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Will Mondrich is a boxer and good friend of Simon Basset.


Boxing Career[]

Simon often sparred with Will when he was upset about something, helping Will prepare for his matches. They were sparring when Anthony Bridgerton interrupted and stepped into the ring against Simon. Later, Simon went back to Will when Daphne resigned herself to marrying Nigel. Will took that to mean Simon was again free to do as he pleased, though Simon didn't seem pleased by this.[1]

Simon came to tell Will he was leaving London and wouldn't be there for his next boxing match. Will begged him to stay as he wasn't favored to win and was concerned about losing. When they arrived at the match, they met Archibald Featherington and encouraged him to bet on Will. Lord Featherington rejected his advice and bet on Will's opponent instead. The fight began and Will ultimately won.

When Anthony challenged Simon to a duel, he went back to Will's house in search of a drink. Will told Simon to apologize, but Simon told him that wouldn't be enough, so Will got himself a drink as well, saying he'd need it to be Simon's second.

The next morning, Will and Simon arrived for the duel. Will inspected the guns and approved them before the duel began. When the two turned to face each other, Simon pointed his gun straight up while Anthony fired at Simon, but missed. Daphne then rode in and declared that she needed to marry Simon immediately or risk being ruined by Cressida Cowper, who had seen the two of them alone together.[2]

After becoming engaged to Daphne, Simon came to Will's house and got himself drunk, causing Will to wonder if marrying Daphne would be so horrible. Simon said he felt awful because Daphne had to fight for a marriage she didn't want because of him. The next morning, Simon woke still at Will's house and invited Will and Alice to his wedding. They agreed and when Simon and Daphne were granted a special license to marry quickly, Will and his wife, Alice, came to the wedding.[3]

When Simon returned to London with Daphne when her brother, Colin Bridgerton, was involved in a scandal, Simon went to Will and they sparred. Will realized Simon was using it to work out his anger and asked Simon what happened, but Simon denied that anything had happened.

After seeing a flyer for Will's next fight, Lord Featherington came to Will and offered him a cut of the winnings if Will would throw the fight. Will said his honor wasn't for sale, but after Lord Featherington appealed to his vulnerability and suggested that one fight could solve all their problems. He asked Will to consider it and after he left, Will did.[4]

Will lay awake at night, considering Featherington's proposal. As he prepared for his fight, he told Alice he couldn't fight forever and wanted to stop living fight to fight and plan for their futures. He suggested he might lose on purpose and use that money to make them comfortable. When the fight began, Will took a shot to his shoulder. He then held his shoulder and did not return the next few punches before falling to the ground. When he didn't get back up, his opponent, The Beast, was declared the winner.

After the fight, Simon confronted Will, asking why Will didn't come to him when he needed more money. Will said he didn't want charity and taking care of one's family was honorable, even if it meant throwing a fight.

Will and Alice later attended Simon and Daphne's party, where Alice wore a new necklace.[5]

Club Opening[]

At the Royal Races, Will told the Bridgerton brothers that he was opening a gentlemen's club and invited them to come to the grand opening. Benedict came as invited and Will told him George Cruikshank was there and he had connections in the art world. That was what Will wanted for his club, for all gentlemen to be welcome there.[6]

Will and Alice went to the lake with the other members of the ton. He thought he should be working at the club, but Alice told him they needed to recruit more members. When Jack approached them, saying he'd heard about Will's boxing prowess from America, Alice invited him to the club while Will was more reluctant to speak to him.[7]

Suspicions about Jack[]

While the guests waited to hear if the wedding between Edwina and Anthony would go forward, they mingled outside. Will was present when Lord Goring inquired about investing in Jack's mines. Will questioned Jack's response, as it seemed to indicate that Jack wasn't in charge. Jack turned the tables on Will, asking about his club and wondering what a boxer knew about running a business. Will said he knew as much as a gentleman knew about mining.[8]

Business at his club died down as more men in the ton made deals with Jack. Jack came in one day while the club was otherwise almost empty and hinted to Will that he knew about Will's deal with the late Lord Featherington. Will stayed silent on the matter, neither confirming nor denying.[9]

Will watched as Colin and Jack met in the club. Alice told him to mind his own business, meaning the club, but Will approached them and warned Colin not to entertain any dealings with Jack. Jack took offense to Will calling him a swindler, but Will said his cousin was the same way and Will got caught up in that. Colin said that the Featheringtons were a fine family and their reputation was unfairly sullied. He warned Will not to make accusations like that when he couldn't afford to lose customers. He suggested finding a new place for them to do business.

Colin later returned and told Will he was right about Jack. He apologized and brought a crowd of new customers to the club.[10]


A strapping, up-and-coming boxer climbing London's strict social hierarchy with apprehension due to his newfound celebrity, and his close friendship with the Duke.



Alice Mondrich[]

He is married to Alice Mondrich.


His father was a soldier.[11]


Simon Basset[]


Will is a boxer and is his family's main source of income. He took an offer from Lord Featherington to throw his match in exchange for enough money that it would sustain his family for a long time.

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