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Swish is the sixth episode of season one of Bridgerton.


On her honeymoon, Daphne discovers just how misinformed she is about the physical aspects of the marital bed. Colin comes to a decision about Marina.

Full Summary[]

While Lady Whistledown congratulate them on their marriage, Simon and Daphne kiss in their carriage as they travel. As they arrive, all the servants wait on the front steps for them. Daphne is awed by what she sees and they acknowledge all the servants as they enter. Mrs. Colson is delighted to welcome Simon back and meet Daphne. She has a meal and a tour ready for them, but Simon says he has his own plans for his new bride and pulls Daphne inside.

Daphne is surprised to learn Simon intends for them to share a room. He picks her up and carries her off to their room.

Penelope watches Colin and Marina interact jealously.

Hyacinth wonders to Lady Bridgerton what Daphne is doing and Lady Bridgerton says she has duties as a duchess. There are things Eloise should be learning to prepare for her debut, but Eloise isn't interested. As Hyacinth runs off to play with Gregory, Eloise says she's no good at those things. Lady Bridgerton says she might feel better if she spent as much time working on those skills as she did writing in her journal. She also needs to get her skirts lowered. Eloise says she has no time to go to the modiste as the queen has charged her with identifying Lady Whistledown. They're interrupted by Colin calling everyone's attention. He and Marina announce their engagement, shocking the crowd. Anthony immediately asks his mother if she knew about this, but she simply reminds him that people are watching and tells her son to congratulate the couple.

Anthony confronts Colin, who says he kept it from Anthony on purpose, knowing how he would react tot he news. Anthony asks if he compromised Marina and Colin says he did not. Anthony regrets not having taken Colin to brothels, but Colin calls him out. He says it's a true attachment. He reminds Anthony that he doesn't need Anthony's permission, but he'd like to have his blessing. Anthony says he'll have to disappoint Colin on that. Colin accepts that and leaves.

Daphne understands now why every mother keeps her daughter in total darkness. If they knew what it was like, they would never get anything done. Simon starts kissing her, but she tells him she has duties as the new Duchess to attend to. He implores her to stay in bed, but she doesn't want Mrs. Colson to resent her if she doesn't take the tour. She has to make a good impression or nothing in her house will run smoothly. Daphne puts on a dressing gown and leaves. After she's gone, Jeffries comes in and tells Simon the study is ready for him to work. He tells Jeffries he's on his honeymoon, but Jeffries says there's lots of work to be done, so Simon gets up.

Mrs. Colson gives Daphne a tour. Daphne knows some of the history as Hyacinth is a student of history. Daphne talks about redecorating and events she wants to throw there. They see a picture of the former duchess, whom Mrs. Colson says was a perfect duchess. Mrs. Colson shows Daphne the nursery next. Daphne agrees it's lovely, but wants to move on.

Daphne waits at the table. Simon comes in and is surprised at how formal the dinner setup is. The previous duke liked it formal. Daphne says she liked the tour. Simon is not pleased that Daphne is so far away from him at the table, so she takes her plate and glass to move closer to his end, allowing them to sit closer. The servants are disturbed by this. Simon encourages Daphne to change whatever she likes about any room. He also removes her gloves and tells her she need not dress for formally. He starts to kiss her and she suggests going upstairs. He has a better idea.

Daphne asks where they're doing as Simon leads them outside. They undress as they walk, but sudden rain forces them to seek shelter, where they continue their tryst. Again, he pulls out as he finishes. She asks him it it hurts, but he says he feels as she does, absolutely wonderful.

Simon and Daphne continue their passionate relationship, both inside their home and outside.

Outside a room where Simon and Daphne are having sex, Mrs. Colson interrupts two maids who are eavesdropping. She then listens herself for a moment before leaving.

Daphne speaks to Rose happily about the sex with Simon. She's surprised as she thought his inability to have children would mean they couldn't have sex. She's glad to be wrong.

The next Lady Whistledown is distributed. Colin approaches the table where his family sits. Benedict is moderating an argument between Hyacinth and Gregory over a ribbon while Lady Bridgerton reads the papers and Eloise stands nearby. When they notice Colin, Hyacinth notes that his engagement is in the paper before being shushed. Benedict and Eloise then usher the little kids out, leaving Colin alone with his mother. She's not pleased that the news is out. She's worried it's happening too quickly. She wasn't prepared to have another child marry, especially so quickly. Colin reminds her she'll still have her hands full, especially with Eloise.

Penelope listens to Prudence, Philippa, and Marina discuss Marina's engagement. They want Colin to introduce them to his friends. Marina's sure he will and says all their fortunes are about to change. Penelope enters the room. Marina tries to compliment her, but she takes it as mocking. Marina says Penelope has been a wonderful friend. Penelope says she won't bring scandal to the family, but she can't condone Marina's actions with Colin. Marina asks for understanding and friendship, but then Lady Featherington calls Marina to go to the modiste. Prudence and Philippa are jealous of her.

Lady Bridgerton tries to get Eloise excited about her debut next year, but Eloise fails to get any joy from it. Genevieve approaches them about dropping Eloise's hems. Just then, Lady Featherington and Marina enter the shop. During an awkward conversation, Lady Featherington invites Lady Bridgerton, Colin, and Anthony to share a meal. Lady Bridgerton says she'll check with Anthony.

Lady Featherington goes to Genevieve, who reminds her that nothing will be done for her until her bill is paid. Lady Featherington says it'll be paid in full after she makes Marina's trousseau. Genevieve denies her. Marina then asks what part of France Genevieve is from. She then says in French that her mother was French and she's not fooled by Genevieve's act. She threatens to tell everyone else if Genevieve doesn't help them. Eloise spots them standing awkwardly.

Simon and Daphne watch some pigs at the fair. She has to choose one as the winner. After learning the winner will be slaughtered, she declares a tie. They wander around the fair, sampling people's wares. Robert, a farmer, approaches them and says it's been a struggle to put food on the table with the rent being tripled, which is new to Simon. Daphne assures him they'll find a solution. As they walk away, a crying child, Ada, approaches and Daphne picks her up and comforts her. Ada's mother, Joanna, is right behind her and takes her back.

Daphne asks Simon what they can do about the farmer's rent. Simon and Daphne talk about her interactions with Ada. She's used to children with her younger sisters and brother. They'll all eventually marry and have children and she and Simon will be surrounded by screaming infants. Simon says she'll be a splendid aunt, but he's glad she's satisfied with their life as it is. They share a kiss.

Marina shows off her look to Lady and Lord Featherington, Prudence, Philippa, and Penelope. Lady Featherington says she'll bring up the need for a swift wedding. Penelope laughs. She doesn't think the plan will work on Lady Bridgerton.

Marina and Lady Bridgerton talk at dinner about Marina's life prior to her arrival in London. She's never traveled before, but wants to travel with Colin. Lady Featherington says they can take advantage of the nice weather to travel if they marry sooner than later. Anthony reminds them that Colin is still young, so a lengthier engagement might be prudent.

Philippa poorly plays piano as Prudence sings off-key. The rest of the Featheringtons and the Bridgertons watch politely. Penelope sees Colin exit the room and follows him.

Out in the hall, Penelope tells Colin she has news to share, as much as she doesn't want to. She tells him Marina already has a love, George Crane. Colin says he doesn't care that she had feelings for another before they met. Penelope tries to convince him it's more than that, but he's unconcerned. Marina then comes out into the hall. She tells Penelope her mother is looking for her. With Penelope gone, Marina expresses her sadness to Colin that neither her father nor the Featheringtons wants her. Even Colin's mother is just being polite. Colin says that's not true and the two of them will make their own family. She says that's all she wants. She wants them to be married immediately and they can be alone together. He tells her they could go to Scotland and be married in a matter of days. Anthony would be mad, but he'd get over it. Marina loves the idea and loves Colin. Colin says to give him a day and he'll arrange everything.

Daphne wakes alone in bed. She searches around for Simon and passes the nursery. She closes the door before continuing. She finds Simon working in his office. He's going over the steward's books. He's discovered that things have been mismanaged in his absence. It's supposed to be the steward's responsibility, but Simon says it's ultimately falls on him as they're his tenants. Daphne wants to visit some of the tenants and driver gift baskets. Simon doesn't acknowledge that, so she leaves him.

Rose and Daphne work in the garden, making baskets. Mrs. Colson finds them and tells Daphne she'll have someone else gather those on her behalf. She need only tell Mrs. Colson her wants and needs and Mrs. Colson will handle it all properly. After she's gone, Daphne quietly laments that Mrs. Colson hates her, though Rose insists she hates everyone.

Daphne and Rose try to distribute the baskets, but the villagers reject them. Daphne is confused as she was taught it was traditional for a new duchess to give gifts. Their talk is interrupted by Ada coming and hugging Daphne, followed closely by Joanna. Daphne offers her a basket, but she doesn't have a way to carry it home, so Daphne insists on walking there with her. As they walk, Daphne asks what she's done wrong. Joanna says it was the pigs. She didn't choose a pig. Traditionally, the winner supplies Clyvedon with pork for the upcoming year. When she didn't choose a winner, no farmer won the contract or the income that goes with it. She snubbed them. Daphne had no idea, but is determined to fix it.

Daphne returns home to find furniture being moved. Simon says he's setting up to work in the east wing and goes to attend to the move.

Daphne finds Mrs. Colson and asks her for a moment. She knows she's made several missteps. Her mother taught her to be mistress of a household, but never imagined a house as grand as this one. Daphne appreciates Mrs. Colson's guidance. Daphne worries that Simon isn't fully at ease. Mrs. Colson says his childhood wasn't easy. After his mother's death, the duke lived almost entirely in London, leaving Simon at Clyvedon on his own. The servants did their best. Mrs. Colson also reveals that Simon's mother wanted a child while his father simply wanted an heir. She kept trying to have a child even after the doctors warned her not to. Everyone blamed her. And then she died giving birth to Simon.

Penelope pauses her reading to think. Lady Featherington then comes in and sees she's not dressed, despite their plans to dine with Lady Gartside. Penelope feigns illness to get out of it. Once she's gone, Penelope creeps out of her room and searches Marina's room for the letters. She finds them hidden and grabs them. Marina comes in and is upset to find Penelope in there. Penelope quickly shows Marina the difference between George's signature in his earlier letters and that of his last one. She shows Marina a page where either Lady Featherington or Mrs. Varley was clearly practicing George's signature to get it just right, but couldn't get it perfect. The last letter was a forgery. Marina says George still hasn't replied to her letters then. He's abandoned her while Colin has embraced her. She was a fool to love George and this discovery changes nothing. Marina takes the letters and lights them on fire. She's in awe that Marina is planning to go to Scotland with Colin and asks what she'll do when he realizes the child's not his. Marina will live safe in the knowledge that he's a good and kind man. He'll care for them both. Marina then realizes Penelope's in love with Colin. Penelope denies it, but Marina tells her she must put an end to it. It's an unrequited fantasy. Colin sees her as a sister while he sees Marina as a wife. Marina has to make decisions like these even if it hurts Penelope's feelings.

Daphne finds Simon working late. People rely on him. He never should have stayed away so long. They quickly start kissing and then having sex, knocking things on the floor. As he approaches climax, he grabs for a cloth, which he uses to clean up. Once they're done, he suggests they clean up for dinner. After he's left the room, she looks at the cloth curiously.

Daphne enters the servants' quarters in anguish, searching for Rose. She finds Rose and asks her how a woman comes to be with child. Her mother never told her. Rose starts to explain.

Daphne sits quietly as Simon talks about his business. Pork is served for dinner.

Simon strips down and gets into bed next to Daphne. He's surprised when she appears to be asleep and merely goes to sleep himself. However, she was faking.

Simon wakes the next morning to find Daphne gone.

Robert thanks Daphne for her help and asks her to pass his thanks to Simon as well. He's purchased several cattle for them to revitalize the land. She sends the footman back to the house alone, saying she wishes to walk for a while.

Daphne looks at the portrait of Simon's mother. Simon enters the room and invites her to come to bed with him. Simon leads her to the bedroom, where she quickly starts kissing him. They start having sex quickly. She then pushes him onto his back and gets on top of him. In this position, she doesn't allow him to pull out and he ejaculates inside her for the first time. Daphne then gets up and dresses. He asks her what she did. She says she hoped it wasn't true, but she clearly wasn't. He asks how she could do that. She tells him he lied and she trusted him. He reminds her that he told her he couldn't give her children. She tells him that can't and won't are not the same thing. He thought she understood how children came to be, but she didn't. Daphne says he took her future from her, the one thing she wanted more than anything. Simon would have died for Daphne, but she's the one who insisted on them marrying. Daphne pitied him and now feels foolish for that. She leaves the room in anger.

Lady Whistledown's next issue is printed.

Eloise takes down her hair and sits on the swing. She sees Penelope approaching. When Penelope starts to sob, Eloise goes to her and hugs her.

Lady Whistledown's next issue reports on a grave fraud.

Lady Bridgerton is waiting for Colin when he comes down the stairs. She has the latest Lady Whistledown and hands it to him. It reports that Marina is pregnant and has been since her arrival.

Marina prepares to leave with Colin, but is stopped on her way out by Lady Featherington, who has also heard the news.

Simon sits sadly in her bed.

Daphne cries in another bed.


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