about keeping up the ruse to find her a husband. They see Nigel approaching with bruises on his face and Daphne asks Simon what he's done. Nigel shows Anthony that he's acquired a wedding license. Lady Bridgerton tries to pull him away somewhere private. He implies that he can start a scandal for them. Simon tries to go at Nigel, but gets held back.

As they ride home, Anthony declares his intent to duel with Nigel. Lady Bridgerton orders him not to. Daphne says if Nigel speaks, she'll be ruined and so will the rest of them. She declares that she must marry Nigel.

Daphne discards all the flowers in her room. Her mother sends the maid away and tells her about the role of marriage. She says she just has to throw herself into raising her family and she'll find much joy. Daphne wants what her parents had. It was all her mother wanted as well.

Eloise lights a cigarette as she sits on a swing. Benedict finds her. She thinks he's going to scold her, but he just asks her to give him one. Eloise wants a different life from what Daphne wants and is going to have. Benedict wants that as well.

Simon and Will box again. Simon tells Will that Daphne is getting married, which Will takes to mean Simon is free to do as he pleases. Simon doesn't answer.

Lady Bridgerton reads the invitation from the queen.

Lady Bridgerton is led to a room where the queen waits. The queen snorts some snuff while a pianist plays and Lady Bridgerton drinks tea. The queen talks about rarely being wrong when she extends favor to people, because she expects people to make good on it. She calls for Brimsley to bring her more snuff. Once he's gone, the queen says he's a terrible gossip and they can't talk freely in front of him. She hoped for more from Daphne, a pairing with a duke perhaps. Brimsley returns, so the queen hushes Lady Bridgerton's reply. She continues talking about something unrelated. She snorts some more snuff.

As they leave, Lady Bridgerton tells Mrs. Wilson that they need to have Lady Berbrooke over for tea immediately.

Lady Berbrooke says Nigel is her only child. She says she believes she didn't have another because she'd already reached perfection. Lady Berbrooke looks at Daphne. She says Daphne must try harder because Nigel is quite discerning and has turned down handsomer women.

In the kitchen, the bell rings and Mrs. Wilson goes to tend to it personally, leaving Rose with Lady Berbrooke's maid, Celia. Rose quickly lures Celia into gossip.

Lady Berbrooke goes to leave. Once she's gone, Lady Bridgerton asks Rose what she learned. Rose says Nigel has a boy by one of his maids and he's refused to provide for the child and just sent the maid away. Daphne knows he'll deny it. People won't believe a group of women. But they'll believe it if Lady Whistledown does, so they must talk.

Lady Bridgerton gets a dress fitted. The seamstress tells Lady Bridgerton a story and hears the story about Nigel in return. The story spreads around quickly. Nigel is horrified when he sees the news has gotten out.

Anthony tells his mother that Nigel has left town. He knows Lady Bridgerton had part in that. She mentions that despite him being officially the head of the family, she's quite capable herself. She has a cross-stitch she's making for Daphne and wonders if Anthony's wife would want the same.

Marina wonders if she'll be confined to the bedroom forever. Mrs. Varley tells her she only has herself to blame for her confinement.

Eloise finds Daphne getting ready. She asks if Daphne isn't frightened about marriage and children. Daphne finds children delightful. Eloise was horrified by hearing their mother give birth and almost dying just months after their father did. Daphne admits that she is frightened. Their mother had a rough night. But at dawn, the world had Hyacinth. There's light at the end of the tunnel and they'll both find it. Eloise thinks Daphne is just pretending.

Simon and Daphne dance at another function. Daphne tells him he shouldn't have punched Nigel, but he says he can't tolerate a bully. She doesn't want their arrangement to go badly. It's more than a ruse. It's her whole life. He says she should call him by his name. She laughs when she calls him Simon. They allow their faces to get closer for a minute, but don't make contact. Daphne pulls back, saying she wishes to find a husband and have a family. He tells her they should find her one. The dance ends and Daphne quickly gets pulled into a dance with another potential suitor.

Lady Danbury watches Daphne and tells Simon they make a captivating match. He watches Daphne as well. Lady Danbury asks what's bothering him and he says it's nothing.

Simon visits his dying father. His father is happy to see him coming back to claim his title. Simon leans over and vows to his father that the line will die with him. He'll never marry and he won't sire an heir. Then he watches his father die.


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Song Performer Scene
"Shock and Delight" Kris Bowers
  • Simon's mother gives birth to him.
  • As his father presents him to his friends, his mother dies.
  • In the present, Simon tells the maid to leave his mother's room alone.
  • Queen Charlotte awaits the arrival of the latest Lady Whistledown.
  • When it arrives, she reads it and chafes.
  • Simon and Daphne negotiate their plan.

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Lady Danbury: When I was a girl, some centuries ago, I was afraid of my own reflection. I entered a room and attempted to dissolve into the shadows. But there is only so long for one in a position such as ours can hide. I knew that I would have to step into the light someday and I could not very well be frightened. So, instead, I made myself frightening. I sharpened my wit, my wardrobe, and my eye, and I became the most terrifying creature in any room I entered. Come. You can speak. I understood you well enough. And I will help you to overcome this stammer of yours. But in exchange, you must promise me, that when you step into the light…you will be worthy of the attention you command.

Eloise Bridgerton: "I watch Daphne prepare for these balls with all of those dresses and the many suitors, and I am exhausted. Suppose I want a different life, that I truly believe I am quite capable of something more, even when I am not allowed to have anything else."

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