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The Duke and I is the fifth episode of season one of Bridgerton.


To fend off rumors about their garden escapade, Simon and Daphne must make a personal appeal to the queen. Marina's wedlock scheme dismays Penelope.

Full Summary[]

Daphne quickly strips off her clothing and gets into bed. Just as she does, Rose comes in to wake her for the day. Daphne pretends she was sleeping and gets up, asking if her mother is awake yet.

Mrs. Wilson tends to Lady Bridgerton, who's insistent that she did not overindulge last night and simply slept poorly. Mrs. Wilson leaves to fetch raw eggs and garlic. As she leaves, Daphne comes in and tells her mother she's engaged. Lady Bridgerton pretends to be happy, assuming it was Prince Friedrich. Daphne corrects that it's actually Simon. Lady Bridgerton is happy about that, but notes that Daphne herself doesn't seem too thrilled. Daphne says it's just because it happened so quickly and she hasn't had the chance to take it in. She insists that she's overjoyed. Lady Bridgerton is thrilled for her. Daphne says she's so in love and can't imagine waiting a full month to marry. She wants to get a special license to marry immediately. She starts to explain why, but Lady Bridgerton says that's not necessary and admits that she and Lord Bridgerton also had trouble not succumbing to their passion. Mrs. Wilson returns with the drink, but Lady Bridgerton says she's feeling much better and doesn't need it. Instead, they have a wedding to plan in three days. Daphne is marrying for love, which she always wanted. Daphne pretends that's true.

Queen Charlotte walks her dogs and proclaims Daphne and Prince Friedrich's wedding to be the grandest of the year. She wants only the finest things for them. However, she receives Lady Whistledown's newest report from Brimsley, and reads that Daphne is actually engaged to Simon. Prince Friedrich comes across Queen Charlotte. Seeing the look on her face, he asks if something has happened.

Rose dresses Daphne as Daphne states all the things she'll need for her wedding.

Lady Whistledown speculates on why Simon and Daphne might require a special license to marry quickly. It's either true love or concealing a scandal. Cressida and Lady Cowper smirk as they read that.

As Daphne, Eloise, and Hyacinth come down the stairs followed by their mother and maids, Hyacinth asks Daphne what it feels like to be in love. Eloise has a less flattering view of it. Daphne says Eloise will know soon enough, but Eloise denies that she'll follow in Daphne's footsteps. Humboldt then announces the arrival of Prince Friedrich to see Daphne.

Daphne apologizes to Prince Friedrich, though he assures her it's not necessary. He was surprised, but he thinks he just misread the situation. She says he didn't, but love is the greatest force of all. She and Simon just realized how deeply they felt for each other. Nothing couldn't stand between them even the attentions of someone as kind as Prince Friedrich. Friedrich wishes her luck and leaves. Once he's gone, Daphne realizes that Hyacinth has eavesdropped on their conversation. She hopes Simon's proposal was half as romantic as that conversation.

Lady Danbury is frustrated as Simon has not arrived to meet her, Daphne, and Lady Bridgerton. He finally arrives and Lady Danbury realizes he's been drinking. Daphne suggests they take a walk. They have an awkward conversation as they walk. They're met by Lord Wetherby and his wife, who notice they don't seem to be as happy as they have suggested. Lady Bridgerton chalks it up to nerves.

Anthony goes to see Genevieve Delacroix, who tells Anthony that Siena is not there. He forces the door back open and says he only need a moment with her. He wants to take care of Siena as he promised. Genevieve tells him he's too late, that Siena is gone. She refuses to tell Anthony where she's gone, telling him he's done enough.

Lady Featherington goes to Lord Featherington and tells him Mrs. Varley had trouble at the modiste. Genevieve Delacroix is refusing to give her any dresses until the bills are paid. Lord Featherington says the ladies have enough dresses and could wear them all again. Lady Featherington says perhaps he could do without his tobacco and snatches away his pipe. Their footman then announces Colin is there to visit Marina. Marina stands to greet him, admiring the flowers he has brought her. Penelope interrupts and interjects that Colin had travel plans for the year, including going to Greece, though he states his plans are uncertain at the moment. There are things in London he might miss more than seeing the world. As Colin and Marina go to the side to talk, Penelope asks her mother if it's wise to let Marina court Colin, who is so young and may not be thinking seriously about marriage yet. Lady Featherington doesn't answer and simply walks away.

Mrs. Wilson tells Rose what she'll need to do to help Daphne ease into living at Simon's estate. Mrs. Wilson then sees that the cake is the wrong color, but learns there's no sugar available to fix it. Rose is then overwhelmed by the staff asking her questions about Daphne's preferences for the wedding. Rose says she'll ask, but Mrs. Wilson tells her she needs to know these things as Daphne's Ladies Maid.

Genevieve is working on Daphne's wedding dress and promises her she won't be disappointed. Lady Bridgerton says she'll also need some new nightdresses, which confuses Daphne. Genevieve says they're not for her, but for her love, for the honeymoon. Cressida comes to talk to Daphne and Daphne asks for a moment alone with her. Daphne pretends to ask her about some fabric, but Cressida reveals she saw them out in the garden together, unchaperoned. Daphne denies it. Cressida thinks Daphne used it to trap Simon into marriage. Daphne warns Cressida to watch what she says as she could make an enemy of a future duchess.

Queen Charlotte reads the next issue of Lady Whistledown's society paper unhappily. Prince Friedrich then comes to tell her he's returning to Prussia. The queen tells him to fight for Daphne if he wants her, but he doesn't want to. The queen is then informed that the king is lucid. Queen Charlotte tells Friedrich to go if he's so willing to accept defeat, though it's not how she does things.

Simon comes to meet Anthony, though he's a bit late. The archbishop hasn't arrived, so it's okay. Anthony says they should discuss Daphne's dowry, but Simon doesn't want to as he won't accept it. He won't be paid to marry her and he finds the concept of a dowry insulting. Instead, he can place the money in trust for her. Simon intends to support her and says her well-being is now his responsibility and he takes it seriously. Anthony apologizes for shooting at Simon, but Simon shrugs it off. He's always been a terrible shot anyway. The archbishop arrives and Anthony thanks him for granting the special license, though the archbishop says not to thank him.

Daphne is shocked that the license has been denied. Daphne worries that waiting will give Cressida Cowper the time she needs to ruin Daphne's reputation. Suddenly, Lady Danbury arrives to Lady Bridgerton's delight. Lady Danbury is upset that the others look so grim. Anthony tells her and Lady Bridgerton that the special license has been denied as the archbishop did not see a need. Lady Danbury says the queen is behind it, as she's taken Daphne's rejection of her nephew to heart. It doesn't bode well for any of her children if the queen is against them. Lady Danbury suggests giving the queen what she wants: attention. They should appear before her themselves and make a personal appeal, without begging or insincerity. They need only tell her they're in love, plain and simple. Daphne and Simon agree they can do that.

Benedict goes back to Henry Granville's. Benedict looks around the place in awe of what he sees. Genevieve Delacroix is surprised to see him there, as he's a Bridgerton. He flirts with her. Soon after, they're kissing and she pulls him away from the crowd. They open a door to find Henry in an embrace with another man. Benedict closes the door and goes back to have a tryst with Genevieve and another woman.

Simon is drunk and slurring when Will finds him. Will questions if marrying Daphne will be so bad, as he thought Simon cared for her. Simon says feelings are irrelevant as they got him into this mess. Now Daphne has to fight for a wedding she doesn't really want.

Lady Featherington tells Marina that Lord Rutledge will dine with them on Saturday, so she has until then to muster up enthusiasm for his proposal. Marina says she would never muster that must enthusiasm. Lady Featherington says she should be grateful, but realizes Colin is a hangup. Lady Featherington is not convinced he'll propose in time and insists that Marina cut him free or else be locked in the room until she marries Lord Rutledge. Marina says if she marries Colin, it will connect the Featherington to a very powerful family. It could do a lot for her girls. Marina asks Lady Featherington to give her until Saturday to get a proposal from Colin. If she hasn't by then, she'll accept Lord Rutledge and her fate. Lady Featherington says it won't work because a wedding will take weeks and she's already pregnant. Marina suggests that she'll seduce Colin before the wedding, if that's what it takes. They're both unaware that Penelope is listening outside the door. Lady Featherington agrees to give her until Saturday.

The queen goes in to see the king, who is eating. He invites her to sit with him. He asks after little George, whom she says is not so little anymore. She also tells him how much she and his subjects miss him. He tells her he's right there, not knowing that he's not always lucid. He then asks about Amelia. The queen has to tell him that she was ill and she's gone now. George is confused, saying he'd just visited with her. He accuses the queen of having done something to his child. As the queen leaves, the servants force George back into his seat as he continues to rant.

Daphne lies awake at night.

Daphne is walking in the garden when Rose finds her. Rose assures her she's managing everything for the wedding. Daphne's not worried about her, but about Simon. Rose assures her Simon will be a good husband and father, which causes Daphne to start crying. She says Simon can't have children. She's not sure the extent of it, but it seems to be a source of great pain for him. Rose shares the story of an aunt in Greenwich who also can't have children, but finds satisfaction in her husband even without children. Rose then leaves Daphne to her walk.

Simon wakes with one of Will's children, Nicky, over him. Alice tells him not to bother Simon, so he runs away. Simon gets up and Alice serves him a meal to help with his hangover. Simon asks for both Will and Alice to be present at his wedding. They accept and then Alice tells Simon about an exhibition series Will is starting and hopes Simon and Anthony might become investors.

Daphne, Simon, Lady Bridgerton, and Lady Danbury appear before the queen. Daphne and Simon step forward and the queen invites them to plead their case. Daphne says they simply love each other so much. It was love at first sight. Simon interjects that it wasn't. There was attraction, but Daphne and Simon both had conflicts with each other. But then they found friendship with each other, fooling everyone into thinking they were courting. Really, they enjoyed each other's company so much they couldn't stay away from each other. He never enjoyed talking much before, but conversation has always been easy with Daphne. She brings him joy. To meet your best friend is something else entirely. Then he realized he didn't want her to be only his friend, but his wife. He pleads with the queen not to make them wait. Daphne is touched by what he has said. The queen is also affected by his words. She then asks Daphne if she wants to marry Simon.

Simon stands at the front of the church. The doors open and Anthony leads Daphne through. On Daphne's side, her mother and her other siblings watch while Will, Alice, and Lady Danbury have come for Simon. The archbishop stands at the front and marries them.

At the reception, Gregory and Hyacinth play. Daphne goes to approach Simon, but Cressida blocks her and congratulates her, hoping Daphne will remember her kindness in keeping secrets and repay her someday.

Penelope points out other potential suitors to Marina, who rejects them, saying she doesn't have the time or interest. She wants Colin, the one guy Penelope doesn't want her to choose. She doesn't want Colin tricked into a lifelong commitment as he's a lifelong friend. Marina doesn't want to be trapped with a bad man. Lady Featherington then angrily approaches and tells her Lord Rutledge is no longer available as he is now engaged. Marina can barely contain her glee. Her plan with Colin is her last hope. Marina spots Colin across the room and approaches him.

Eloise is looking around for someone when she runs into Penelope. They awkwardly separate after a moment. Penelope then watches Colin and Marina flirt. Marina says she feels faint and asks for a more private place where she can recover. He leads her away on his arm.

Colin leads Marina into a library and she has him shut the door. Marina notes that they shouldn't be alone in there, which Colin knows. Then she steps forward and leans in to kiss him. Before their lips meet, he pulls back. They can't go further as she's a lady and she must maintain her honor, no matter how tempting it is not to. Marina agrees, saying she's a lady and he's a gentleman. She then goes to leave, but he stops her, asking her to marry him. Marina happily accepts his proposal. They'll marry by the end of the season. She doesn't want a long engagement, but he says she deserves a grand wedding and their families will need time to prepare it. He doesn't want them to say anything right away as it's his sister's day. Then they go to return to the party.

Daphne thanks the queen for her presence and the queen just hopes she'll enjoy her wedding night at least.

Lady Danbury insists to Eloise that she is not Lady Whistledown as Eloise had accused. Though she does ask Eloise to tell her who it is when she finds out. The queen overhears the conversation and asks Eloise what evidence she has. Eloise starts to explain what she believes to be true, starting with Lady Whistledown being a widow, as she obviously has money.

Henry approaches Benedict, saying it's a most enjoyable party. Henry starts to talk about the other night, but Benedict stops him, saying nothing happened the other night. Henry then introduces Benedict to his wife, Lucy, whom Benedict recognizes as the woman he and Genevieve were with at Henry's party.

Daphne nervously eats as she watches Simon. Anthony then tells her about Simon refusing her dowry. Instead, it'll be put in trust for Daphne to use as she sees fit, perhaps for their children. Daphne tears up at the mention and excuses herself. Simon sees Daphne crying as she leaves the room, as does her mother.

Lady Bridgerton finds Daphne in her old room. She tells Daphne it's hard to leave her house, but she'll make new memories with her husband. Lady Bridgerton then sits down to talk to Daphne. She was scared and nervous on her own wedding night. There are some things Daphne needs to know about what will happen between her and her husband. Acts that will lead to children. Daphne asks what will happen if they can't have children, if that will mean they can't perform this marital act. Lady Bridgerton says they care for each other deeply, so nothing else matters and there's no reason to be concerned. Daphne has more questions, but Rose warns them the carriages have been brought around, so it's time for them to go.

Gregory wants to go with Daphne, so he can live in a castle. Hyacinth insists she should be the one to go. Colin corrects that neither of them will go until their sister allows them a visit. Daphne hugs her brothers and tells them she'll miss them all terribly. Before she goes, she gives Eloise a present: her empty bedroom. Eloise is pleased by it. Daphne says they don't have a lot in common, but the one thing she knows is that Eloise will make her own way in the world. Finally, Daphne hugs her mother, who tells her she'll be a wonderful duchess. Daphne takes a final look at her home and then climbs into the carriage with Simon.

Simon tells Daphne they'll be at the inn before nightfall. It's too far and not safe for them to travel all the way back to Clyvedon, so they'll be at the inn for the night. He realizes he should have told her before.

It's dark when they arrive at the inn. The innkeeper leads them to the room and says to let him know if they need anything. Then he tells Simon his room is just over there and walks away. Simon reveals he requested separate rooms. They part ways for the night.

Daphne paces in her room.

Simon paces in his room.

Finally, Daphne goes to her door and is surprised to see Simon on the other side of it. He suggests they go down to dinner, but she's distressed. She doesn't want dinner. She's upset with him because she wanted to be alone with him so she could talk to him. She knows he wants to be apart. He says that's not what he wants. He avoided her to allow her her freedom. They each feel as though they've trapped the other. She wanted a love match and children and he's deprived her of both of those things. Daphne turns away and says she'll join him for dinner soon. He tells her everything he said to the queen was true. He can't stop thinking about her. He's hers and always has been. She thinks he's angry, but he simply longs for her. She tells him that she longs for him as well. They both step forward and share a kiss. The kiss quickly turns more passionate and he starts to undress her. Then he removes his own clothes. They move to the bed and he asks her if she touched herself like they talked about. He wants her to show him, but she says she can't. He stands, removes the last of his clothes, and then goes back to her. He tells her it may hurt for a moment and they start to have sex. As he presses into her, she tells him she always thinks of him when she touches herself. He works her up, but pulls out at the end. Then he asks her how she feels. She says she feels wonderful.


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  • This is also the name of the book by Julia Quinn, the first in the Bridgerton series, on which this season is based.


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