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The Viscount Who Loved Me is the eighth and finale episode of season two and the sixteenth episode overall of Bridgerton.


Anthony lashes out as he awaits news of Kate, while Eloise turns to Theo for help in her Lady Whistledown hunt and Lady Featherington plans a grand ball.

Full Summary[]

Kate lies unconscious in the rain. Anthony rides to her and then dismounts his horse. He covers her with his jacket. When he rubs his hand over her head, it comes back with blood on it. He picks her up and carries her to a waiting carriage.

Back at Lady Danbury's, Anthony carries Kate into the house and up the stairs, ordering someone to call for the surgeon. Mary and Edwina meet him on the stairs.

Anthony tells them she has a cut on the back of her head that needs stitches. Edwina, Mary, and Lady Danbury watch anxiously as Kate is put in bed. Anthony is upset that they're not treating Kate fast enough, but the surgeon tells Anthony to step aside and let him work. Benedict comes in and asks Anthony if Kate is okay. His valet saw Anthony carrying Kate inside. Anthony blames himself for the accident and the anguish of all the ladies in the room and leaves the room.

Lady Eaton wonders where Lady Whistledown is. It's been a week since she last published, a time which usually would have brought two new issues, says Margaret Goring. Cressida Cowper thinks Whistledown must not have more to say about Eloise. Someone asks a delivery boy where the scandal sheet is and he says there's nothing, but offers them a newspaper which they refuse.

Prudence wants Lady Whistledown to start writing in time to report on her wedding. Philippa suggests she might have stopped writing so she wouldn't have to write about it. Penelope thinks maybe she's done ruining the lives of others. She asks to go visit Eloise, as it's been a week, but Portia forbids her to go to the Bridgerton house. She asks Jack where they are with Colin. Jack says they're meeting that afternoon and close to closing a deal. Portia asks if they can start spending some of the money. She tells Mrs. Varley that she and Jack want to throw a ball, to celebrate them. She wants the best of everything. They'll call it The Featherington Ball. Mrs. Varley will send out invitations right away. She asks about the Bridgertons and the Sharmas. Prudence and Philippa like the idea of the drama it may cause, but Penelope reminds them that Kate hasn't yet woken from her accident. Portia says to invite both families anyway, though she's certain they won't come. She wants everyone to see how well they're doing after such a tragic year.

Violet tells Mrs. Wilson to send roses and lilacs this time as they're cheerful. When Hyacinth questions her sending more flowers to the Sharmas, Violet says there's nothing worse than rotting flowers when someone is unwell. Benedict asks if they're attending the Featherington ball. Violet doesn't know, but takes it as a good sign that they were invited. She's still being ignored around the ton. At least Lady Whistledown isn't writing about it. Colin says she's not writing about anything at all. Violet suggests that Eloise take a walk with Penelope to clear her mind, but Eloise knows it would be socially bad for Penelope to be seen with her. They all know how bad the scandal is. Anthony comes in, upset that no one informed him they've lost three staff in a month. He then asks Colin about his large withdrawal from their account. Colin tells him he's planning on investing some money with Jack Featherington. Anthony is frustrated that they're not consulting him, but Benedict and Eloise both defend Colin. One by one, Anthony begins to insult his siblings, who leave the room making excuses as they go. Once they're alone, Violet asks Anthony how Kate is. Anthony says he doesn't know as he hasn't been to see her. Violet is incredulous that this is the case and states how worried she is about Anthony.

Mary, Edwina, and Lady Danbury all sit around the bed as Kate sleeps.

Footman John brings a package to Eloise. She opens it to find a book and a note.

Theo is working in the shop when Eloise comes in. She asks him why he didn't tell her sooner that Lady Whistledown was using their shop to print her pamphlets. He says he couldn't as long as Lady Whistledown was still watching him. That's also why he ended things with her, despite wanting to be with her. He couldn't risk her writing cruel things about Eloise, though that happened anyway. Theo apologizes and says Lady Whistledown has taken her business elsewhere. Eloise says she's stopped writing entirely, so it's the perfect time to find her. Working together, she's sure they can unmask her. She wants to know everything Theo knows. Theo starts to explain what he knows.

Lady Danbury was pleased to be invited to an audience with the queen, despite the recent scandal. The queen says she has time on her hands without Lady Whistledown and hopes Lady Danbury will provide her with stimulating conversation. She wants to know the true reason the wedding was called off. She wonders if Eloise is involved. Lady Danbury doesn't know, as they're busy tending to Kate. The queen promises to send a sympathy gift. The queen asks if anyone else will marry this season, maybe Lord Fife and the gift who fancies herself a harpist. Lady Danbury isn't aware of a match between them. That was Lady Whistledown's job. She suggests they find new interests.

Will watches Colin and Jack meet in the club. Alice tells him to mind his own business, which means the bar.

Colin asks about the mines and Jack says he doesn't want to say exactly where they are to protect them. Will comes over and says it seems Jack is using the club as his private office to conduct his schemes. He warns Colin not to entertain any dealings with Jack. Jack takes offense to Will calling him a swindler. Will says his cousin was the same way and Will got caught up in it. Colin interrupts him and says the Featheringtons are a fine family and their reputation has been unfairly sullied. He warns Will to be careful making accusations as he can't afford to lose costumers. He suggests that they should find another place to do business.

Jack enters Portia's room and tells her Colin took the bait. She's startled by him coming in unannounced. He apologizes. She says the ball is coming together nicely. Jack says they've gone through everyone in the ton. She suggests expanding to the wealthy families in the countryside, but there aren't many there and the families in the ton will begin asking for a return on their investments soon. Then the whole thing will fall apart. Portia asks if he doesn't have a plan of escape. He suggests leaving London to travel to America. They'll have wealth and opportunity there. They could be a great team there. There's no royalty in America, so Portia could be their queen. Jack leans in closely, as if to kiss her, and tells her to think about it.

Edwina asks an unconscious Kate not to die before they've had a chance to reconcile. She sits by Kate's bed and starts to read. When Kate says her name, she jumps up happily. She calls for Mary and Lady Danbury, who has someone send for a doctor. Kate remembers riding in the park and falling. She asks if Anthony came to see her. Lady Danbury says he rescued her in the park and brought her back home afterward. Kate asks if he's visited since and takes their silence as an answer that he has not.

Violet goes to Anthony, who is doing paperwork and says he'll join the family in the drawing room soon. He can tell by her happy tone that Kate is awake. Anthony starts to cry and begins rocking back and forth. Violet says it's unthinkable to think of the one you love dying. She's sorry he was with his father that day and for everything that happened afterward. She wishes she could go back and change it. She thinks about it every morning and night. Anthony says that he doesn't think he can see Kate ever again. Violet says losing Edmund was the most difficult time of her life, the pain beyond description, but knowing that she would still choose the life she had with him knowing how it ended brings her solace. True love is worth it. She tells Anthony not to lose Kate.

Eloise goes to see Genevieve, who is surprised to see her. Eloise questions her about working with Lady Whistledown. Genevieve denies it. Eloise previously thought she was Lady Whistledown and now realizes she's in the perfect position to help her. Eloise cites Lady Whistledown complimenting her as evidence, as her business prospered. Genevieve says it would be foolish for her to be in business with Whistledown, as foolish as Eloise poking around like this. The Fetheringtons come in to be gilded, interrupting their conversation. Eloise tells Penelope to meet her outside.

Eloise tells Penelope what Theo told her. She's going to find Whistledown. Penelope says there's been gossip about Eloise for weeks, between the servants. Eloise thought she'd been discreet and asks if Penelope is sure. Penelope says if Whistledown wrote more about her, her family would be in an even worse position. Eloise needs to move on because Penelope doesn't want to hear about it anymore. The scandal will pass and Penelope looks forward to the day things between them are like they once were.

Benedict is painting Tessa when Rupert Norton comes in. Rupert admires Benedict's painting, which he says is the best work Benedict's ever done. He's surprised because they didn't think he'd have much talent, given his acceptance. Benedict is surprised to learn that Anthony made a large donation to the academy to assure him a spot.

Anthony arrives at Lady Danbury's.

Kate sits up when Anthony enters her room. He's glad she's awake. Kate knows he brought her home safely and thanks him for the flowers he's brought. She asks if there's anything else. Anthony says he came to see her the morning after because he wanted to apologize. He took liberties with her. He didn't want it to happen like that, so he came to apologize and ask her to marry him. He pulls out the ring and starts to propose, but she stops him, saying he doesn't have to. She's going back to India as soon as things with her sister are resolved. Anthony puts the ring away and asks about their financial situation. She says Lady Danbury has offered to host her mother and sister for another season. They'll do fine on their own as it's clear she's no help to them. Anthony says she's running away. She asks him to leave, which he does.

Theo asks if it could be the other modiste, but Eloise says the other one was driven out of business because of Lady Whistledown's praise of Genevieve. Theo says she must be hiding something, but she's very crafty. She'll never admit involvement. Theo knocks a stack of pamphlets off the desk and Eloise helps him pick them up. When their hands touch, they freeze for a moment and look at each other. They stand and he starts to lean in, but she pulls back. She says they can't continue to meet like this. She gathers her things and apologizes for wasting his time. He asks if she's dropping out of the hunt for other reasons. Eloise says people are already talking about them. Normally, she doesn't care, but she cares about Theo and she doesn't want him to face consequences for her actions. Theo says she can go back to her privileged like and he can go back to his. He wishes her luck finding Whistledown.

Penelope hides her supplies under the floorboards and covers them with a rug.

Kate goes to see Edwina. She's feeling much better after having recovered from her coma. She wants to earn Edwina's trust back. Edwina says when Kate was unwell, she only cared about Kate getting better, but now she has questions. She asks if there was always something between her and Anthony. Kate says she was lying to herself about it. There was probably something, but she didn't know it until it was too late. She didn't tell Edwina because she thought she could deny her true feelings. Edwina guesses and then understands that her feelings were too strong. Edwina says when she found out about Kate's accident, all she could think was that she doesn't know Kate at all and that she also doesn't know herself. Edwina wants to know herself and know Kate. She doesn't like the roles they've been playing. She wants them to bring their true selves to the Featherington ball. She wants Kate to be true to herself. The sisters hold hands.

Benedict finds Eloise on the swing outside. Benedict says Eloise seems heartbroken, though she questions what he knows about that. He admits that he doesn't really know anything. But he has felt it in paintings. She asks how the academy is going. Benedict says Anthony bought his seat at the table. Eloise says that doesn't mean he wouldn't have been accepted on his own. She feels like an imposter herself, at balls. She doesn't want to go to the ball, even knowing Penelope will be there. Benedict offers to escort her there.

Gregory comes to see Anthony late at night. He can't sleep because his Latin teacher yelled at him and thinks he's stupid. Anthony says his Latin teacher doesn't think he's stupid. He is afraid of Anthony, so he's scared of Gregory not succeeding. Anthony asks too much of all of them. Gregory asks if he's like their father at all. Anthony says Edmund was like both of them. He had Anthony's seriousness, but Gregory's love a prank. He once put glue in Benedict's shoes. Gregory wishes he could have played a prank on their dad. So does Anthony. Anthony concedes that they don't talk enough about him, so Gregory barely knows anything. Violet listens from the hallway as they talk. Anthony hugs Gregory and tells him Edmund was the best man he's ever known, good for a laugh, but courageous and willing to fight for everyone.

Kate looks at the flowers Anthony brought. Mary asks how she's feeling and she says well. Kate has a lot to pack and she's not sure she's coming to the ball. Mary doesn't want her to return to India to escape what's difficult. She knows the feeling and it's not wise. Kate starts to cry and says everything that has happened is her fault. She doesn't forgive herself. She was supposed to help their family. Mary says it was her failing as a parent that Kate was left to guide Edwina alone. They were both grieving and Kate had already lost her mother before her father. Kate felt like she owed Mary for accepting her as her own, but Mary says she never had to earn her place in the family. She loved Kate from the day she met her. Love is never owed. Kate came into her life as a daughter and she never saw Kate as anything else. She deserves all the love in the world. Kate says Anthony was going to propose to her, but she couldn't let him because it was out of obligation. Kate says Anthony doesn't love her. She couldn't let him propose. Mary hugs Kate.

People dance at the Featherington ball. Portia tells her daughters it's exquisite. Prudence sees it as a preview of her and Jack's wedding. She wonders if he'll finally dance with her tonight. Portia is delighted to see the queen enter the ball. She throws a look at Lord and Lady Cowper as she goes to welcome the queen.

The Bridgertons enter the ball and people immediately start whispering. Eloise tries to leave, saying she doesn't want to disappoint her mother, but Violet says it would disappoint her to have Eloise start to care what other people think. It wouldn't be her. She doesn't want Eloise to keep things from her anymore. She encourages Eloise to move forward. She takes Benedict's arm and goes off. Once they're gone, Anthony offers his arm to his mother.

Penelope listens as Footman Cole tells another that Lord Fife hid a lady in a closet for twenty minutes. Eloise and Penelope chat awkwardly for a moment. Eloise says it was a mistake to get involved with Theo, so she ended things. She thanks Penelope for protecting her. She's done searching for Lady Whistledown, so now they have time for other things. Penelope tells her what she just learned about Fife and Margaret Goring. And she points out how Margaret is stuffing tissues into her bosom.

Lady Danbury, Mary, Kate, and Edwina enter to even more whispers. Edwina's glad Kate decided to come. Kate wanted a last evening with Edwina before leaving. Edwina asks Kate to dance with her. They can't say worse of their family than they've already said.

Colin dances with Cressida. He compliments her necklace, which came from Jack. Colin says the clasp is broken as the necklace falls from her neck. He offers to mend it for her. After the dance is over, he takes Penelope's hand and tells her to come with him.

In another room, Colin tells Penelope that there are no gemstone mines in Georgia. Jack is running a con. Before he can say more, Jack and Portia burst into the room. Colin shows them that he knows the necklace is made of glass. It's a fraud, just like Jack. He's angry at Jack for taking advantage of the women without a husband or brother to protect them. It's out of concern for them that Colin will keep things quiet. But he must return all the money he's collected and leave town immediately. Colin leaves the room. Portia tells Penelope she'll deal with it and says it's thanks to Colin. Once Penelope is gone, Jack says they'll have to accelerate their plans. They'll have to leave tomorrow. Portia says that's too soon and asks about her daughters. Jack says they'll have to send for them later. This will be a relief. He won't have to marry Prudence. He'll have other possibilities. He leans in and kisses Portia. Jack says they should return to the party.

Penelope goes to Colin, who asks her to dance. He says he rehearsed the speech for hours and if Jack doesn't comply, Colin has more planned. Penelope thanks him for looking out for them. He says he always will, especially her as she's special to him. She says he is to her as well.

Edwina tells Kate she won't be able to avoid Anthony all night and she shouldn't try. She wants Kate to be her real, true self. She wants Kate to do something for herself for once. As Edwina walks away, Anthony walks over to Kate and says maybe they should keep their distance. He waits, then starts to leave, but she says maybe they shouldn't. Maybe people will take pity on her, believe she needs someone to steady her after her head injury. He asks Kate how many fingers he is holding up and Kate answers three, but he turns his hand around and shows her there are four. Kate asks if he'll ask her to dance. He asks if she'll say yes. He leads her into the dance floor and they dance together as everyone watches. She asks if he wants to stop and he tells her to keep looking at him because no one else matters. From the sidelines, the queen smiles. Lady Cowper says it's a scandal and Margaret Goring asks if that's why Edwina's wedding was canceled. The queen overhears this and says the wedding was canceled because she simply changed her mind. Lady Whistledown must have missed that. Edwina says Anthony and Kate look beautiful together. The queen agrees and everyone else agrees. She prompts them to start dancing. She tells Edwina she has a nephew who is a prince and that he's available. Kate and Anthony lean in close to each other as the dance winds down. When it ends, the queen acknowledges Anthony and Kate, thereby signaling her approval. Kate and Anthony hold hands for a long time. They step apart as Portia tells everyone to go outside for a surprise.

Penelope enters her room, where she find Eloise putting the floorboards back. Eloise asks her where she got so much money. Penelope tells her it's not her business. Eloise asks what Penelope's business is. Penelope gossiping at the ball triggered something in her. It sounded familiar, almost written. And then Eloise remembered other things, things she said and knew, including people talking about her and Theo. If that were true, Whistledown would have written about it weeks before she did. That's why Penelope worked with Genevieve, as Eloise had already dismissed her as a candidate. This was personal. Penelope cries and apologizes. Eloise is right, but Penelope was trying to protect her. Eloise is angry, because she trusted Penelope and Penelope betrayed her to make money at cost of everyone else. She ended her friendship with Theo because of her. Penelope says she's felt horrible keeping this from people. It was all she had, but she gave it up for Eloise. Eloise doesn't even recognize her, sequestering herself to write because she can't stand up for herself in reality. Penelope says at least she did something, unlike Eloise, who is all talk. Eloise says she never wants to see or talk to Penelope ever again and leaves.

Portia directs people. Jack says if they have to leave, at least they gave a memorable farewell party. Portia says she did that, for him. She's instructed the maids to pack his things. He'll have enough money to go back to America and leave their lives. He's leaving alone. He says they're an excellent team, but she already has a team, her daughters. They're hers and it's clear he doesn't care about them, so she's sending him away. Jack says the scheme was her idea. Portia says no one will believe that, especially since there's record of her investing the last of their money in it. She'll keep a large share of the money to support herself and her daughters and she had Varley forge a signature on a form saying that the first son of one of her daughters will inherit the title and the estate. The ton will be infuriated that he left after tricking them. Jack says she's cruel, but she says she's a mother. And he's no worse off than when he arrived, because he came with nothing. He walks away and Portia stifles tears.

Penelope looks around for Eloise. She stops when she sees Colin gossiping with some men about Penelope. They ask if he's courting her. He says he would never. Penelope leaves in tears upon hearing that.

Benedict tells Anthony he's going to leave the Academy. He knows about Anthony's donation, though he recognizes Anthony was trying to help. Anthony tells him to paint if he wants to paint. It's one of his many talents. He also has a gift to see what others need, even if they can't see it themselves. Anthony's taken too long to recognize that. Benedict tells Anthony to enjoy his evening.

Anthony finds Kate in the garden and asks if she's still planning to leave. Kate says she has her family's blessings and since the queen has saved both their families from ruin, there are no obstacles. He knows she loves her family as he does his. He was afraid of losing Kate. That's why he couldn't visit after her accident. He tells her he loves her and has since they first raced each other. Every moment since, he's loved her. She doesn't have to accept it, but she must know it's true. She doesn't know what to say except that she loves him, too. Anthony wants a life that suits them both. He'll humble himself before her because he wants never to live without her and wants to marry her. Kate says there will never be a day he doesn't vex her. Fireworks start nearby and Kate accepts his proposal. They start kissing as the fireworks continue.

The crowd enjoys the fireworks.

Penelope cries and looks out her bedroom window.

Colin tells Will he was right about Jack and apologizes. He has to gain Jack's trust somehow. Colin suggests that Will pour himself a drink as a large crowd enters the club. Colin told them the club was run by an honorable man who serves a good drink and they insisted on coming. Colin's in Will's debt now. Alice looks at the crowd and tells Will to roll his sleeves up because they have customers.

Mary and Edwina embrace as they watch the fireworks.

Benedict looks around the room, then closes his box of supplies.

Portia watches the fireworks with Prudence and Philippa.

Eloise steps over a pile of ripped pamphlets to go to her window, where she watches the fireworks and cries.

Penelope takes her quill and starts writing again, telling people she's back.

6 months later a now married Anthony and Kate kiss in their bed. He wants to keep going, but she says they need to meet his family outside for Pall Mall.

A bee buzzes around the flowers of Aubrey Hall.

Augie walks from Violet and Lady Danbury to Daphne. Eloise says they were away traveling for six months and now they take six hours to come downstairs. Daphne says six is nothing when you're a newlywed. Kate and Anthony finally join the family. They're ready to play Pall Mall. They left the mallet of death and Kate and Anthony both claim it, but Kate reaches it first, leaving him with the pink mallet. Before they can start the game, Newton picks up a ball and runs off with it. Anthony says that was Kate's turn that Newton took because it's her dog. Kate says he's Anthony's through marriage. Anthony doesn't remember agreeing to that, but Kate says that's between him and Newton, though Newton doesn't listen to him. Kate reminds him that she doesn't listen to him either. They embrace and Daphne takes it as them cutting out. They immediately object that they are not. Anthony says they could go back upstairs, but she's unwilling to admit defeat. They kiss. The family smiles on.


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Song Performer Scene
"Wrecking Ball" Midnite String Quartet (originally by Miley Cyrus)
  • Kate and Anthony dance.
  • When she sees others stop dancing, Kate asks if he wants to stop.
  • He tells her to keep looking at him because no one else matters.
  • The queen watches them dance together and fends off gossip about them.
  • The queen offers to introduce Edwina to her nephew, the prince.
  • Kate and Anthony finish their dance.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • This is also the name of the book by Julia Quinn, the second in the Bridgerton series, on which this season is based.


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Anthony Bridgerton: "I love you. I've loved you from the moment we raced each other in that park. I've loved you at every dance, on every walk, every time we've been together, and every time we've been apart. You do not have to accept it or embrace it or even allow it. Knowing you, you probably will not. But you must know it, in your heart. You must feel it because I do. I love you."
Kate Sharma: "I do not know what to say."
Anthony Bridgerton:"You do not have to say anything."
Kate Sharma: "I do not think there is anything else to say... other than I love you too."
Anthony Bridgerton: "I want a life that suits us both. I know I am imperfect, but I will humble myself before you because I cannot imagine my life without you, and that is why I wish to marry you."
Kate Sharma: "You do know there will never be a day where you do not vex me."
Anthony Bridgerton: "Is that a promise, Kathani Sharma?"
Kate Sharma: "Yes. Yes, it is a promise."
Anthony Bridgerton: "It seems the two of us are finally seeing eye-to-eye on something."
Kate Sharma: "I suppose we are."

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