Siena Rosso is an opera singer who had a clandestine relationship with Anthony Bridgerton.

History[edit | edit source]

Breakup with Anthony[edit | edit source]

Siena had been having an affair with Anthony Bridgerton. She was jealous of his position in society and longed for the status he had. She often became frustrated when Anthony had to leave her to attend to his responsibilities, including attending his sister's societal debut. After his mother confronted him about their relationship, Anthony went to Siena and abruptly ended things between them.[1]

Without Anthony's support, Siena found herself in search of a new gentleman. She came to the club, where she attempted to charm Simon. She was disappointed when her efforts were not fruitful. After her next performance, Anthony was waiting for her. She explained to him that she couldn't listen to his empty promises anymore.[2]

Siena performed at a party Anthony attended, where he was unable to look away from her. Anthony later came to Siena at night and told her that he was preparing to duel. And if he didn't die, he'd have killed Simon and would have to flee, which would mean he was free of the society that kept them apart. They started kissing and spent the night together. In the morning, Anthony left Siena with a kiss to her forehead. Ultimately, he neither killed nor died at the duel.[3]

Siena found a new man and accompanied him to a concert. While they watched the show, Siena looked up and made eye contact with Anthony, who was also watching the show.[4]

Personality[edit | edit source]

The beautiful, captivating, and enterprising opera singer who's having a secret affair with a prominent lord. Fun and a bit impetuous, Siena secretly longs to be a part of our town's world.

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Anthony Bridgerton[edit | edit source]

Siena had been secretly seeing Anthony for some time prior to the start of the 1813 social season. Due to the pressures of his title, he was unable to commit to Siena, though he did promise he'd always care for her, which included providing for her housing. However, after his mother confronted him about her, he ended things with Siena abruptly.[5]

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  • Being part of an opera house usually meant having a "patron" who, in exchange for sexual favors, would fund a young woman's career. Therefore, it was considered shameful and scandalous to be an opera singer.

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